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  1. Dear Jack, Something is missing from your title: "New airport, new planes... But the same pilot!" I like the way you fly... But don't ask me to be part of your crew or part of your passengers! Cheers ! PS: if you need help, do not hesitate. I am not a pro (and I am French ), but if I can help you, I will! But, I think everyone here is ready to do so!
  2. Dear all, Perhaps this information already exists, below is a link to be informed about known issues and future features shaped for the VOLANTA tool. https://volanta.app/roadmap/ Like me, you will find your answers and much more, and you will also be able to subscribe to updates. Cheers !
  3. Wow!... Fantastic!...Thanks!...And the upcoming matching airport... It's too much at once... Cheers ! PS: I've already bought the fireworks to celebrate !!!!
  4. Hi Nick ! First, thanks for the support! When you suggest to "disable" bing data means : - change "sai230.cgl" to "sai230.off" ; - or to desable directly this function in the option of MSFS? Thanking you in advance. Joe.
  5. ¡felicidades y feliz compleaños, amigo! We all know here that it was you birthday ! Cheers ! PS: Lain, hope all is fine now that you're back home.
  6. Hi torpy68! I am not an expert, but: - perhaps a false positive? Try to exclude the installer(*) from your anti-virus ((*)volenta.exe)? - are you launch of the program in "administrator" mode? Hope it helps. Cheers !
  7. Dear all, A fantastic tool! Thanks Orbx Team!! But I also have this indication issue not displaying the up-to-date AIRAC cycle 2101 from my active navigraph subscription, despite a succesfully connection. True, it seems Volanta does not need an up-to-date Airac circle to be fully functional... Just a tiny bit annoying ! Joe.
  8. Dear Jack, The answer is "YES" for both questions ! Cheers ! PS : yes, I know, the answer is late!
  9. Dear Jack, We are sorry that we could not help you to correct the rendering of the scenery on your setup. BrianV is right, some sky tools can help to change the color rendering of a scenery by changing the ambient brightness that helps to minimize the contrast between bright and dark parts of the landscape. Sometimes the scenery appears more harmonious with reliefs blending better into the flat parts of the landscape. PS: I agree everything you said.. To tell you the truth, I've installed the scenery just to help. But I hope the uninstall tool works like a charm fo
  10. Finally at the coordinates you gave in your first post, I also have the same altitude issue : But the rest of the mountainous region of the north part of the island, has a good rendering. Perhaps it is the challenging part of the island... So try to pass between the two needles... We know you can do that ! Thus, the scenery seems to be like it is supposed to be . Hope it helps. Cheers !
  11. Dear Jack, Below some pictures of the airport and all is ok with the mesh set to 1 m as requested in the manual:
  12. Dear Jack, Another thing to do is to reload the installer(s). Sometimes it(they) can be corrupted. Cheers !
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