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  1. Been having trouble with FSX-Steam lately and wondering it I could still enjoy my Orbx scenery if I go back to my old boxed version of FSX. Anyone know about this?
  2. I'm interested in hearing how others manage their ORBX scenery install/uninstall. Is is a best choice to just install a scenery from FTX-Central when you know your going to use it... or better to keep all purchased scenery installed and readily available all the time? Why do I ask... it's because I spend a lot of my flight sim available time waiting for my sim (fsx-steam) to load up and I'm thinking maybe it's because I keep to much installed even if not used on that particular occasion. My computer is fairly new and has nothing much else in it other than simulator and related stuff like a
  3. Very nice pictures :-) I especially like the airport map on the inst panel 4th picture... how does that get there? Looks like an A2A Cessna. I don't use that plane much, can't get the auto-pilot to work, I just stick with the default fsx Cessna, works like a charm.
  4. Ok, thanks Nick and teecee, didn't realize I needed to download something to go there, thought it was maybe like Lake Tahoe where you just type in destination code to the flight planner :-)
  5. Found this interesting destination on an orbx distination map (see attachment) but don't know how to get to it in fsxse, doesn't seem to exist even inputting the destination code of CAG8. ???
  6. 78 here... having an internal battle between my brain and my body... brain keeps issueing orders my body can carry out... :-(
  7. Beautiful pictures and aircraft
  8. Can't beat this, not many people can park their Skyraider in the front yard, 15 ft from the front porch, and 30 seconds to the runway... thanks orbx :-)
  9. Doing a little sight-seeing near the airport KEGE in Colorado and spotted this scenic little ranch and had to stop to see. Some more great orbx scenery :-)
  10. Nice pictures... you had a better parking place at Meigs than I did :-)
  11. Very nice pictures, thanks. Love that aircraft also.
  12. Looks just like the light snow we're having here in NW Indiana today. Learned today that screen captures using the "V" key save as bmp format and they are to large to upload here so then you have to go back to each one individually and convert to "jpeg". Seems only way to capture a screen shot in "jpeg" is to use the "screen capture " key and then open the picture in "paint" and then save as "jpeg". Anyone got a suggestion to do this in a more efficient way?
  13. Cancel the question, at one point I noticed a small box in lower right corner of screen... some kind of a warning reference a Objectflow program I had to approve to run and then the flight sim loaded and opened when next tried.
  14. Nice batch of pics, Bay Area is one of my favorite areas
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