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  1. Well it applies to the southern hemisphere as well. I believe the rate is approximately 1.7 milliseconds per century, so in the context of a single season, pretty difficult to measure, but real nevertheless.
  2. So your local department store has a sale a week after you bought a new TV and you think they should refund you the difference? You book an airline ticket and a week later there's a sale and you expect the airline to do the same? Seriously? If you're only happy buying products at Sale prices then only buy during sale times but please, don't complain when you have bought something at its full value. We all have times when things are on sale cheaper than we bought, it's aprt of life.
  3. John Dow

    Crossing the border in TE UK South

    This is the Pro Brexit vs Remainers line dividing the UK. Well done to have captured it so clearly.
  4. John Dow

    True Earth GB North Scottish Highlands flight.

    I just ticked transparent roads in the control panel for the scenery in FTX Central.
  5. True. The choice is going to be enjoy what you've had in the past and don't move on, which is a valid option, or upgrade to P3DV4 and enjoy the latest tech. I know which way I've gone.
  6. John Dow

    Introducing CityScene Orlando!

    The area in question is full of trees for me so maybe check your scenery is working properly. The area you refer to, I92 and Old Town, are on the very edge or outside the scenery coverage area. Check the coverage map to ascertain exactly what you should be seeing. I don't know Disney World at all but I imagine there needs to be a trade off between detail and performance, not to mention the problem of hand modelling such a complex piece of scenery for a product selling for a bit over $20 US. And the sceenry is a point in time that is determined by when the imagery for the project was purchased, which can often be a couple of years before the product is completed.
  7. Here's a little video of a flight in the Scottish Highlands that I made for a Scottish mate of mine It's in the X Plane ultralight and floows the River Spey valley from Aviemore to Newtonmore. The video has been sped up for most of its length to reduce the boredom factor. If you want to know my ReShade settings look for a post in the X Plane forum.
  8. During testing it was tested for FSX. There were numerous issues relating to the ground poly, photoreal alignment, runway height, vegetation alignment, missing autogen, etc. Technically there's nothing to stop someone installing to P3D then pointing the FSX scenery library to the P3D folder and manually adding it that way. It depends on how many errors you're willing to put up with in the scenery.
  9. Undercompetitive industry? Seriously? This reporter is seriously biased and uninformed. In fact the duopoly is pretty irrelevant, the competition is as fierce as if there were half a dozen players. The fact is there are major advantages in having such gigantic corporations in this unique industry. Smaller firms could not commit the equivalent of a small country's GDP to the development of new airliners that meet the demands of the airlines around the world. The upcoming 797 project is projected to need an investment of $20 billion. Aren't many options to get a project like that off the ground. The rest of the video doesn't even follow the initial premise so I only give it 5 out of 10.
  10. About 609 UKs. Area of land: 148 326 000 km2 The total area of the United Kingdom is approximately 243,610 square kilometres
  11. John Dow

    Norway in True Earth

    Nice and yes most countries have a claim to be ideal for TE series. The problem usually comes when you look at what's available in a country, it has to be a mix of free and low cost geo-data and imagery. In the case of the Netherlands and the UK, fortunately all the ingredients were there. If Norway also has the 'right stuff' then I'm sure it too will get the TE treatment, just don't hold your breath :-)
  12. Sorry that's not going to happen. I guess my comment here is to be involved in a hobby, any hobby, you have to adapt to the peculiarities of that hobby. Your degree of adaptation will determine what you get out of the hobby. In this case, it's finding a way to download the package, whether it's through a better internet provider, friends who can help etc.
  13. Just go to a hardware store and purchase those soft squeeze ear plugs. Get the maximum dB rated ones. And a tip for using them, wet your little finger and use it to wet the inside of your ear canal, so the squeezed up plug can go all the way in, it does make a difference. And there are no sonic booms at airshows, just loud military engines, and the good earplugs are able to reduce the noise while you can still almost feel the power.
  14. Yes. All ORBX, all OZx and 6GB+ in my add-on scenery folder.
  15. Here's my experience and why the scenery was released: Test 3. All scenery entries ticked, all 425 layers including Orlando and ORBX LIBS. Start: 0:00 Past 6%: 5:25 100% ready to fly; 7:09 The ultimate heavy load test on the P3D coding but still managed to be ready to fly in 7 minutes. Too long to be comfortable with but nothing like 20 + minutes that some users are experiencing. My summary? My computer is able to load Orlando with everything in my scenery library active in a bit over 7 minutes. If I don't want to wait that long I can go into Scenery Config Editor and untick blocks of un-needed scenery such as airports and OLC and regions on other continents, and get loading down to 2 minutes or so. I don't have any anti virus software or other programs that might affect program loading. I don't have any texture enhancement programs like REX or heavy airliners or World traffic programs, any one of which might be found to slow down loading. I do have a high quality motherboard, whether that helps data processing between RAM and CPU I don't know. I don't have any of the affinity or LOD tweaks that some users put into the Prepar3D.cfg. Something must be throttling systems that should be experiencing similar load times to mine but aren't. But I'm not enough of a computer guru to even start to suggest what they might actually be. All I can say is that if excessive load times had been experienced during testing, there's no way this scenery would have been passed by the beta team.