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  1. Hi, will they be coming out with scenery add-on's like what they have for FSX?
  2. Thanks Sid, and yes, this place is awesome, I only have the FTX Global right now and its a whole other world already, luv it.
  3. Thanks much tuisong, those hours have already begun lol, I'm glad I found this place!
  4. Thanks Doug, but to be honest i'll pay almost anything to get my setup running top notch. Its bad, I crave sim enhancement like an addict does drugs.
  5. Thanks Gollum, yea, looks like someone just explained some technical info on why adding an add-on region will still further enhance that region, which is cool, the more better graphics, the better lol.
  6. h3pilot, thanks very much, you just answered my question that I just asked another member just little while ago, so thanks much.
  7. Hey Jeff, thanks for all the info, so far I got FTX Global which has turned out to be amazing, I am very happy with it, it has changed everything for the better. Only thing I'm curious about is if it would be worth it still to purchase another scenery add-on like the Alaska region, because doesnt the Global already cover that? Anyway, thanks again.
  8. Yes, im realizing that now, there are great people here indeed, thank you much for the words.
  9. Hi Nick, I promise, last question, I updated the libraries like you said which yes needed to be done, and then, unlike before, the Orbx sceneries are now visible in the FSX scenery box. I thought all was good but when I test run a default FSX mission, there are these square like black blocks among the houses/buildings, about the size of a house/building wall. They stand out very much, from ground to air. Any ideas? Thanks again and if I have any other issues i'll get a tech guy to my house. Thanks.
  10. Hi Nick, thanks much, but id like to ask why should I reinstall? The files are there already, maybe I just need to download the Orbx libraries? And if so, where do I do that? And if for any reason one had to reinstall, we would first have to delete the first download file as to not have it on hard drive twice? Thank you for your time and advice.
  11. Hi, I hope I'm in the right spot, I have an issue with my first purchase, its the FTX Base Global. I purchased & downloaded it. It asked where to store what I thought it said backup files, so I clicked "documents". Said download was successful. After restarting computer & running FSX-SE, I did not notice a change in anything, so I went to documents, found the two files "TEXTURE" and "SCENERY", copied & pasted them in "Program Files x86", hoping that would do it, but I still see no change. Any advice? Thank you much. I'm running a decent system, 3 monitor, if there is anything else you need to know, please let me know, hopefully we can get this going, thanks again. '
  12. Much thanks to you and Caleb1, that sounds awesome and I just looked at FTX Global, I'm going to get it, graphics look amazing. I've been using standard FSX graphics for too long. This looks like it will take care of my graphic issues. Also I assume no harm done in getting the Global but also buying a add-on scenery like the Alaska, I guess people do that for certain areas they want. OK thanks again i'll check out all that you both mentioned. Happy New Year.
  13. ok thanks, so, I'll just click, buy, and install the Alaska scenery, and that's it? And what is and how is, FTX Global? Thanks and sorry for all the questions.
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