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  1. I can't believe I missed that post.. thank you! @Nick Cooper that post is brilliant.
  2. The first hotfix for P3Dv5 is out, but since there were many fixes to scenery (including elevation and water issues, etc) it requires a reinstall of that too. What does this mean for us having Orbx Global Base installed? Would we need to uninstall that and reinstall it after the P3D reinstall, or is there another way? I've already migrated openLC Africa & openLC Europe to a library (outside the P3D folder), so I assume those two will be fine, right?
  3. Don't worry, you're not the only one :P I've got a whole team of South African ATC's aching to receive some new pilots once openLC Africa releases :)
  4. Hi again, As mentioned on one of my previous threads, I installed OpenLC North America a few days ago, but haven't had much of a chance to fly since then. I did test it by slewing around KORD a few times and everything seemed fine. However, last night I did a full flight out of KSEA and had a G2D.dll CTD about 10 seconds after takeoff. One thing to note is that, when I started the flight at KSEA, the scenery load time was also immensely long. Easily 5 times its usual duration. I don't have any KSEA custom scenery or airports, literally only FTX Global and OpenLC NA. Loading at KORD results in a short load time and no crashes. Seems the issue is centered around the northwest US maybe? Before OpenLC NA, I had no crashes in the area. System specs: Intel Core i5 6600K, stable clock at 4.4GHz, 16GB RAM, 2TB WD HDD (stable SMART status) Windows 10 64bit NVidia GTX980 with latest driver as at 01 Dec 2017 Flight Sim: P3Dv4.1 Addons: MyTraffic6 FSUIPC5 FSDT Chicago O'Hare FSDT Ground Services X PMDG 737-800X ORBX FTX Global ORBX OpenLC NA Third-party: Active Sky 2016 ASCA ProATCX Chaseplane Aivlasoft EFB
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