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  1. that's not the only issue. As you can see also, I'm getting what looks like default scenery bleed through in all areas of Orbx around the world. I wonder if it had something to do when central V4 first came out and I migrated everything over to a new directory. In any case, it looks like I'm staring down a complete re-install (which isn't gonna happen--lol)
  2. So what do you think the issue might be? Clearly this isn't right.
  3. Looking at the other thread about the pyramids, here's a pic of what I see. I've also attached a copy of my scenery and terrain cfg files. Not sure if there's anything you see out of place. Thanks for the help. scenery.cfg terrain.cfg
  4. I used to have Orbx Vector and BM installed but took them out long ago. Never had Aeroworx. I wonder what files might be lingering then? Thanks for the reply. I'll try to hunt them down. Question is where to look.
  5. It's just off the end of the RWY (can't remember which side) at FACT.
  6. This can't be right. It looks like there's roads where they shouldn't be. There are over the top of everything else. I don't have Vector installed or BM. I have no clue how to fix this.
  7. Guys, I don't know why every so often I keep having this issue. You can see what looks like default textures showing through OLC Europe. I'm certain I have my layering correct. I don't know why it would be out of whack. I think when I migrated everything to a separate directory outside LM is when it started happening. I've tried syncing, de-installing and re-installing with no luck.
  8. I thought I saw Spokane KGEG was in development. Maybe I was wrong. That was Spokane 'downtown' you released, right?
  9. i tried deleting the SODE file and still no luck. It also looks like duplicated afcads or whatever because there's also double taxi lines in the gate area. I'm wondering if I have the airport in both my own directory and the P3d directory by mistake when I re-installed it.
  10. Nick, Thanks for that. I did not disable the 'static flow'. I thought those would remove the physical gates. Thanks a bunch. I'll de-select those tonight when I get home. LDDU looks awesome, BTW.
  11. Guys, I've tried to disable the static aircraft at LDDU via the control panel. It doesn't appear to work. I found one of the files and was able to turn all but 1 aircraft off at the gates. Is there a way to turn them all off? Thanks.
  12. Yes it did happen after upgrading. I'll try re-installing. A strange but welcome side effect is that I don't have the kicking rocks effect anymore at any of the airports while taxiing...hehe. Thanks.
  13. Is there any way to fix this issue? Thanks.
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