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  1. A lot of the ISP and their overlords seem to treat FTXC as a torrent or P2P service and throttle it accordingly. Nothing ORBX can do about that. However as en says there may be improvements with Central 4, but if the internet overlords also deem that to be a P2P or similar they will no doubt seek to throtle it as well. I was getting 512KB/Sec for a long time, lately it has improved to 1.25 MB/Sec. However, for consistent 4-5 MB/Sec I use a VPN, which is Freedome. It costs around $70 per year but it's worth it to bypass all the throttling associated with many downloads.
  2. Tis is EU Germany SOuth in P3DV4.5, some have complained they are having problems with this scenery in P3DV4.5, well as you can see it's working well for me. Pity my flight management skills weren't working so well! Watch in hi definition in Youtube for the best experience.
  3. I imagine that the new TE PNW scenery will endeavour to be as up to date as possible. However I also think that the updates to the current PNW scenery would be a very long way down the priority list. Orbx scenery is generally 'point in time' for reasons that have been extensively discussed on these forums.
  4. It's possible that advances in technology for development have overtaken the vast amount of work Maurizio has been putting in to his Cityscapes and it may be possible he is taking a breather to assess whether his development so far is up to the standard of the True Earth products. If the product information has been deleted then I would imagine that whatever was on the page is no longer relevant and I'm sure some information will be released when the project proceeds further.
  5. My 2c worth as well. This forum is for ORBX related stuff. Requests for information about non-ORBX stuff really don't belong here. Often the forum members will aid the errant poster and that is fine up to a point, but the ORBX forums should not be considered as a general FS forum. As the forum grows it's getting harder and harder to wade though the hundreds of daily posts looking for relevance and it will only get worse. Nick was right to point out that a little more diligent searching would have and should have turned up the answer in about the same time as it took to write the original post.
  6. You know... here in Australia we have a mob of freeware developers who develop under the banner of Ozx. Orbx itself grew out of an altruistic team who developed freeware scenery, replacing and refining the Microsoft textures for Australia and to which I'm proud to say i contributed a little. Eventually it became obvious that to continue the development of the highest quality products there had to be an incentive, which in a free economy means selling scenery products. And having gone down the path of making scenery a commercial proposition, Orbx is not in a position to continue 'charity scenery development' at the expense of commercially viable products. Which is what the remaining areas of the world will be, there's almost no chance that the returns from developing Africa Asia etc will ever become positive. Orbx will will continue to develop them, but they need to be accommodated into the overall commercial picture. If the rest of the world had an equivalent number of keen amateurs ready to contribute to freeware scenery as Australia, on a per capita basis, you would have all the scenery you're demanding many times over. Think about that.
  7. Don't forget too that the model objects in the FSX/P3D world are mostly restricted to Core 0 in the CPU, while textures can run free in the remaining cores. Low frame rates are generally CPU bound, though GPUs can also be the cause but a lot less often. For instance on my rig the London scenery as I approach sits around 15-20 fps with the CPU jumping up to 100% quite frequently while the GPU sits as low as 30%. Once inside the radius where the buildiong models are displayed for detail, GPU usage shoots up to 100% and the frame rates drop to as low as 7 fps. I suspect the CPU is also being hammered at this point but I suspect that with a 2080 ti I would see the CPU holding 10-15fps and the GPU not restricting that further. So, unless the CPU is able to cope, getting the greatest video card in the world isn't going to help much. ***EDIT*** Since I posted this I followed advice in another post and deleted the Scenery Indexes and the Shaders folders and I have just doubled my lowest frame rates across London to about 12-14.
  8. I think one point to make is that if a simmer chooses not to move with the evolving technology, and stick with FSX for argument's sake, all the products that have been released for FSX continue to work exactly as they did when they were installed, payware and freeware. There are literally thousands of scenery areas, airports, cities etc across the globe, many high quality freeware, and many great aircraft, both payware and freeware, in which to visit them, as a VFR GA pilot, or an RPT tubeliner pilot. There's always a temptation to acquire the latest products (and I am guilty of this as much as the next person) but if you take a different tack and think how much simming you can do with what you already have, all of a sudden there's an almost limitless set of possibilities ahead of you. As an example, I am currently revisiting nearly every airfield in Eastern Australia as part of a monster flight plan, and the scenery I am visiting is mostly 5-10 years old, and the aircraft for many of the legs are old FSX models I happen to enjoy flying. I'm doing the flight in P3DV4 not because it's the latest sim but because it draws scenery objects to the horizon, something poor old FSX cannot manage. I'd probably be just as happy doing the flights in FSX with visibility set to 10 miles or so if I couldn't do it in P3DV4.
  9. Well it applies to the southern hemisphere as well. I believe the rate is approximately 1.7 milliseconds per century, so in the context of a single season, pretty difficult to measure, but real nevertheless.
  10. So your local department store has a sale a week after you bought a new TV and you think they should refund you the difference? You book an airline ticket and a week later there's a sale and you expect the airline to do the same? Seriously? If you're only happy buying products at Sale prices then only buy during sale times but please, don't complain when you have bought something at its full value. We all have times when things are on sale cheaper than we bought, it's aprt of life.
  11. This is the Pro Brexit vs Remainers line dividing the UK. Well done to have captured it so clearly.
  12. I just ticked transparent roads in the control panel for the scenery in FTX Central.
  13. True. The choice is going to be enjoy what you've had in the past and don't move on, which is a valid option, or upgrade to P3DV4 and enjoy the latest tech. I know which way I've gone.
  14. The area in question is full of trees for me so maybe check your scenery is working properly. The area you refer to, I92 and Old Town, are on the very edge or outside the scenery coverage area. Check the coverage map to ascertain exactly what you should be seeing. I don't know Disney World at all but I imagine there needs to be a trade off between detail and performance, not to mention the problem of hand modelling such a complex piece of scenery for a product selling for a bit over $20 US. And the sceenry is a point in time that is determined by when the imagery for the project was purchased, which can often be a couple of years before the product is completed.
  15. Here's a little video of a flight in the Scottish Highlands that I made for a Scottish mate of mine It's in the X Plane ultralight and floows the River Spey valley from Aviemore to Newtonmore. The video has been sped up for most of its length to reduce the boredom factor. If you want to know my ReShade settings look for a post in the X Plane forum.
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