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  1. Hi Ben here is my central file,hope it helps central.log
  2. Hi Josh here is the latest file central.json
  3. Hi Nick made a little progress with this, I do have sp1 . Now I get past the log in screen BUT after it says welcome and goes through all the initial pages i.e. Loading libraries etc I am now on the main page , the problem now is that no matter which item at the top I pick i.e. My products,discover,settings icon or any other at the top it takes me back to log in. So I have made some progress, not much but... i have gone back to the pre requisites to check the first 3 ok the second 2 says not applicable to my system. any thoughts? thanks
  4. Thanks a lot Nick will give it a try when I get back.
  5. Hi Josh, Nick, So from what you say since I have reset my pc I now don’t have win sp1 installed. If this is the case and win7 are no longer supported is there anyway to obtain the sp1 download from somewhere other than Microsoft? Thanks guys for all your help with my issue really appreciated.
  6. No, isn’t get passed the log in screen for central so cannot install any of my products. cheers Nick
  7. Yes Nick, tried everything suggested no joy uploaded my central log as well as Josh asked for , please don’t think I have ignored you suggestion did try it.
  8. Operating system: win 7 Simulator: fsx acceleration Screenshot: Issue: central not running Hi guys, after posting my problem with central i appreciate the limited help given,But my issue is still there. if you see my earlier post re: CENTRAL ALTERNATIVE you can see my problem, i get through the installation screen but when i try to log in it just throws me back to log in screen, i have several Orbx products but cannot use them.you say that customer is KING well i think i must have been beheaded!! before i had to do a factory reset everything worked fine
  9. just noticed when the installer runs it doesnt get to the end on first, run then the second goes all the way. Dont know if this is my problem.
  10. hi Josh here is my central file after trying to run central central.log
  11. Hi Josh ,don’t know if this helps but I have no programs running at the moment and just had a look at task manager i see 7 Orbx centrals under processes when I right click on any of them they are all exe files.
  12. Hi Josh, when I tried download via central it took started to load sceneries and libraries, then to login page where it then asked to select simulator where there was two columns top one flight sim x and the bottom one was blank with a loading circle spinning.. When I clicked fsx it took back to loading libraries then back to login screen. I have not used Orbx central before as I only used ftx prior to Orbx central being the new installer.
  13. Thanks for all your help Doug much appreciated
  14. Hi Doug it says its not applicable to my computer
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