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  1. I really wouldn't try it and expect any detail in the sim. Flying over rural areas you might get away with that video card but as soon as you get to a city of any size it will probably just tank.
  2. I have just loaded EGPH in TE GB North and set the same settings as you. I'm in the Cirrus Vision. My X Plane 11.50 is stock with no shader mods etc, set to Vulkan. I'm running 3840 x 2160 4K resolution on a very midrange computer. Flying around a circuit I get 36-37 fps. As I taxi towards the terminal Gate 9 I see 30-31 fps. Swapping to the 737 sees no change in the fps. It appears something is causing your fps to drop but as a tester I can safely say it's not the scenery as developed by Gaya. There must be a reason. Are you using any shader mods etc? Any add o
  3. I tested this airport and I didn't see anything like this. Maybe your settings are different. Cab you post a screenshot of your Graphics settings to see if there's any clue there?
  4. There's a chance that you have AI Aircraft set to Live or Real World or something like that. Try another setting like AI off?
  5. Hi I just flew up the western boundary of the No Cal scenery and I realised something... the areas that are way too red are on the eastern boundary of the scenery and a good percentage are outside California! There's a few areas where the overly red tiles protrude into California territory but within a few miles the colour reverts to a nice neutral grey with a shade of pink that presumably was embedded in the source imagery. My guess is that the colour correction work that was done was on a map reference basis up to the boundary and tiles outside the coded area missed
  6. I have both P3DV4.5 and V5 on my computer, on the same drive, for this exact reason. Products released in the time of V4.5 still work perfectly in the sim they were released for. If they're not yet made V5 ready, and I want to fly there, I use V4.5. It's a slight step down in performance but not enough to get my knickers in a knot over.
  7. Interesting observation. I've been testing all the aircraft and I'm finding the modelling is incredibly good for default planes. There are things that don't work in some of them sure, but the flight models and the look and feel in the cockpit is pretty damn good. I put the C172 on a par with the X Plane 11 model which is pretty darn good.
  8. Unread Content has been slow for me for many months now, I think it is somehow classified under the authorities' suspect forums for some reason and the ISP content checking algorithms have to check each time. Probably by mistake but I can't think of any other reason it would be so slow.
  9. Have you enabled photogrammetry? It fixes the same problem for me in my city.
  10. I just had to completely remove Steam and X Plane 11 in order to get my install where I wanted it. I had changed the location of the X Plane stuff, but for some reason Steam wouoldn't recognise the new location or allow me to change it. So Steam had basically installed a new version where it said I should have it, while my install with the Orbx stuff on it was completely ignored. I wonder if you are having similar issues?
  11. It's because it's the Asobo default model that the community demanded to be returned! I think it's up to Asobo to fix the night lighting as it's their scenery object.
  12. Can't really imagine swapping my yoke pedals and throttles for a handset controller arrangement.
  13. That looks like there might be some missing files. Have you treid the Verify Files in Orbx Central?
  14. Same here. The first KingAir on the list doesn't show control movements and throttles are unresponsive, I tried another one with a full glass cockpit and it is dead as a dodo. I don't know whether it's associated with a message that comes up saying my Access Database Engine has a problem, which won't fix because I have the 32 bit version of Office 2010 installed and it needs the 64 bit version. Any attempt to download either the 32 bit or 64 bit Database Drivers results in an error message telling me I have the other version installed. No wonder I gave up last time I tried to re
  15. Often the single biggest factor determining whether an area gets a scenery package is the cost of imagery. I have no idea of whether the NE states charge more than the West Coast states but if you never see an area, such as BC in Canada, that'll be the reason why.
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