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  1. Yes! Too bad I have to uninstall TE GB to make space for PNW. But thats a luxury problem, I'll get a larger SSD
  2. Really looking forward to this It looks a bit like Google Earth with 3D buildings activated so perhaps it is some kind of streaming, perhaps in combination with 3D objects and autogen in more detailed areas like citys.
  3. This looks amazing! And knowing that screens never looks as good as when the sim is running this will really be something else!
  4. Swedish skiing legend Ingemar Stenmark at the controls
  5. I think it's a very good idea to release a demo for TE for X-Plane! Everytime I have upgraded my PC the last few years I have downloaded the X-Plane demo from Laminar and almost immediately uninstalled because it looked awful and ran horribly. And everytime I wondered why on earth they couldn't make a better demo. So I continued with P3D. But after TE GB last fall I'm totally converted to X-Plane because with this scenery the sim comes to life and is hands down the best you can get at the moment imho. So now finally Laminar has a good demo to show their great sim with. /Magnus
  6. Thanks Paul! Might have to check it out!
  7. Beautiful! What is the jet in the first two shots? /Magnus
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