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  1. Now that YMML has announced their preferred 3rd runway and preplanning I was wondering if it’s possible to add it now to YMML v3 and have it appear when the date is set to 2025.... I’m speaking slightly tongue in cheek and also with some serious wishful thinking...
  2. I've purchased and started flying around Melbourne and it's fanstastic. Just wondering where I should bring up some missing scenery objects as a form of constructtive feedback. Just two which are local to me, Westfield Southland Shopping Centre as it stretched over Nepean Hwy and Sandrigham Yacht club/marina.....oh and you missed my companies vans in our factory driveway
  3. I think I saw a truck stuck under the Montague St Bridge.....sorry only a Melbourne resident would get that... and the bridge has it's own Facebook page.
  4. Sensational and as a resident of Melbourne, sensational x 2.
  5. Looking forward to this. Thank you to all involved.
  6. Is there any chance of same shots without any REX products ?
  7. As someone who works a minute away and has been visiting YMMB since 1972 this looks stunning...tried to spot the spilt tomato sauce from when I watched a Cessna jet near the tower...lol. Who remembers when the HARS Super Conny came in, is this the biggest aircraft to land at YMMB?
  8. Just wondering if prepay for YMMB was coming online soon as well? Edit: Just read JV's Christmas list post and I'm looking a few days too early I think.
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