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  1. I'm speechless & utterly gobsmacked by this video. Truly astonishing. It really is as real as it gets!
  2. How are you zooming into instrument panel?
  3. Flew from EGLC today along the Thames & much of the road traffic is going under many bridges, (on water level), rather than on the bridge! Is this to be expected?
  4. Will the people that make Vector ever address these "Bugs"?
  5. Sim is prettygood now. I use mainly Orbx Stuff installed, Global, Vector, EU Landclass etc. I did a flight this evening from Sion in Switzerland. There is a river in the valley & I got the following problem with the water, (See attached). Oddly the textures flashed & occasionally corrected themselves in one area plus the land sort off moved near the river much like it does when you get an airport that needs adjusting in elevation. Any ideas as to what may cause this?
  6. I decided to do a quick flight from Beziers Airport(LFMU) to the coast. Where the River Orb exits into sea at Valras-Plage the Beach to the West should be Sandy but there is a problem with the landclass where it is shown rocky/buildings autogen with no sign of the beach Would this be possible to correct? Iattach 2 pics, one is from Google Earth & the Other is from P3D V4.3.
  7. When looking at the The Store Freeware page at the airport EDVR, a green Biplane is shown in a few screenshots. Can anyone enlighten me as to what this plane is & where it can be purchased/downloaded from?
  8. I seem to have sorted the problem. I had to load Aerofly2 & then exit. FTX now gives me the choice. I had not run Aerofly2 for some time, although I fail to see while this should change FTX Central's behaviour????
  9. I use P3D & Aerofly2. Normally when I load FTX Central it allows me to select P3Dv4 or Aerofly2. I just noticed this morning that this no longer happens but takes me straight to The P3D add on page. So it seems I can no longer access Aerofly2? Has something changed, or do I need to do something? Thanks.
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