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  1. DunRingill

    EGPB Sumburgh Airport XP11.

    A Volvo with swedish plates. Must be a tourist
  2. DunRingill

    TEGB North XP11 My Final Shots.

    Here comes that kid-at-christmas feeling again
  3. So that's why I didn't recognize it That mod looks really good, have to check it out and see how it is compared to the Just Flight C152. /Magnus
  4. Nice! By the way, which cessna 152 are you using? /Magnus
  5. DunRingill

    TrueEarth GB North XP11 first look.

    Very nice! And very nice to see the landscape without the checkerboard pattern, really looking forward to sp1 for south and central
  6. DunRingill

    South Devon and East Cornwall from the Hawk.

    Beautiful pics and very interesting too read for us foreigners
  7. I was wondering if there are any plans to implement more detailed watermasks for True Earth GB for Xplane? I don't know if it is possible but if it could be done like TE Netherlands for P3D, I think it would look really good to have all rivers, canals, and lakes with water. If the data is available it would be a nice addition! /Magnus
  8. Stunning! And the skin on that aircraft is amazing!
  9. DunRingill

    A few 4Ks from GB South and Central

    Perfect! The darker roads looks great!
  10. DunRingill

    A few 4Ks from GB South and Central

    Very nice Is that the new darker Xplane generic roads?