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  1. So I recently got LEAS, LEBB and LIEO. All wonderful airports. Here's departing LEBB and arriving LEAS. Great work by everyone involved in these sceneries! Förträffligt arbete Marcus! Heja Sverige Thank you Orbx. That foxy tail, mmm. Blastin' outta Bilbao! Swooooooooooooooooooosh! Here I come baby! Can't get enough of these cliffs, they are just plane (huehue) gorgeous. *tire screeching* Mmm cliffs.... Mmmm more cliffs!
  2. Wow, this will be incredible and I cannot thank Orbx enough for what you have done and continue to do for the flight sim community. Day one buy for me with a sweet discount. SO MANY THANKS!!!) /another loyal customer
  3. As always with Carenado the exterior part is superb. The FMC is absolute garbage and Ive already replaced it with the GTN750, which is necessary imo for the plane to be flyable. I have a really old computer but the plane is heavy on frames. I only got it because I want an ATR so bad haha, while I wait for the Milviz ATR. So unless you really want an ATR I wouldnt get it tbh Thanks again for your scenery work!
  4. ESNQ and ESSA has to be one of my favourite sceneries in p3d. Particularly ESNQ is just magical... Thank you Marcus and Philip for all your hard work! Preparing... Takeoff Climbing Landing...
  5. Alright, I see, I have no skills in WED Im afraid, oh well. Thanks for letting me know
  6. Hello First, Orbx are doing a fantastic job across all the sims. While I got most of the stuff for p3d, I've recently aquired the TE GB stuff for XP. This is a screenshot from TE GB North located at EGPG, Cumbernauld airport. The runway and "ortho runway" doesnt seem to align together. Also there are some more issues like aircrafts (Cessnas? :D) on the ortho as you can see and the big hangar doesnt seemed aligned either. How can I fix this? If I find more airports with similar issues are there a general solution on how to fix this? From what I've seen so far from the TE GB regions I got, most things are fine so I think my downloads and installs have been completed fully without errors (or maybe Im wrong?). Thanks once again Orbx for all your effort and work!
  7. Which airport is that you are landing on? Looks very nice!
  8. Lovely shots! Especially the second last one. Which dev have made this plane?
  9. Which Islander is this? I so want one for p3d v4 Great pics!
  10. A couple of morning shots from Norway!
  11. Hello Jack! Sorry for my slow reply. Irl busy. While I don't have the Carenado Falcon I'll share my experiences so far: Cockpit in FSW has more retro instruments while Carenado comes with their glass proline stuff (which is very meh imo and I also prefer the retro instruments). If you have the GTN750 for example you can always fit that in the FSW Falcon aswell. The FSW Falcon is alot more in depth and performs alot more along real world numbers. It just feels like a living and breathing plane. Textures may not be as a good as in the Carenado (textures are Carenados only positive in imo). FSW have recently got a new texture artist who is working on getting more detailed textures in the their Falcon. Another thing worth noting about the FSW Falcon is that it is constantly getting new updates while Carenado may get like 1? 2 updates? Then they will abandon it like they usually do. A big recent thing is that the FSW Falcon may get a UNS fms licensed by Ernie Alston which I'm super hyped for! To sum it up, the Flysimware Falcon 50 is among the best bizjet one can find right now imo and it will most likely only get better and better and better... And thanks to everyone who enjoyed my pictures, you are all very nice and big cheer for this community!
  12. One of my favourite sceneries from Orbx and the best bizjet I have in my hangar, I friggin' love this plane (only wish for more liveries for it ). Good job both Flysimware and Orbx!
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