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  1. I think some more nformation about what you purchased and your problems with what does not function is needed for us to understand your problem Merci.
  2. Someone may correct me on this but I think anywhere within the folder where you see an xml file... as far as I know P3D searches out xml files. Try the LGKO main folder in your library first?
  3. I just tested this. With crash detection on I got a mid air crash at 4000' about 28nm from the airport heading between 060 and 090 degrees.. HOWEVER, I turned off crash detection and no crash.
  4. The program only alters the landclass as a rule. Does the default scenery show both arms of the canal?
  5. Just a small taste of the new update for KSBA from Misha Cajic, wonderful add-on for the airport and free!
  6. You don't need to however, disabling Orbx England by unticking the scenery in the library or the add-ons menu is a good idea to eliminate possible slight conflicts.
  7. Where the scenery landclass area is less than 1km x 1km it means extra work has been done. But if you consider that the landmass in this OLC is 2.1 million sq km you can see that there's no possibilty the developer could spend any length of time tweaking individual areas to be as real as it gets. A continent sized land class product is a set of compromises and there's nothing that can be done about that for the price of the product.
  8. If it's not on Central then it's no longer available I'm guessing. If you had the original AU scenery in downloads or DVD then you could install it, but why would you want to?
  9. I don't know why it would do that to any airports, however, have you ticked the AU V2 checkbox in the configuration for the airports? That might make a difference. Please include a screenshot so we can assess what you're seeing.
  10. Unfortunately the landclass enhancement doesn't specify anything other than general class of land in an area, and the area is generally restricted to a 1km x 1km square. So in cities, it can specify houses, office buildings, industrial buildings, but not the size and shape of buildings within an area. Same thing with other geographical features, it's only possible to choose for a limited range of possible land class types, and drop the most appropriate into the landclass area. Often the nearest isn't really what you would expect. Suspension of disbelief is an important element of land class flying, it will almost never look like the real thing, but for navigation purposes or getting the feel of an area you don't know personally, it's much better than default scenery.
  11. Yes but it's not part of the Orbx scenery as Greg said. Not every detail surrounding an airport gets included, the developer decides what is feasible and what is not, and the footbridge didn't make the cut. If it's imperative you have a model of the bridge, you can download a scenery making program and construct a model, or ask someone from one of the freeware scenery design forums if they would like to make one. Cheers
  12. I see you're in a fast jet. Unfortunately the sim cannot handle such speeds, it's able to operate best at under 200Kts even with the fastest machines. You can try searching the forums for tweaks and suggestions to improve frame rates, one that had some success is to use a scenery config editor to untick all scenery layers not directly required for your current flight, even distant airports and regions can make a difference. But other than that, it's a simple case of physics, only a certian number of electrons can be forced though CPUs and GPUs and a fast jet over London is almost guaranteed to exceed that physical limit.
  13. The airport itself will work fine, it's just the interface with the surrounding scenery that might be compromised. In that respect it's not 'partially working'. And the fps situation is a function of being close to the well known frame rate killer: London. There are various solutions to the low frame rates here at the forums, but in itself EGLC is not the cause, with or without the recommended TE GB South.
  14. Yes your settings are beyond the 32 bit coding of FSX. You can reduce the detail sliders until you get to a point where the memory will last, or consider moving to P3DV4 which doesn't have this problem.
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