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  1. I did also see this but I wondered if it was just the number of static airliners at the gates. Away from the terminal it is smooth so I didn't worry about it too much.
  2. Ok well, put the head shake settings back up, you eill adapt to them. I run them at pretty high levels and without the effects the plane feels like a 747
  3. I get the impression LM have adopted the XPlane 11 view that because their part of the world is a smog and haze ridden landscape we all have to share their misfortune. And it also helps boost performance not having to show details much further away. But yes, I think we are stuck with this haze from now on.
  4. Yeah yeah I know I'm supposed to post links to Orbx videos here but this one was such a surprising event in Live Weather in MSFS I thought I'd post it... I mean I did survive the unsurvivable so gimme a break!
  5. I don't see your point. The XP video looks lifeless compared to the real world, so if you essentially have no head shake in the sim what's the video about?
  6. That's normal. If you can find a retailer with leftover stock or find on eBay etc you can get one but the graphics manufacturers don't generally continue producing superseded cards
  7. From what I've seen in the last couple of months there's work going on but no actual timeline, but you can rest assured it's still getting attention!
  8. One thing to note and as I understand it, has not changed since Orbx was first established, most of the airport development in Orbx is undertaken by independent developers who develop airports that they want to bring to the community. I think that's why the quality across the board has been truly amazing. A developer can also only make an airport for which good ground and building imagery can be obtained, thereby further limiting the available sceneries to come out. Finally, as the scene does become more commercial and developers start to want a bit more than a child's
  9. I have been having another look at this. I've disabled all the sceneries in my sim except a few North American ones that for some reason don't want to untick in the addons list, anyway there are no active addon sceneries in the whole of Europe. Buildings HD and Open LC Europe are disabled. The only thing that is left of Orbx scenery in the Global Base Pack. I still get 10 second stutters. If I pull the autogen sliders back to nothing I don't get stutters. The buildings and vegetation that are being loaded must be P3D files since there are no Orbx sceneries active. (Libraries has also be
  10. I had this problem and was advised that at the moment it's one in all in. I don't know if they intend to modify that but that's the situation as it stands.
  11. My NetLimiter software has revealed that each time MSFS has one of these updates, something changes that causes NetLimiter to add a new flightsimulator.exe file to the list of programs, and that is the file that then runs the download. SO... if the registry entry for MSFS has been modified or changed, is it possible that something in the Steam installation hasn't allowed for this? I'm stabbing completely in the dark here but nothing like what you have reported has shown up in the Microsoft Store installs so suspicion might fall on the Steam install?
  12. Quite possible the guide has missed an update to reflect this. Fear not, Central is a great program, best thing since sliced bread for product management. The only issue some people have is the separation between Marketplace and Orbx Direct products not being visible in one place. If that will worry you then stick with Marketplace, if not download Central and get the product!
  13. I had this problem where the order was splattered throughout like this, I can't remember if I fixed it with my next suggestion, if it didn't then i think if scenery layers are in the external library it doesn't really matter where they appear in the Scenery Library as they are treated differently by the sim. Anyway, the Airports and Regions originally appeared as insert below Top of Scenery Library, I then created an Addon Scenery folder in the P3D Folder and put a Scenery And Texture folder in there, and grabbed a single meaningless file from another scenery for each folder (proba
  14. My Youtube feed just featured this video! Coincidence! Something to practice in the sim for a thrill maybe???
  15. Much the same, MSFS on 4TB HDD, C Drive only for W10 and programs that insist on installing there. The problem as far as I can tell is there is no redundancy or self diagnosis built into downloads and updates. One little file either in the official store file or in the digital ownership, or a dropped bit of code in the user account, and it just sits there not knowing how to proceed or repair. I'm sure they will have to develop some sort of restore point or diagnostic tool that looks for corrupted files and repair as required. This business of a complete uninstall and reinstall be
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