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  1. What's 8K VRAM I don't understand what that is.... the CPU is what you need to specify isn't it?
  2. Ridiculous maybe but it's the only way to manage the download size...
  3. The biggest issue is the variability in the source imagery. Without massive amounts of manipulation you could not get a seamless experience flying over even small areas of the earth.
  4. Seen them come, seen them go. The problems inherent in developing a woldwide accurate flyable frame rate friendly sim that doesn't require a petabyte system to run are, I suspect, beyond the resources of even Microsoft, and while this new sim will interest some, I doubt it will seriously compete with the vast body of expertise and community that makes P3D and its ilk such amazing products for serious simmers.
  5. Still dead here in Australia, Firefox, Chrome and even Internet Explorer so it's not a caching issue it seems.
  6. Weird. Dead as a dodo for me in both Firefox and Chrome
  7. Yes Larry I agree wholeheartedly. The Africa LC comments don't belong here and IMHO should be removed by a moderator. For those who are sticking with FSX: Your sim works exactly as it always has. If you choose to stick with it, just continue to enjoy the scenery that works with it but don't expect developers to downgrade their products to accommodate your choice.
  8. Hi Preston JV is in talks with all PNW cities affected by this X-Plane feature to ensure their cities are compliant with the X-Plane scenery by the release date.
  9. Tis is EU Germany SOuth in P3DV4.5, some have complained they are having problems with this scenery in P3DV4.5, well as you can see it's working well for me. Pity my flight management skills weren't working so well! Watch in hi definition in Youtube for the best experience.
  10. I imagine that the new TE PNW scenery will endeavour to be as up to date as possible. However I also think that the updates to the current PNW scenery would be a very long way down the priority list. Orbx scenery is generally 'point in time' for reasons that have been extensively discussed on these forums.
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