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  1. Thanks, for what it's worth I found enabling cars also does the same thing.
  2. I was bored and determined to get this ro work and did some trial and error with BGLs. 3DM_buildings_NoCal_CABlg_1518_4424.bgl removed from the scenery folder has eliminated the long frame. I did find turning Cars back on in the configurator caused it as well, so for the moment that has solved my problem and makes this usable. I don't know if that helps on your end, but it is simply stunning.
  3. VRAM Usage with the airport is around 3.8GB/8.0GB VRAM usage without the airport is around 3.0GB/8.00GB
  4. ASRock Z270 KILLER SLI 32GB DDR4 3200 i7-7700K 4.2GHz LGA EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 FTW2 8GB GDDR5 Control options are in accordance with the Orbx guidance, day and night. Default F22, Piper Cub, and NGXu all result in the same Issue FXAA Off AA 8xSSAA Texture Filtering 16x Texture Res 4096 Vsync Off Target Frame 50 This is the only addon that I have an issue with and certainly the first Orbx one. All additional settings are off int he configurator.
  5. I'm not sure how this topic change to dynamic lighting but I'm having these issues with all the options turned off
  6. I'll have to double check dynamic lighting but in the configurator I turned it off, but it was stunning how bad it was, glad I'm not alone.
  7. Just got SJC and have tried a few things, but with an assortment of default aircraft up to the NGXu just taxiing around when looking at the terminal I get a long frame stutter then the sim seems to snap back and catch up. I have the base pack, trees HD, vector, and openLC North America along with Cloudberry OAK and Flightbeam SFO, disabling OAK and SFO did not fix the issue. I turned off all the options for SJC in the configurator and I still get an awful long frame with this. I checked the manual and make sure my graphic settings match what is recommended and it still stutters very badly. I
  8. That doesn't seem like a fix per say since this is the only scenery causing that problem, first time i've had anything do it there's clearly something a miss with it...
  9. I also posted about this, it seems like they're fragments of buildings on the ground too.
  10. I noticed this as well on final into 8 and BUR, never added any VNY scenery so it's not an issue for me personally but I did notice it.
  11. I'm glad I'm not the only one, hopefully this can be fixed. I did a flight into BUR and they weren't there but if launch P3D into BUR directly they seem to be there.
  12. How do you unlock the libraries to put it above it?
  13. I tried to check vector and couldn't come up with anything. Enabled or Disabled. I reinstalled the scenery and did notice the condition changes when the AFCAD is selected from static to not, there was still the fragmented building clutter but much less of it. I did check the mesh as well and set to 5 and no changes....
  14. I would add to this, runway 26 has a lot of touchdown tire marks and that runway is rarely used for landing
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