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  1. Same, downloading 3gb and taken time. Seems the servers are busy and it's slow. Everyone stop downloading for 10mins so that I can get better speeds ;p
  2. I do too, but this time I left itway to long LOL 3 gen to 10th gen. ten years.
  3. Then next year the 11th gen from Intel to come. So then we be seeing it all different again. Damn, end of the day Intel and AMD are always looking at new gens every year to two years with something better then last gen and end of the day you have to think to yourself that you can't keep updating each time a new gen is out.
  4. Streaming PC is a not a option. Shame but that's how it is if funds are not there.
  5. What about running the sim and having so many programs running in the background and streaming flight sim
  6. I here mixed options, A good i9 9900K or the beast that's at a good price the 3900X FOr P3d V5 and MSFS2020 what's good?
  7. Since the hotfix 2 it seems that game capture is capturing just about everything on p3dV5. Meaning that it shows your tabs like weather, time, selection vehicles and whatnot. Wasn't doing that. Before it shows you the main screen of you flying to your crash landing And as soon I checge the weather for a example, Go into the weather tab and the game capture shows it and then the sim itself disappear, once selected and back to the sim then on the game capture it's stuck on the weather tab still and so I have to hide/unhide the game capture source to get it back again. B
  8. WHen you load p3d for first time after installed it does take time to load and so let it load. It will load afterwards. also since I installed vector my p3d is slow loading
  9. Well, 6gb is good also. As long as sliders are not fully to the right.
  10. Nice, I downloaded long ago anyway. Just thought I missed the install
  11. Damn that looks damn good, I wish they had badges like that in the real world
  12. You can have both installed on the same drive, it doesn't affect it but I rather have them installed on separate drive
  13. Didn't even need to do that got both installed. As long as the sims are installed on different drives you are good. I have FSX with Orbx on the C drive, and P3d on D drive with Orbx installed. Yes have two lots of Orbx installed on C and D
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