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  1. Click the YouTube icon to watch in Youtube with more options
  2. Perhaps he is geographically challenged lol. Everyone makes mistakes. Considering it was back in April in a pre release announcement it's a bit of a stretch to hold him to that, as obviously circumstances changed in the meantime.
  3. Wll my system is very midrange now and I get good reulsts rthere so maybe there's something else going on in your system
  4. I think everyone and everything is taken into account. The fact is you don't need to purchase the latest software from Orbx to enjoy flightsimming, particularly in Australia. With OZx and AUV2 and any airports you may have already purchased, there are thousands of flights and circuits you can undertake across the length and breadth of the country. You can also get freeware scenery covering large areas of the globe if you need to go further afield. Purchasing an Orbx scenery is purely a lifestyle choice. It's a luxury yes, but it can never be called a necessity. And just about every airport such as YBCG and Gold Coast Cityscene can be run on an i5 with a GTX970 or better, you just have to configure the options in the scenery and the sim to suit your rig.
  5. Every time Orbx announce any sort of sale, a few people complain they missed out. It's OK to feel a bit disappointed that you might have missed an opportunity to save money but as others have pointed out, a sale price on an item does not mean that you have paid to much for yours. If sales are seriously that important to you, then it is a fact that Orbx have at least a couple of sales a year, as a way of invigorating older stock in particular, and you can wait patiently for the next sale, whenever that might pop up. If however you have succumbed to temptation and paid full price because you were desirous of having the product to fly around in without delay, then please don't come on to the forums complaining, because even at full price Orbx products are great value for money.
  6. Well I have it on good authority that the original flag was centred as required however a fierce storm ripped it off the flagpole and sent it flying over Mont Blanc (yes really, it was a big storm) and after several weeks a search team of valiant French paratroopers found the flag and brought it back to the airport, only to find that a section of one edge had been ripped off. Rather than spend valuable euros on a new flag, it was decided to give it to Mme Thibault, the local seamstress who volunteered to sew it back on to the remnant piece that was flapping uselessly on the now bare pole. Try as she might she couldn't make up for the damage that had been done to the material when the storm so cruelly tore the flag from its rightful position, and the result was a flag upon which the cross was no longer centred, and as a result fooled some gullible people into believing it was actually a Danish flag that had been put there by mistake. Incredible story I know but as they say, truth is stranger than fiction, you just need to work out what is truth and what is fiction.
  7. I might be wrong because I'm not party to how ORBX structures their business model, however I think that the company acts as a collection of independent developers together with some 'in house' developers. So using points from one developer's product to take potential income away from another developer might not be compatible with the agreements in house. Just a thought in case you tassumed it's easy to just offer discounts etc.
  8. P3D makes it much more difficult to make sloping runways, so I doubt it'll be as easy as some ports of airports have been. That said, the company policy is to offer multi platform for all products so you might get lucky :-)
  9. If you have EGLC and a suitable turboprop such as the Q400 this is a fascinating video to compare the ORBX EGLC to the real thing and demonstrate the steep approach:
  10. It's unlikely. Developers report too many problems trying to get the newer tech required for these airports to work in the 32 bit environment, and with a fast shrinking pool of FSX users, it seldom pays to spend the hours to make the products FSX friendly.
  11. As it says at the product page at Orbxdirect.com, it requires Orbx Central. If you're not getting products because you're welded on to FTX Central, there's no reason to hold off. Once you have downloaded Orbx Central your entire existing structure can remain in place, untouched for evermore. You don't need to migrate any sceneries. However because P3DV4 has changed its spots, new sceneries require the P3DV4 compatible installs. And I have not found any conflicts between the newer xml sceneries in the P3D library, my old FTX Central scenery.cfg remains in place, and the newer ones look after themselves without affecting the older library.
  12. You do know that every guess adds one day to the release date don't you?
  13. That was the last figure I saw it could have been ORBX sales or from somewhere else, don't remember sorry.
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