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  1. It almost feels unreal, so happy and excited about Bromma!!
  2. Super excited for Bromma! Asobo said they are working with a dev to make the ATR and Bromma will be perfect to have for some BRA ops from Bromma As for ESSA I was hoping that they had incorporated your version through licencing or somehow, it would be unfortunate to see it scrapped
  3. Just wanted you to know that waiting for proper helos in MSFS might not take many years as you think, check this out! Happy simming https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/payware-bell47g-by-flyinside-coming-soon/379099/67
  4. In case you didnt knew, there is another different dev working on YPPH already. Might not be Orbx, but at least one is being made. More about it here... https://fselite.net/news/axonos-announces-perth-airport-for-msfs/
  5. Hello! Great news, preparing my wallet already for a bunch of good stuff on the lists! One question, what does the regional packs for MSFS mean? Improved autogen, landmarks, overlays etc? Thanks once again, Orbx!
  6. I live close to Bromma and this is like a dream come true! Bromma blocks är välbekant, haha! Thank you Marcus, DU ÄR BÄST! Like what was mentioned before it's gonna be a pleasure to fly the modded CJ4 out of Bromma, fits perfectly! Will buy immediately once it's out!
  7. There already is one available but made by another developer. It's fairly decent: https://secure.simmarket.com/rfscenerybuilding-lfkb-bastia-poretta-p3d5.phtml for both v4 and v5.
  8. First and foremost: Thank you Marcus and Orbx for bringing your creative work to MSFS. I get to enjoy my home country as I've never experienced it before, thanks to your work and this amazing simulator. Descending to Malmö. Approach Välkommen till Malmö (Sturup! ) flygplats Off the plane and time to go get some delicious Malmö locally famous falafel..
  9. Yay, another instabuy from me! Having lived in Malmö for a few years this sure is awesome too! Marcus, have you thought about making Bromma? In any case, plånboken är förberedd!
  10. Yeah I cant understand why adding some helipads would cause such a big frame hit. I assume the scenery would initially take longer to load during first start up, but other than that it just sounds strange. It's especially disappointing in an area like LA since there are so many cool rooftop helipads that would make for excellent tours around the flight. Isnt that what the TE and city scenery is all about? Such a shame that helicopter flying simming gets neglected like that.
  11. Yes! I totally agree, I would love to see me helipads in LA area. If its a matter of fps maybe Orbx can make an option to turn them on/off, please.
  12. Dang it, thats unfortunate, Im on the fence on buying Orbx are doing awesome work but I would love for us heliflyers to get some love for helipads too. Thanks for checking it out for me.
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