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  1. Swedish skiing legend Ingemar Stenmark at the controls
  2. I think it's a very good idea to release a demo for TE for X-Plane! Everytime I have upgraded my PC the last few years I have downloaded the X-Plane demo from Laminar and almost immediately uninstalled because it looked awful and ran horribly. And everytime I wondered why on earth they couldn't make a better demo. So I continued with P3D. But after TE GB last fall I'm totally converted to X-Plane because with this scenery the sim comes to life and is hands down the best you can get at the moment imho. So now finally Laminar has a good demo to show their great sim with. /Magnus
  3. Thanks Paul! Might have to check it out!
  4. Beautiful! What is the jet in the first two shots? /Magnus
  5. With endless forests and clearings after logging (sorry, english is not my first language but I suspect you understand what I mean ) https://i.imgur.com/0Y03OLJ.jpg[/img ] TE GB South somewhere west of Southampton. /Magnus
  6. Fantastic and very interesting post as always! (And no spiders this time ) Your series of posts should be in a ”Orbx Forum Hall of Fame” /Magnus
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