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  1. That looks like a scenery layer double up. Search your scenery locations for EGNT files that are not this Orbx product.
  2. Yes that definitely looks like the tinted window effect. I have it really strong in my Gazelle helicopter, too strong to be realistic (the eye compensates a lot more for different tints than a camera or computer display). And yes, the zoom will be different inside and outside, however the + and - or SHIFT + and SHIFT - keys allow you to quickly zoom in or out to make them look the same.
  3. Yes I just started a flight at YTNB and flew several circuits no problem. Maybe just a verify Files is needed?
  4. My guess is it's previous versions of the scenery left behind maybe from FTX Central days. If you have those folders within the scenery folders in the various products in your new library (use Search to confirm) it's highly likely. You can cut and paste the whole folder to a location outside the sim and the library and run P3D. If there are no warnings and the scenery in your Landclass areas looks OK, my bet would be you can delete the folder. EDIT. I have a single OLC_AA folder in my FTX_OLC with a couple of Scenery files and 650MB of textures, I don't know if it's needed or if it's a leftover folder, but if you have that folder it might be worth leaving it there while we wait and see if a dev can answer your question more thoroughly.
  5. I had the same message, I went to the User Guide and ran through the steps in the attached page, I can't remember what fixed it but something I followed did. Have you followed all the advice on the page?
  6. Global base pack is different, it replaces the core textures in the sim, so it can't be migrated. You don't need to do anything with it.
  7. Thanks Aussie I can't believe how lucky I am to have the opportunity to fly with you locally.!
  8. P3Dv4.5 and no no lighting tweaks at all. No HDR. Just vanilla P3D. Time of day was 10am if I recall correctly.
  9. A full size 737-800 simulator running P3DV4.5 and Orbx scenery belongs to our own Orbx member Aussie123. Here's a video of a flight from YSSY to YSCB in the amazing simulator. The flight including startup and taxi was 1 hour 15 minutes but the video is only 28 minutes long. Enjoy.
  10. Here's how the area looks as you fly over it, which I think is better than the top down view. A bit dark for some tastes maybe but the pine forests can be pretty dark landscapes when thickly treed. With the autogen trees lightening it up a bit I think it looks OK.
  11. Should be installed for the best PNG experience.
  12. I believe that most airport misalignments were picked up in testing looks like this one escaped. I can't say for sure but I think the intention is to fix any such airports identified over the coming weeks.
  13. Each to their own. I find the Megascenery washed out and lacking a lot of the spectrum. With no shader tweaks or HDR the Nor Cal scenery looks a bit dry and brown but that's how it was when the imagery was taken...
  14. No, sorry, Orbx does not NEED to find developers interested in updating Africa. It'd be nice if any put their hands up and said yeah we'll do it but I wouldn't hold my breath. Now... what Africa needs is a bunch of freeware airport makers similar to the OZx group here in Australia. IF you're not aware of the amazing difference OZx has made to Australia, then you might get a sense of it from this thread: There's nothing to stop people interested in adding to the African scenery from using any of the scenery design tools out there to create scenery which can then sit on the improved landclass that Orbx has provided.
  15. You should be able to fix the problem by removing all the roads folders you find in the Overlay folder of the scenery, and then run Verify Files.
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