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  1. Was very excited to download the new Australia V2 and while the Melbourne and Sydney cityscapes were excellent, Perth, WA, was appalling. The CBD was old, there was no Elizabeth Quay, no WACA, no Optus stadium, Fremantle port scenary is nonexistant apart from the outline, Rottnest island is virtually completely blank and to be honest with you, I'm really disappointed that you've basically released an upgrade of Melbourne and Sydney and completely neglected Perth. I have the YPJT plugin which is also excellent, but the environment I fly around in in western Australia is rubbish. It's disi
  2. Yes that's true John. Hopefully orbx will update the Perth CBD in the not too distant future. Cheers
  3. Hi both, Thanks for your help with this. So then it looks like my scenary library is correct and the orbx Global range is doing what it should be? If so, it's such a shame as the Perth skyline is poor - when YPJT is so professional! I sort of assumed when I bought the Australia plugin, it would have included accurate skylines - one of the reasons I splashed out - so disappointed to find out the hard way. I guess I will have to hunt for some freeware if it's not any problem with my setup. Cheers Dave
  4. Hi, I'm really hoping someone can help me. I have P3DV4.1 and orbx Australia pack, YPJT pack and the global scenary. Unfortunately, the Perth city centre is nothing like correct. Some of the large buildings are present, but the rest isn't even close. Compare that to the YPJT plugin - and that is absolutely superb down to every last detail. On a different thread, I was advised to install the Global libraries which are installed according to FTX. However, they don't seem to be in my scenary list. In addition, I cannot uninstall the global librarys and try to re-install from the large
  5. Hi all, Update: I have the orbx libraries installed in addition to the Australia plugin. Unfortunately, the Perth city is still just really bad - not even close. I'm really disappointed. I still hope I've not set something correctly in the scenery files - but I have tried over and over again and all the orbx stuff is at the top.
  6. I will definitely get those downloaded and report back. Thanks all. Dave.
  7. no worries Jack thanks, , I downloaded the full pack that came with the purchase and the YPJT addon - but I've just seen the _fullFTXOrbxlibs17001.zip - So perhaps that would help to fix the issue? Dave
  8. But Canberra is on the opposite side of the continent. How would buyig that one help me to improve the Perth skyline? Whch really is poor. Dave
  9. Hi Jack. Thanks so much for a quick reply and glad to be here. No - I just bought the AU scenery. Had a look back and the only cityscape available seems to be Canberra - but I just assumed buying the Aussie pack would include the main Capital landmarks? Cheers Dave
  10. Hi. Running P3D4 and have bought Orbx Australia and the YPJT scenary. YPJY is absolutely perfect - every detail.... (although the B200s in the RFDS hangar are slightly out of date). THe Perth CBD though is awful - one or two high rises are ok - but nothing else is even close. No WACA ground, no Casino, pretty much nothing. I wonder if I've done something wrong in the setup? Can anyone help? Thanks Dave
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