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  1. As some of you may know I had artifact issues concerning the Global Range Products prior to the latest update (miss-placed night textures, etc. randomly placed in the terrain). I installed the latest update (ORBX Central 4.0.13) . I also installed Global Base, Global Vector, Global openLC North America and Global Trees into the simulator (where P3D is on another drive (other than smaller OS drive) and all the issues are gone! Having said this, I have not installed any airport add-ons into a separate library. I`m a little nervous right now because everything is working smoothly. Nevertheless, things appear to be getting worked out. Thank You.
  2. Just so you know. I do not have open LC installed in the simulator. I only have Global Base installed in the simulator. I have Vectors installed in a separate library (same SSD). It is when I install open LC into the "separate library" (not the simulator) I get the above issues. Following this, when I only uninstall open LC from the library the issue disappears. Strange. If I need to uninstall Global Base from the simulator (P3Dv4.5)? Can I uninstall Global Base manually?
  3. "if your copy of Orbx Global BASE is installed in the simulator (i.e., not in a "library"), then you will not experience this issue." This is not true in my case if I have Vectors and NA LC installed in a library with Global Base installed in the simulator if that is what the quote means. I still get the random "dark" texture blocks with Global Base installed in simulator and Vectors and NA LC installed in separate library. When I uninstall the NA LC, but leave the Vectors alone the, "dark" textures go away. As it stands I can run Global Base installed in simulator and Vectors in a Library but no NA LC unless I want random "dark" texture blocks.
  4. Yeah. I uninstalled everything (including airports) except "Global Base" which is installed in the simulator. I can`t deal with the regions anymore or the LC. Just too hard on frames, stutters, missing textures, etc. I`m sure P3D is not exempt from the issues as well. I tried everything by spending countless hours (*and dollars) of tweaking deleting, uninstalling, reinstalling etc. I have now resorted to pretty much "Vanilla" P3Dv4.5 with Active Sky, Global Base (as mentioned, installed in the sim). The flight experience with my preferred add-ons is a whole new experience as one would expect. No more FPS drops, stutters or pauses anymore. The proof is in the pudding for me. As much as I like ORBX I can`t deal with all the issues right now. I just don`t have the time anymore. 8700K, GTX1080ti, 32MB, Samsung SSD. Cheers.
  5. Yup. Same here. I`m thinking of a complete uninstall.
  6. This won`t work if "Global" is installed into the simulator as suggested in an earlier thread. The uninstall feature won`t appear. It will only show when it is installed in the library.
  7. I did this. Uninstalled and then re-downloaded and installed into simulator as suggested. No fix for the gfx anomaly issues unless I disable OpenLC as well. Now I`m hooped.
  8. I have the same issue (weird misplaced black textures) when I test in Nevada around KLAS. When I disable Open Land Class they seem to go away. I have global base installed into the simulator. I am using ORBX Central (ver 4.0.6) where everything else is installed in a library. I do not notice this gfx anomaly in the "full regions" however. I am not running North or South California regions. Just Global Base and Open LC North America for the area I see the issues. i also tried the fix Mr. Cooper suggested but it did not solve the issue. How do I remove Global Base from the simulator and put it back into library?
  9. No it does not solve in my case. Why should I start reinstalling FTX Central v3.3 according to the suggested details of a fix and reintroduce more issues and frustrations? I moved everything over to the new Installer. Please don`t offer suggestions without knowing the context of a particular installation sir. It is quite clear something is wrong with the installer. I`ll just wait for a fix down the road or uninstall ORBX all together for now.Thanks anyway.
  10. I have the same issues. Different textures everywhere since the latest update. No idea how to fix.
  11. The above is all fine and dandy but for me I`m quite content with the original FTX add-ons coupled with HiFI Active Sky for years to come. I don`t care about "hyper" eye candy which never satisfies in this world of perpetual progressivism. I have already exceeded my established budget for flight sims. I don`t even care about the True Earth series coming to P3D to be honest. Nor do I care about another re-run of MSFS coupled with cloud, or X-plane for that matter. I just wish they would optimize what they already have rather than buying another layer to install over what I already have. Imagine running a 5,000.00 dollar rig and then having to perpetually tweak for days on end just to try and get what you pay for at 25-30 FPS. It becomes an exercise in futility after awhile. Sorry to sound like a downer but maybe I`m somewhat done with it all. Cheers.
  12. In my lengthy flight sim experience (I don`t post much), the DCS Huey is the best flying helicopter to ever grace the PC. It is one of the reasons why I have DCS installed on my Samsung NVMe drive. It is one of those modules having all the right passion going for it during development.
  13. If ORBX did do some work for DCS I would be first in line. As much as I like the former, I often jump over to DCS because the flying experience in my opinion is superb. Glassy smooth with no stutters, well optimized (as of the latest update), and just a pure joy to fly. Apparently they are going to release a new map for free which is very close to release since the latest "Viper" F-16 is pending and most of the video is from a different map all together. I would also venture to say the code in DCS is superior to P3D. eg: GPU use is more optimized than any other sim I have flown. Of course, having said this, AI is still a FPS killer like all the rest.
  14. I wonder what kind (and amount) of storage capacity this burgeoning technology will require in the practical sense for the average user?
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