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  1. Can you be more specific about point 2? In the Product Information it says you need ONE of the two products: Global Textures or Open Landclass Europe. If you have the Global Textures installed then Open Landclass Europe is not required, however it provides the best experience when entering or leaving the LOWI scenery area. However if you decide to get Open Landclass Europe for the best experience overall, you will need to have the Global Textures. If you purchased OLC Europe but realise that the Global Textures was all you required then you can open a Support Ticket and ask about a changeover of product. If you install Innsbruck on its own you should get the scenery valley to fly in but there will almost certainly errors similar to what appears in this screenshot which I took after I disabled the OLC Europe scenery.
  2. The answer lies somewhere between a definite yes and a definite no. Some say the yes campaign will prevail, but what would they know? Others, perhaps more pessimistic, think that the No case will carry this year, because they think that anything as important to millions of people around the world as an Orbx sale cannot possible be a repeat of something that happened just last year. What do I think? I have a sneaking suspicion that whatever will be will be, or que sera que sera, as the immortal song by the immortal Doris Day so eloquently points out.
  3. I always has me a bit of a chuckle when I see posts lamenting any pause in the non stop releases of new sceneries for any of the sims, especially FSX/P3D. Why? Because I'll bet half my next weeks pay that there's 90% or more of perfectly good sceneries sitting in people's scenery libraries that haven't see the owner for months, possible years. And yet, if you take even 1/4 of the P3D sceneries and set about visiting every airport and scenic location in different weathers, times of day, in different aircraft, and promised not to return to the forums until it was all dione and dusted, we wouldn't see you for 6 months or a year even...
  4. Eventually it's quite likely but not certain. JV has said that cross platform releases are a desirable outcome in the long term.
  5. Ummmm Australia and New Zealand are essentially Open LC products, they just don't carry the title.
  6. I was taking friends up to the Dandenongs (Melbourne area) and parked in the gravel car park, we then went off to the cafe and had a walk around as you do. Got back to the car (a Mazda Capella it was) and everyone belted in, ready to back out, reverse selected, and a big black limo with darkened windows pulls up next to my window. The passenger in the limo wound the window down and it was Telly Savalas! He looked at me, and I looked at him, and without thinking I just said "G'day Tell" smiled, and then reversed out. I'm not one for fawning over celebrities so I figured it couldn't hurt to say g'day but I wasn't going to try and pretend he would be interested in engaging with me.
  7. Didn't you see the post that asked everyone to specifically ignore your birthday? Lol.
  8. Ok. Not my call but I know that if posts are not orbx-oriented they can be taken down. Realistically your video should have been showing how well the Godzone blends or similar...
  9. As this video doesn't showcase any Orbx product I'm not sure it belongs on these forums. Looks to me like you don't have NZSI scenery installed. ??
  10. To truly sus out RAM issues download Memtest64. It will accurately report RAM errors. It's a bit of a pain, it runs from the BIOS so you need to set the computer to boot up with a thumb drive and it can take several minutes to actually load but if you can get it to run there's no better program.
  11. THe generl advice for your situation would be to go back to stock settings and establish whether it's stable. If not, the likely culprit might be RAM. I doubt CPU, as in my experience a CPU generally works or it doesn't. If it's stable at stock settings then I imagine you're trying to get too much out of the CPU by going to 4.9GHz. However, on my rig, the BIOS then resets to stock settings, so that can be diagnostic. If you're getting RAM errors, try taking out the second stick, run tests and then swap. If there are no errors, maybe it's the motherboard. From the look of it those reports you got are essentially useless. If you post your specs including brand names of components it might help.
  12. That is the case with the new Orbx Central which is replacing FTX Central. There's a closed beta for that, I don't whether it's joinable or not. If not then OC isn't far away now most of the teething bugs have been sorted now.
  13. Definitely ZL16 for me. The benefits far outweigh the minuscule (if any) loss of detail that may be visible if I spend all my time comparing the two versions in a split screen arrangement. I'll wager a decent sum with anyone that in a blind test, on a normal simulated cross country VFR flight, neither I nor the vast majority of simmers would be able to identify for sure which version is being used.
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