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  1. The above is all fine and dandy but for me I`m quite content with the original FTX add-ons coupled with HiFI Active Sky for years to come. I don`t care about "hyper" eye candy which never satisfies in this world of perpetual progressivism. I have already exceeded my established budget for flight sims. I don`t even care about the True Earth series coming to P3D to be honest. Nor do I care about another re-run of MSFS coupled with cloud, or X-plane for that matter. I just wish they would optimize what they already have rather than buying another layer to install over what I already have. Imagine running a 5,000.00 dollar rig and then having to perpetually tweak for days on end just to try and get what you pay for at 25-30 FPS. It becomes an exercise in futility after awhile. Sorry to sound like a downer but maybe I`m somewhat done with it all. Cheers.
  2. In my lengthy flight sim experience (I don`t post much), the DCS Huey is the best flying helicopter to ever grace the PC. It is one of the reasons why I have DCS installed on my Samsung NVMe drive. It is one of those modules having all the right passion going for it during development.
  3. If ORBX did do some work for DCS I would be first in line. As much as I like the former, I often jump over to DCS because the flying experience in my opinion is superb. Glassy smooth with no stutters, well optimized (as of the latest update), and just a pure joy to fly. Apparently they are going to release a new map for free which is very close to release since the latest "Viper" F-16 is pending and most of the video is from a different map all together. I would also venture to say the code in DCS is superior to P3D. eg: GPU use is more optimized than any other sim I have flown. Of course, having said this, AI is still a FPS killer like all the rest.
  4. I wonder what kind (and amount) of storage capacity this burgeoning technology will require in the practical sense for the average user?
  5. " A mystery to me." The load times are obvious and they matter to those who care and can afford it. No mystery there. Jeesh.
  6. A conventional HDD sounds good but I will be sticking to SSD`s just like John Venema recommends. The performance of an SSD is to hard to resist. The pending Orbx Central V4 sounds good though.
  7. I simply did not have the resources to buy a larger one to begin with. Will be looking to add a 1 or 2 TB SSD very soon thanks to the reoccurring sales and pending TE regions. I`ll be doing a complete reinstall soon. Thank You Orbx for the multiple download privileges. Cheers Warren Jones
  8. Orbx should list this on there sales page. The language used is ambiguous at best. It actually indicates SoCal is required to host KSBA. Does one actually need SoCal to run KSBA? , "You require at least one of the following products to use KSBA Santa Barbara Municipal Airport."
  9. I`ll admit that a new True Earth PNW region would be hard to resist. On the other hand, a smaller footprint "City Scene" series would be a nice compromise provided the size is manageable for those who still want to collect the existing NA regions.
  10. Interesting point you make. I wondered about this. If those "footprint" requirements in terms of space on the SSD are true I won`t be signing on for any TE regions. I simply cannot afford the storage components required to accommodate them. This game is becoming the serpent that eats its own tail. Global is good enough for me. Not to mention the acceptable performance when you add a few Airports.
  11. To W2DR, Funny you should mention those two airports, Concrete and Darrington. I used to fly those in FSX all the time in the (J5 Auster) when I had the add-ons ( on CD). Wish I still had them. To Colin M, Yes. Thank You. It really is a nice rig. Things are very smooth. I eliminated other hobbies and saved for a year. Glad I did. ;-)
  12. Sorry for the late reply, "Where to start?" Starting in Langley (CYNJ), B.C. Canada with PNW/Trees HD, and Squamish (CYSE) with MilViz Turbo Otter. ;-)
  13. I built my new system: CPU: 8700K, GTX 1080ti, 32MB Ram, M.2 NVME SSD, 4K Monitor. Purchased P3DV4.3, ASP4, ASCA, NA Pacific Northwest and FTX Global Trees with (freebie) AI Traffic North America. Jeesh, it is beautiful, and nice to back with ORBX in the flight sim hobby after a lengthy hiatus.
  14. Forgive me if this has been brought up before. Is there any chance that ORBX would consider this quaint little GA airport? It would be a nice link to Squamish as well. The prototype is being rebuilt in some regards along with a new tower. Although obscured by clouds in this pic the back drop is stunning for the PNW, not to mention Fort Langley Airport down the road with a newly extended runway for business jets. https://www.langleyadvance.com/news/langley-airport-terminal-going-up/ www.langleytoday.ca/langley-regional-airport-celebrates-75-years-of-service/
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