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  1. Beautiful shots! TE Netherlands is the only thing I miss and which would make me reinstall P3D after having to choose between Xplane and P3D due to lack of space on my SSD
  2. @Nick Cooper It's the smoke coming out of the chimneys of a hangar on the airfield. I don't know what the hangar is for though. The smoke fx attached to these chimneys doesn't look very good and is a distraction from the otherwise excellent airport. Just imho of course. So an option in the controlpanel to switch it on or off would be great so you can use it if you like it and remove if you don't. /Magnus
  3. Yes I agree, lighter colour would look much better. As it is now, it also looks very strange when taking off at dawn or dusk.
  4. Hello! I bought EGNX and it's very nice with practically no impact on FPS. I don't know how that is even possible considering the amazing details But I really wish there was an option in the control panel to toggle the smoke fx on or off. It does not look very good, it's moving to fast in light wind and looks out of scale somehow. /Magnus
  5. Yes! Too bad I have to uninstall TE GB to make space for PNW. But thats a luxury problem, I'll get a larger SSD
  6. Really looking forward to this It looks a bit like Google Earth with 3D buildings activated so perhaps it is some kind of streaming, perhaps in combination with 3D objects and autogen in more detailed areas like citys.
  7. This looks amazing! And knowing that screens never looks as good as when the sim is running this will really be something else!
  8. Swedish skiing legend Ingemar Stenmark at the controls
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