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  1. Hi dear Jack ! You definitely could not resist the bridge temptation ! Cheers !
  2. I just bought a new screen... Thanks to you, I now know it's not big enough... ... PS: I love the XXL format, especially since it doesn't affect its quality in any way. Cheers !
  3. Do you need a pilot ? Cheers !!!! R.I.P. Robert CONRAD... March 1, 1935 - February 8, 2020 (aged 84) PS: nice shots!!!! And thanks for sharing !
  4. Great shots !!!!!! I like this bird... And its livery suits very well !! Blackcaps Cheers !
  5. Congratulations Adam ! So realistic shot. Looks like you took this picture from another plane instead of pressing the keyboard shortcut for screenshots. Cheers !
  6. Ouch!! I actually meant it was my favorite... My apologies for my "Frenchie" English ...
  7. Great set of shots as always... But, where are the gondolas ? Cheers !
  8. I like all of them but #3 Thanks for sharing ! Cheers !
  9. As the great philosopher "Bruno Mars" once said : "Don't believe me just watch!" This thought fits perfectly with every ORBX product, whose quality level increase at each release! Thanks for your amazing job! And thanks to you Lain for sublimating it with your incredible set of shots posted here! Cheers !
  10. I saw one in your 5th shot !!!!! Cheers !
  11. Amazing views and atmosphere through your set of shots! Terrific! Cheers !
  12. It rocks in Wales! Enthusiastic set of shots! Cheers !
  13. On the last picture, did you see passagers hitchhiking on the side of the runway ?! Anyway, It's very nice of you to agree to pull over to the side to pick them up !!! PS : very nice shots and cool bird! Thanks for sharing! Cheers !
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