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  1. I am pleased to informed that I have solved most of the issues, I believe I did it by running a verify of the Libraries. Some other issues persist but these are small and I will open a different topic for them. Thank you
  2. Hi, Yes, multiple times, my Orbx products are below all my other add-ons, also tried Sync but with no luck. Thanks
  3. Good evening, I am having problems with all my Orbx airports in P3D V5.1 HF1, I am seeing the following errors: - Ground morphing when approaching the airport. - Textures overlaying (for example, double runway centerline and numbers) - Weird and repeating default roof textures in most buildings. - Default buidlings over other buildings - Double PAPI lights Not all of these happen in all airports, some just have the roof problem, others have all of them, please see the attached screenshots of various examples (although I am not including a screenshot for eachone, I can see it happeing in all my Orbx airports). LOWI - Displaced PAPI lights, default buildings over terminal and default roof textures ESSA - Default buildings and default roof textures Kiruna - Double runway textures and default buildings+ roof textures KBUR - Everything I have tried deleting p3d CFG, installing/uninstalling, veryfing files, installing on sim instead of library, deactivating files with the same ICAO, I have now run out of ideas and could really use some help. These are the sceneries that I have installed: I do not see the issues in Partners airports. Thank you in advance for your help!
  4. Hi Carlos! I didn't mean "debate" in a bad way at all, no need to apologize, I appreciated your view on the subject. Thanks!
  5. Hello Carlos, Thank you for your answer and pointing out what was explained regarding this topic, I did not know about it. I also did not read the previous answers to this post regarding topic deviation before writing and after doing so, I think it is better to end the debate here. Cheers
  6. Hello Ed, The integration of new Partners can be very convenient for us users of Orbx Central, especially because how easy it is to install and update from it and also because we can centralize our purchases which are currently spread between different vendors and own developers stores (to the extent that it is hard to keep track where everything is). However, I believe it is key to this process that once a partner is on board, all their catalogue became available through Orbx Central, if that is not possible we add another element of difficulty (for ex. having purchases of FT prodcuts in their store, Simmarket and Orbx Central). Ideally, I would like to have the possibility to transfer all previous purchases of FT products to Orbx Central and continue purchasing their new releases through Orbx Central (already possible I assume), this way we go from 3 places to 1. Also, I think adding a small fee for the transfer of previous licences would be very reasonable (for download costs incurred by you for purchases made in other stores), the same would apply for all other Partners you are incorporating. Thank you for reading.
  7. The one on the right, AI is very rude hahaha
  8. Hello, As usual, great scenery. I have the following suggestions to make: 1- East Midlands airport has a lot of cargo traffic, would it be possible to have cargo positions assigned in the AFCAD file? The positions where heavy cargo airplanes park in real life are currently marked as small gates in the scenery. Same for all positions around the DHL building. 2- Linked with 1, would it be possible to have some static cargo airplanes in the cargo area? 3- Would it be possible to have an option to always match TE grass colour? 4- AI aircrafts landing in runway 09 usually overshoot taxiway S and instead of exiting through W they perform a weird 180 degree turn in the middle of the runway, is there any way to fix that? As a workaround for number 1 and for those wanting to bring a 747/777 into the airport I have edited positions 78 to 71 via GSX (custom parking positions, vehicle positions and pushback), please find attached the ini file for download. Thanks! egnx-9kqy_i.ini
  9. Thanks Doug! I had tried everything except installing in the sim folder and it has done the trick! I only did for Open LC NA so no need for the other Global products, let's hope it stays like this!
  10. Nevermind, the black patches are here again, there's no way to remove them... Any suggestions? Thanks
  11. Hi, After days of trial and error I have managed to get rid of the black patches around the scenery, I'd like to share how in case anyone sees himself in the same situation. In my case, I only saw those around Nevada area (not sure why), many of them and with different patterns, if I disabled North America Open LC I was not seeing them anymore but once I enabled it back it was there. I tried veryfing files for all my ORBX sceneries and full reinstall of all the Global products, checked the scenery library order, insertion points, synced with the sim through ORBX Central, none of this had any positive effect. I really wanted to use the FlyTampa KLAS scenery (also reinstalled many times to try and fix the patches) and was getting a little desperate. So, after runing out of ideas, I tried to think about what could have caused that as I had it working fine no more than a week ago. The answer is, "Autogen Configuration Merger", I installed a scenery which had this tool a week ago and after uninstalling it, no more black patches, everything looks great now. I am not an expert so I have no idea how a scenery in Brasil can affect an area in Nevada but it did, probably a compatibily issue between ORBX and the mentioned tool. I don't dare install any scenery which has the tool now as this took me so many hours to figure out but I hope it could be fixed as I would also like to enjoy the other sceneries. I hope this can be of some help for someone.
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