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  1. Thanks a lot for your great and quick help Marcus!! With my P3D I have the weird problem that I have massive stutters at PBR sceneries with overcast or rain just because of the pbr, the frames go crazy like 15-30 fps all the time. So I try to minimize the risk of getting that. I know that normally PBR sceneeries should be better on fps. However I'm still too lazy to make a complete reinstall of v4^^ Cheers Florian
  2. Hey @Marcus Nyberg, just a quick question. I have problems with fps and pbr rain effects. Is there a way to disable them?
  3. I'll check that thanks! And sorry for posting it in v4 support im so mad^^
  4. Hello, I'm experiencing this weird problem with all ground textures at LOWI, any known fix for that? Thanks Florian:)
  5. Ok I'm sorry I have to apologize that comparison didn't make any sense at all.
  6. Thanks didn't see that. Could that also cause the failure of not beeing able to install FTX lights configurator?
  7. Have you talked to the devs at Gaya, are they aware of those problems because more than a month has passed since the scenery came out. If I look at other threats e.g. LDDU with the new runway the developer reacted pritty quickly and ensured an implemention in the next update, now for Gaya they haven't said anything in this topic neither in the other EGPH quality issues topic. I'm reading Gaya Simulation further previews on LOWW... which tells me that they're still awake. But what I don't get is why they're already working on their next project, leaving us with a lot of faults at EGPH
  8. I've got the same issue. Normally this can be fixed by verifying the library files but didn't work for me...
  9. Any chance that you could contact the developers of EGPH and ask them to contact Marcus Nyberg maybe he can help them, should be in our all interest.
  10. EDIT : didn't work out... except the fact that my autogen trees are now missing...
  11. Yes there was and I do apologize for those impatiend words, but at that moment I was just really frustrated. On that: This problem has been with many sceneries e.g. T2G or Aerosoft. T2G released a fix for that but Aerosoft didn't. After searching around for quite a while a friend of mine found the solution for the problem (only AS). You have to head to your AS Airport folder e.g. Frankfurt (F:\Programme (x86)\Mega Airport Frankfurt Professional\effects). In that folder you have some .fx files e.g. AL_OP-ApronLight1-EDDF.fx. And to get Dyn lightning working when arriving you have
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