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  1. Ahh, thanks Nick. I will do that as soon as I get back from my trip. I have never made a screenshot before. I have a home cockpit with 3 projectors/views. So I’m curious how the screenshot will turn out. Perhaps I can crop the picture so you will see only what’s needed. The coordinates will be in my top left corner and may be hard to read. I can make a seperate picture of the INS coordinates on my overhead panel. However the problem is all over the Netherlands: all lakes, rivers, canals + visible part of North Sea while flying over the Netherlands. So it’s not just one spot or loc
  2. Hi Nick, thanks for your attention! I’m away now for 2 weeks. I will do that as soon as I get back. In the meantime can you please explain using ‘ V-Key ‘. I’m not familiar with that. By the way, when I slew up to a very high altitude, I do see the correct water textures. A
  3. This is the order of my scenery library. Is this correct?
  4. I have made a new P3Dv5 installation on a brand new PC. 10900K CPU overclocked to 5,2Ghz on all 10 cores + 3090TI GPU. Only airport I have installed so far is Flytampa EHAM + Global Base Pack + True Earth Netherlands. I run 3x30Hz 4K projectors . No problem to retain 30 FPS and smooth flight around EHAM. Ground traffic is off. Airline traffic limited by FSUICP with 29 FPS. Only P3D config tweak is TextureMaxLoad=12. Most ground textures are sharp, albeit that at lower altitudes you can see them ' move in place '. That's why I made the TextureMaxload tweak and that has improved a little indeed.
  5. So, we are being told that we do need to ‘ edit ‘ any files but to ‘ delete ‘ some file. Same thing! It requires users to mess with files rather than issue a fix that does this for you.. I really do not like messing with files on my computer from paid software. I’m sure there are many users for whom this isn’t a big deal but as a principal it should not be up to users to ‘ fix ‘ stuff that is caused by the software itself.
  6. I have this problem too. I do not like to mess myself with files and stuff. Please Orbx make a patch!
  7. Hi John, I'm the Dutch guy you met at Cosford last month and I was very excited to hear from you about your plans for the release of photoreal scenery for the Netherlands. The Alpha pictures look even more exciting! Yet I would like to make a comment. I happen to live in an area on one of the pics. This area is called " Spaarnwoude ' and is very near Schiphol. It is a rural area with only a few farms and some free standing houses. I noticed on this particular picture 4 relatively large white industrial buildings which in reality are not there. As I said only farms and houses. I a
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