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  1. I am happy to hear about Martyn. His eagle has been flying too far from the forum for too long... Thanks Jack !
  2. Seems that "blue" is your favorite color, isn't it ... ? The first time I use sunglasses to see shots on the forum... Thank you for this summer trip! It means a lot as I have postponed my holidays ... An awesome blue atmosphere in all shots! Well done and thanks for have reinstalled twice... No, for sharing I mean ! Cheers !
  3. Does this mean what I've said is on the way* (finally coming true* ?!)... FTX Iberian Peninsula &/or TrueEarth Iberian Peninsula (&/or MSFS Iberian Peninsula ...) Cheers !
  4. Wow, wow, wow. The sunset lighting is pretty cool... Thanks for sharing! Cheers !
  5. Real beauty in one shot at sunset ... Well done! Cheers !
  6. Magnificent shots !! Cheers !
  7. Sometimes you have to change your perspectives to find new solutions to problems... But what was the problem here for using a 747 for that? LOL Cheers !
  8. Excellent choice for the airline livery ! Thanks for sharing and for the feedback ! Cheers ! PS: any news about Martyn? it's been a long time since I've seen his "eagle" on the forum ...
  9. This is exactly what happens when you leave a 747 in the hands of a top gun: Just Like a Pro!!! But it's still pretty scary! PS: But wait a minute... I hope my parcels were not on board !... Cheers !
  10. Unfortunately, my English is too poor to express how stunning these shots are. Thanks for sharing ! Cheers !
  11. OK ! It's not exactly a bridge, but what about to fly under the Eiffel tower when Orbx team will release one day the "CityScene Paris" Cheers !
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