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  1. I know Perth is in the pipeline but no Darwin that I know of. Timeline? Expect a release before 2030 at the latest.
  2. The developer has a connection to the area and a lot of people enjoy visiting new places and taking a nice VFR aircraft such as the Piper Cub around looking at the geography, the lie of the land, facilities and attractions, the landscape and so on.
  3. Lol you want frame rates of single digits and a price tag doubled? That would be my suspicion if the resources was put into people flow in general scenery...
  4. True Earth. EU Landclass is generalised scenery using matched textures from a library of textures, True Earth is like a 3D Google Earth. True Earth has made the EU line redundant unless you have very specific requirements such as seasons and in some cases, slightly better performance for some of the complicated jets.
  5. I don't see anything to complain about in a flight simulator: If it was an architectural simulator or a city landmarks simulator you could say the structure is a bit more airy than the actual one but for a flight simulator, which is waht we are talking about here, I think it's pretty damn good.
  6. Because of the limitations of the available imagery, development times which can be up to 3 years etc, Orbx airports are point in time products. So what happens is a developer decides they want to start an airport, the first task is to check for licensable imagery. Once the substantial purchase price is paid the developer is locked in to that point in time and very few modifications can be made. Unfortunately that's the way it is.
  7. The product page for FTX EU Scotland lists the mesh as 20 metres so it's probably been 20m all along. If the User Guide said it was 10m then that was probably an omission in the proofreading, as a lot of the layout of the guide would have been copied over from the EU England guide. To the best of my knowledge ORBX has never had commercial access to 10m mesh for Scotland.
  8. I have read that FSX and P3D are Core 1 coding, so for all the demanding tasks they rely on just a single core, which is why an old CPU such as my i7 4790K is still competitive in the frame rates testing. X Plane I have no idea, nor AFS2. You can bet that MFS2020 will be multi core an d GPU intensive so I would be thinking of that future when assessing system components.
  9. Don't close your mind to it. I'm a committed one time one payment simmer but if I can get photoreal TE quality VFR around the world for $10-20 a month I'm in.
  10. I did. I reversed the soundtrack for that portion which kept the engine noise but made the music unrecognisable.
  11. I think it's because the developer has a personal connection to the place. Some of us like to fly around the scenery not just head into an airport and out again. In fact, for me, the airport is often the least interesting part of the flight.
  12. Youtube informs me the video can't be viewed in the USA due to a copyright claim on one of the songs. When will these content holders grow up and realise a bit of music in the background of a video has no effect on their sales or other monetising aspects of their copyright? Anyway bad luck USA audience. I've uploaded a modified version that should be OK in the USA now.
  13. Took a leisurely trip around the bay area in the freeware C47 Dakota from Fly Away Simulations, hit the record button and this is a few snippets from a glorious scenic flight: Here's a version that should play in the USA, see if you can identify the strange sounding music from about 1 min 14 secs :-)
  14. Aaaah well it was working perfectly until I encountered a wind shift over the top of Half Dome...
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