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  1. Glad to hear you're cleared to go home. Now take the time to fully recover and be healthy from now on. Cheers !
  2. Dear Lain, Come back to us soon in great shape !! Cheers !
  3. KEGE - Eagle County Regional Airport Following the LDA/GS glidepath procedure to a visual final on runway 25 (fortunatly ) in clear wether situation (and yes, without wind too ). Cheers !
  4. Bravo ! Congratulations digital 896 for this great shot indeed ! Cheers !
  5. Flight taking off from Naples Italy _ Aerial perspective over Vesuvius Volcano Global BASE Pack + Global openLC Europe
  6. Well done to both of you! These screenshots are the climax of the real as it gets that all simmers are looking for! Bravo and congratulations! Cheers !
  7. Hi ! Here is my vote: # 59 by breeze This is the only one better than mine LOL! I'm joking... I am too far away from you all! Bravo to all of you! Cheers !
  8. Thank you for this clear and complete explanation and for the time and effort to do so. But I have a qestion: I plan to do some exterior renovation works to my house the next mounth... Which look my home sweet home will have in the new orbx's autogene world: the old or the oncoming one ? Cheers !
  9. And south ? The challenging Gibraltar airport (LXGB). And Faro airport (LPFR): the "Ria Formosa(*)" airport___(*) the Algarve natural paradise ) PS: Yes, I know, they are not spanish airpots .... Cheers !
  10. Dear Orbx's LEAS developer Team, I have a question please: As the LEAS area is known for its spray, rainfall, fog and low cloud conditions all over the year, I am wondering if you have included a line in the LEAS control panel to control the runway lights by day, manually or automatically? No obligation for an answer here. Anyway, I will discover it by my own after buying ... Cheers !
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