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  1. I just had a look and I too only get directed to GA parking. Let's ask @Finni Hansen
  2. You should be able to add the scenery directly from your scenery library using the Add Scenery option. You just look up the location in the other P3D version and it will pull the scenery in form there. Much easier if they are installed into the sim folder, a bit trickier if you have them in a library.
  3. Where you live will depend on what tax rate you pay. If you live in Australia, it's possible the Australian prices have been incorrectly increased because of the coding in the pricing software not allowing for the GST already being included, or it's possible that Orbx have decided to follow the pricing rules in the rest of the world and add any gov't taxes to the base price. If you live anywhere else in the world it's your gov't setting the increased amount through taxation. You'll have to wait and see.
  4. M:\MSFS Community\msfs\IRIS Simulations Jabiru J160-J170\Community\iris-aircraft-jab\Missions\IRIS\BushTrips\jab-au1 is a file called AU1.FLT. Open it with notepad and find [DateTimeSeason] which contains the following: [DateTimeSeason] Season=Summer Year=2020 Day=265 Hours=11 Minutes=6 Seconds=56
  5. You can install Google Authenticator on a suitable phone, tablet etc and then specify that you want to log into Orbx Central. I've forgotten the exact process but it was quite straightforward at the time.
  6. I just changed the time in that file to 0700 instead of 1100 and I got an early morning scenario. Perhaps if you tried the developer again they might find time to look at it now?
  7. Strange. it worked for me. There must be a setting somewhere that is controlling the MSFS time, either in or out of the game, maybe Windows has a hand in it?
  8. Just a heads up on what I noticed yesterday flying over Mombasa in Kenya, a low resource scenery area. I had smooth as silk performance as usual, then I decided to check Google maps for the location of the fort, and left the browser running minimised while I returned to flying. Frames rates immediately dropped to a stuttery choppy mess. Shutting down the browser helped to restore smoothness. It would appear to me from this experience that MSFS might well look for and use all the available RAM Windows will allow it, and if another process asks for CPU time and RAM it t
  9. The P3D engine isn't particularly good at textures that have been exhausted. The trick is to find the settings that allow you to fly at what speed you want to into the scenery you want without going into 'debt'. A 737 at 300 kts will quickly exhaust the ability of the computer to keep up. Try grabbing a small simple GA plane like the Maule and fly into the same scenery. Chances are it will perform much better. If so, reduce your sliders across the board one notch from the bottom, check the scenery is OK, then start moving the sliders up a notch at a time until you reach a point
  10. Interesting. I fired it up in P3DV5 last night and went for a successful circuit at YBBN, though I didn't have the patience to chase down one of the alerts that was beeping in the cockpit to tell me some setting or other was probab;y incorrectly set. So perhaps it might be worth trying too find out why the registration details are not working, wwhich once fixed looks like it will mean you can operate this in P3DV5.
  11. Do you have any downloads from the freeware sites that might be impacting the scenery? Any airports, aircraft etc? The scenery runs fine in my MSFS that only has Orbx sceneries apart from a couple half a continent away. You can cut and paste any or all of your add-on sceneries out of the community folder into the next level up to disable them and then they can be returned in a flash.
  12. No idea but with my very mid range system I had no performance issues, no worse than any other complex city area in MSFS.
  13. The Render Scaling simply reduces the apparent resolution that the MSFS coding has to deal with before it's sent to the GPU... I believe. So, if you have 2560 x 1440 as your video card resolution in the settings, then if you set the RS to 80%, your video card will be receiving a resolution of around 2048 x 1152, and yet as far as I can tell, the output you will see on the screen will be visually or apparently much closer to the 2560 res than the 2048 res. I don't have any actual knowledge of the way it's dealt with but I guess if you ran a couple of tests on the apparent resolution you'd see
  14. Two 1080s would cost 50% more than the 1080ti for probably no gain...
  15. My system dates from 2015, a very low to mid range cpu these days. I've been getting reasonable performance at 4K with a 2yo GTX 1080 at High End settings with a few settings dropped a bit. Today I bought a 1080 ti and installed it to replace the 1080. Oh man what a difference! As I thought, MSFS seems to still be essentially a single core program, which means my 6+ yo i7-4790k CPU is still worth hanging on to. Here are my figures, identical settings and saved flights to ensure accurate test. First figure is fps fpr the 1080, second is fps for 1080ti. YMB
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