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  1. Couldn't agree more and apologies for not making it clear when I had said I had purchased the OZx (Australia) DVD from PC Aviator (the deal between them). Yen (David)
  2. Yes I really should back everything up all the aircraft etc. Showing my age now but I remember the old 5.25 and 3.25 floppy disks and my first computer was a 286 Yen (David)
  3. Hi Thanks Nick Like everyone else I was devastated what happened, I will go ahead with the install. David
  4. HI Nick I paid AUD $9.95 OZx DVD Quote from PC Aviator website NOTE: OZx scenery is FREEWARE, and can be download from the aussiex.org website Update: As of May 2018 - the aussiex.org website is offline and no longer accessible. Yen (David)
  5. HI All I purchased the disk from PC Aviator OZx Version 3.4, I haven't had a chance to install it as yet. Is it worth it now considering the looming release of AUSv2? Yen (David)
  6. When I can fly to a rather dry looking Lake Burnside, Gibson Desert Mid Western Australia (Birriliburu Indigenous Protected Area). Credit to the real life remote flyers, the heat, dust, the shear remoteness in itself etc and this is desert death adder country watch where you step once out of the aircraft.
  7. Hi Doug Thanks for the reply I just added the number that was on my bank statement when I purchased some goodies during the recent sale. Yen (David)
  8. HI Just an out of interest question why do some members have a Transaction ID displayed on their profile? Yen (David)
  9. I live in Brisbane but do most of my flying (remotest I can find) in Western Australia.
  10. Hi Late afternoon flight around Mt Augustus
  11. Okay thanks back to flying less worrying Yen (David)
  12. Hi Just discovered this ..... should it be sitting where it is (as below screenshot) Installed using FTX Central Yen (David)
  13. Yen


    Thanks for the nice comments everyone. Yen (David)
  14. Yen


    Climbing out of YBOA for a short early evening flight to YBAF.
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