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  1. As a result of my elderly clumsiness, I have managed to lose my original Orbx d/load and a free item I had installed. I'm running on Win 10 Pro. I have my order details to hand. Advice, please. Thanks.
  2. So here's my problem with unwanted black rectangles. Richard advises me that they have appeared because I have DX12 enabled and/or I have a Terrain CFG error. He advises me that they are "relatively easy" to fix. Would some kind soul take me through the steps that I need to take - safely! A very Happy, Healthy and Wealthy New Year to all.
  3. Thanks, Nick. The swiftest reply I've ever received!
  4. As a shiny, innocent newbie....do I need to remove that FTX HD Trees add-on bought from Stean FSX before I install your Global base package? Thanks.
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