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  1. It is fixed in the update. If you still see it then a verify files or reinstall might be needed.
  2. You're seeing what the scenery is. Melbourne was given special treatment, perhaps visit there to compare the city screenshots. The photoreal areas mentioned in the product description are scenery areas outside cities such as mines, salt flats etc. Here's what I'm seeing at Brisbane. Very similar to yours, but I note your buildings seem to be missing, if so check the recommended display settings in the User Guide.
  3. I think that is what you will see in AUV2. It's a landclass scenery, not photoreal. Perhaps check the product page for screenshots and check that you are seeing the same or similar.
  4. Who dares to explain the paranormal?
  5. My thoughts on your situation are that there's no reason you cannot continue to enjoy countless hours of simming with the sceneries you have and a selection of other developer's and freeware offerings. However, if you crave constant renewal, the latest and greatest scenery etc, then you will probabl6y have to resign to the fact that most of the simming world has embraced the groundbreaking realism and smoothness of MSFS, and that's where future development will be concentrated. But for you, I'd say stick with FSX, perhaps try an upgrade to P3D to get the greater scenery draw dista
  6. I'll let the devs answer this more authoritatively if they spot this but I believe the HD buildings has negligible impact on fps. Certainly in my case I don't see any difference.
  7. If it's installed into a library you can access the tick boxes via the Add-Ons menu, or if in the normal Orbx install, you can untick in the Scenery Library menu option.
  8. I believe, with my inside information, and an uncanny knack of predicting these things accurately, that it will be in 2021, that's AD, not BC.
  9. Mostly these download speed problems end up being bottlenecks in the pipelines between the Orbx server and your computer, which Orbx has no control over. The bottlenecks can be anything from a corrupted file server, an overloaded internet junction somewhere along the line, or even hardware failures leading to congestion. The experience of most users is that these bottlenecks generally resolve themselves in a day or so. If the Orbx servers were the problem we'd be seeing multiple posts but as far as I can tell yours is the only post at the moment.
  10. Have you done a search of these forums for the same problem? Many posts about MSFS shutting down due to a problem with a particular file type, though I believe the issue was supposed to be fixed in the latest update. If your problem isn't listed and solutions to the problem don't work for you, by all means post here with details of any error messages etc.
  11. Well there ya go. The Champs Elysees in Paris is in fact not given the modelling treatment, just the photoreal roadway and the default buildings down each side. The developers have a limited number of objects they can put into a scenery and retain performance. Being a flight simulator, not a city, shopping or architectural simulator, emphasis is given to objects that would stand out on a flight over the scenery. I think the devs got the balance pretty well perfect in this release.
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