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  1. Thanks for the tip Lars, I'll try that the next time an issue pops up. It's quite strange that nobody has actually suggested simply re-installing the product again as there are so many people having an issue with texture morphing. If you do a search on Google about morphing textures you'll get 100's of results on the matter, but nobody has actually suggested to actually do a full re-install, or repair for that matter! Glad it's resolved anyways. Andreas B.
  2. I can with 99.9% certainty say this has been solved. A full re-install of openLC NA did the trick. I have activated some of the nearby 3rd party addons and it all looks good. I haven't checked other parts of the world yet, such as south america, however it looks like a re-install of the regions did the trick. Cheers, Andreas B.
  3. I'll do a reinstall when I've got the time. I'll be sure to report back. Thanks for the help!
  4. Hi Doug, All Orbx Libs are up to date. All non Orbx addons are above FTX entries. OpenLC entries just below as instructed. MigrationTroubleshooter gave no results. All good there. (see attached file) Any more suggestions?
  5. Hi Lars, I've tried to disable Flytampa all together without success, so it seems it's not Flytampa scenery which is causing the morphing. Also, Flytampa's Tampa (KTPA) does not have a LC layer as with Amsterdam, Sydney, Toronto etc. As I've said previously, I've also noticed this problem elsewhere such as flying in the south of Brazil. Most places are just fine, it's just certain areas which are all screwed up. I've attached yet another photo further south, in between Tampa and Southwest Florida that has a huge area totally screwed up by the textures. It's worse than I thought. I hope the developers have a solution. It's really anoying. 2018-7-25_2-25-56-941.BMP
  6. Hi, I've recently installed Flytampa's Tampa Rebooted scenery for FSX and then I noticed some screwed up textures around the airport on approach. I've got Vector + OpenLC NA/SA/EU installed. I've also noticed the problem in the south of Brazil, especially around the city of Porto Alegre so I suspect there are many more unoticed issues. I've uploaded a screenshot with coordinates just east of Tampa International airport. What I've done so far to try to resolve the problem: Back up and restore Terrain.cfg and run FTX central Run the migration tool (Force migration) in FTX central No luck after trying this. Is there anything else to try except to re-install Vector + OpenLC again? Appreciate the help! Morph2.BMP
  7. Hi, just a question. I recently bought Sogndal, Sandane and Hammerfest and they all look amazing, however the photoscenery in Sandane and Sogndal does not blend very well with the FTX Norway textures in my opinion. I just want to make sure that it's supposed to look like this and that my setup is not wrong so please have a look at the screenshots below and let me know if all is ok. Sogndal is in my opinion the worst so only screenshots from that area...
  8. Yeah, I know airport baggage handlers love to juggle with luggage... Well, don't know if it's worth the effort on transporting the pc... was hoping on a big yes to both questions... :'( Thanks for the reply annyway
  9. Hey, this is probably a stupid question for many, however I'm pretty stupid when it comes to eletrical knowlege! I'm moving to Brazil from Norway and I just bought a high end pc wich I want to bring with me to Brazil. So I have two questions... the first is if I can use this PC safely in my appartment in Brazil as Norway uses 230V and 50HZ, and Brazil uses 220V and 60HZ. My other question is if my pc will be safe for transport in a suitcase wrapped well in bubble plastic??? Any ideas?? Tips?? Thanks in advance!!
  10. No Flinty, I have made a fresh install of FSX on a new machine and only with the default FSX files. The files from http://www.flightsim2004-fanatics.com/ site should be clean FSX files... but who knows... Anyway... I hope someone finds a solution... YRED isn't the same without traffic!! \
  11. No cigar... When I transfer the default GA traffic files in the world/scenery folder FTX AI stops working all together... when I delete the files then FTX AI is working perfectly again... Any ideas???
  12. My FTX traffic is working fine... it's the default GA i'm struggling with... I'll try to put the files in the world/scenery folder and see what happens... Thanks for the help...
  13. Yeah, I have the same problem here... \ There is hardly any information on how to do this. All I found were the default traffic .bgl files for download at www.flightsim2004-fanatics.com... but I have no clue what to do with these files nor where to put them. I tried to activate the bgl files but that just deactivated the FTX traffic. I know for a fact many members here have this working so I hope for a tutorial on how to install these files.
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