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  1. Hi I received the email regarding the Kos transfer for the Free owners to Orbx to access the v5 version but now I have v5 I cant see how to actually activate it? Is anyone able to assist on this please?
  2. Hi I hope your well? I had an email from Gaya a couple of months ago that you can transfer the licence for Kos for 8 euro for the P3dv4/5 version, but I cant see anywhere to put the code? thank You
  3. Thanks for the feedback, I will look more into the case and cooling system and see if it can get it to fit budget of around £2000.00 inc the VAT. I want to get this right. I almost ordered and overclock which was only when I stumbled upon the turbo use I realised it’s not always required!
  4. Yeah it’s the new i7, it’s a turbo so does that mean over clocking is relatively pointless? I will look at the power supply certainly, in terms of RAM it’s something I could expand going forward ideally.
  5. i, I am looking for some advise,I am looking at getting a new rig to cope with the improvements and FS2020 coming up etc but things seem a bit more different than when I purchased this rig over 6 years ago!The PC I am looking at is:Intel Core i7-10700K 3.8GHz 16MB CacheAsus ROG STRIX Z490-F16GB 3200Mhz Corsair RAM8GB NVidia GEFORCE RTX 2080 Super256GB PCS 2.5" SSD SATA 6GB1TB PCS PCIe M.2 SSD (2000MB/R, 1100 MB/W)Corsair 550W CV Series Power SupplyWhen i previous purchased Overclocking seemed crucial for performance but I believe with the 10700K not required and it wont run at 3.8GHZ (slower t
  6. Debating if to jump across but got a 6GB card. how much general Increase are people finding VAS wise with TE GB installed for example?
  7. Hope EGNX gets made compatible. Surprised as it’s a fairly new product.
  8. With true earth I have a couple of conflicts with third party add ons, can you confirm should TE be below all add on airports in the library rather than above them? For eg Southend UK2K is below TE?
  9. I agree based on the early testing I have done the frames are probably double what I got before. All be it not tried a complex jet just yet. The extra POIs are great too, seeing football grounds to help locate where you are for example is an improvement and even on higher settings it works much better. Will have to invest in the other two now!
  10. Is it correct that the South Download size is 74GB? As I’m downloading and says 74
  11. For me the fun will be jumping in a light aircraft and finding out myself when I have it installed
  12. I found with TE South having it over FTX England deteriorated the performance. Maybe an option to purchase Cardiff separately would be useful and FOC for Wales owners for instance?
  13. Awesome! Does the new South include the POI's added to the Xplane Version? i.e. bespoke stadiums etc? Looking forward to it.
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