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  1. @Neilw I don't remember seeing this facility, but if only I'd read this yesterday (well, at the time, it wasn't up), I could have saved myself a huge amount of file copying........ By then, I had established for myself that aliases didn't work in Orbx Central I eventually updated everything by laboriously copying into the X-Plane installation on the main HD, updating and then copying out again. Redid the aliases, and it all works. Now, I will make symbolic links instead. Of course, the updates had worked properly too, with small downloads. The huge prospective downloads that I had earlier seen were because the aliases did not allow Central to see the orthos on the other drive! There are a couple of cheap apps that can make symlinks, but the facility is already in both ForkLift and Path Finder (my favorite file managers), so I don't even have to bother with terminal! Thank you so much! It works perfectly.
  2. Hello Jon. Has Tony looked at this thread, or should I start another, directed to him? These updates are, admittedly, not major, but it would be nice to apply them. However, not if I had to download 40GB for the two areas
  3. As an update, I looked at "doing" GB South. Orbx Central said it was going to download 25GB! To update a few files??? Why can't Orbx just issue a download? This would need probably only a few hundred MB of the altered files in appropriate directories, which we just merge in to our existing installation - this would take about 3 minute, and avoid a huge waste of bandwidth. Most other X-Plane (or other kinds of program) issue small updaters. Please would the Central developer please confirm that Central does or does not recognise aliases on the Mac, and whether the size of downloads that the program says are necessary really are. I would have thought that the 1.5GB I had already downloaded in one case, would have been more than enough to change a few files. Thanks again.
  4. Yes, the Mac operating system has what they call "aliases", which is what I use to link the orthos on another drive to my main Custom Scenery directory on my main boot drive. This works perfectly in X-Plane. The Custom and Overlay files reside on the computer's HD, and the orthos are on an external drive. What I was not sure about was whether Orbx Central works with this Mac OS system, and I could not see why 15GB was going to be downloaded for an update for Great Britain Central. When the program scanned the files, it looked at about 22000 (as I remember it) - and the orthos alone have around that. The thing that made me interrupt the update at around 1.5GB downloaded, was that I could not see why such a huge change could be needed for an incremental update. Could you explain this for me before I try again? Thanks, Jon
  5. OK. I think I will move the files back and forth, as I don't believe Orbx Central is spotting the orthos. As I first was trying on Central, the 15GB must be wrong. Surely, it is only supposed to change appropriate files in an update! Thanks for your help, anyway.
  6. Hi I note that both Central and South need updates. Do these updates ever include updating the orthos? I ask, because my orthos are on another drive, linked by a Mac alias. Consequently, I wonder whether the scanning process actually sees these, and whether (if needed) they would get updated. If necessary, I could always move the orthos back to the main drive, and back again, but it's not worth the time and hard drive wear(!) if not necessary. I was surprised to see that Central (for example) was loading 15+GB of updated files - and that's what made we wonder whether this could be correct. As a side, I note that Wycombe escapes the sale by a couple of days or so - crafty
  7. @meb58 Great. I have suggested that they put more tall buildings along parts of that coastline, as there are several areas where there are tall hotels and condos in a row, and they are notably absent in the sim. However, it's mainly a superb piece of work . I'm running it on an iMac, and it's fine. I kept DD's Miami in, though, and it blends perfectly - sorry, Orbx
  8. @meb58 See my post above. To save you hunting around, I'm sure that the developer won't mind me quoting his answer from another thread: The issue is that the coastline around Miami is very close to the tile border. If we include the neighbouring tile which is mostly water then we also have to find imagery and data to include part of the Bahamas which is not an easy task. I can include low resolution blurry imagery for the islands but the issue is that people who actually want to fly there from Florida will be quite angry to see a blurry mess. This is a big downside to the 1x1 degree tile limit that X-Plane enforces, making problems like this very difficult to fix. As I said, it's best to forget about it!
  9. Sorry Jon if you didn't understand what I was asking. I wondered whether you could ask for the locations of, sizes and names of the actual files that depict these bridges. I searched the overlay and custom directories for Golden_Gate_Bridge files, and came up with several files in my installation (dds, png, etc.), so they would appear to be there. I had thought of asking the files to be posted, but this is unreasonable! Really, now, this is just curiosity, as the freeware KSFO fits in so well! If my order of "play" in the .ini file looks OK, I'm a bit surprised - but I did see a vaguely similar problem that someone was having with some buildings in Orlando with the TE_Florida installation. He fixed it, but didn't really explain how. Mainly, he seemed to deactivate plugins, and then re-enabled them.....??
  10. That's exactly what this is. Tony has explained, elsewhere, that flights to the Bahamas would look very blurry if he tried to blend it all in. It's an X-Plane limitation. We just have to accept the line, and forget about it
  11. Well, John, after my last, I reinstalled KSFO V2.01 (and my KOAK from the .org download library). I decided to leave the KSFO intact, not bothering to patch it to exclude some of the ortho, and I kept the traffic folders he gives us , as well. I did do the "ATC" patch - which cures the ATIS conflict with KMRY which used to exist. Then I had a look at it all, and it is fabulous. Everything seems to blend in perfectly with TE, and the bridges, city, Alcatraz, etc. all look great (as they did in XP10!). So, I have "cured" the problem, but it doesn't answer the question I originally had - and you are also masking it in your own installation. As a matter of interest, can you ascertain (and post ) the odd few Orbx files which have the Golden Gate and Bay Bridge depictions? That way, I can see whether I do have a corrupted installation, without another verification step. Thanks for your interest.
  12. I believe that "line" is simply the transition from Orbx's TE to default. Pretty much the same as one gets at the edge of an installed ortho patch of tiles. It isn't great, but I've learned to ignore it. I understand the problem with the buildings. If one knows an area very well, it is easy to spot the ortho's footprint of a known taller building, with just one (or maybe 3 or 4 storeys) in the sim - but how can Tony replicate the aspect of RW everywhere? It would be a monumental task. However, if he can (and he has indicated that he will try) to populate some stretches of the coastline with some more taller buildings, it would definitely increase the immersion. I guess that there won't be a vast number of customers who would even know there is a "problem"!
  13. I had Golden Gate in XP10, but not in 11. Only KSFO from MisterX6, but I had patched that as per his instructions - but, as I said, I deleted the whole KSFO V2 folder earlier with no effect, and then put it back. Actually, I did run a verification before my query to you, but it did not seem to do anything, other than try to install the orthos again. This is because the orthos are saved on another drive, and I use an OS X alias file to point to them. Unfortunately, Central does not seem to recognise this. Surely, though, the bridges are not in the ortho files - or are they??
  14. Got TE Northern CA yesterday. Looks great. However, I can neither see the Bay Bridge, nor the Golden Gate Bridge. I deleted any other ortho I had. I know that I have Mr X6's KSFO and I did have another KOAK installed. I had patched KSFO, as recommended, but I don't think that's the problem, because I later deleted Mr X6's KSFO completely, and still had no bridges (but a much less interesting airport!). I also just deleted KOAK, in case there was an exclusion somewhere, but that also made no difference. What am I missing? Regards. scenery_packs.ini
  15. Thanks Tony. Probably worth a look on Google Earth (but I guess you already have!) to see what's going on along the Gold Coast. I take the point on too many tall buildings, but it just looks a bit sparse now. However, the main residential areas look great. So much to explore, and I've hardly scratched the surface.
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