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  1. I too am excited about these airports. I am holding off on TE Washington until I have some airports to use.
  2. Mr Emms posting screenshots. Must be close, right? :p
  3. I just wanted to thank Federico for his continued efforts trying to fix OF2. He is patient, knowledgeable and is a true asset. Thank you, Federico.
  4. Would have been nice if there was some notice though. I spent $400 and the next day you announce a sale. I'm not asking for anything..just pissed off.
  5. My only downside is I spent 400 dollars here just a couple of days ago and obviously didn't know there was going to be a sale. Also the fact I can't use the scenery. Really quite bummed.
  6. You are a freaking hero! I think the problem is the amount of Orbx airports/scenery I installed yesterday. I uninstalled one airport from another dev that I don't use regularly and it fixed the CTD. No need to uninstall the beta! Thanks again for the tip and your documentation.
  7. OK thanks. I understand its a beta, but darn it. So I can't use my airports again and I spent over $300 yesterday on more scenery in my excitement of getting this to work. Also, sorry for opening a support ticket on this. I didn't know there was a dedicated forum. I have spent thousands on orbx scenery and have never really had to ask for help before.
  8. I'm very grateful for Orbx releasing this. However, it has completely hosed my sim. Ever since I installed the updates the sim crashes when I hit the OK button to jump into the cockpit - regardless of whether I choose an Orbx airport of not. Event viewer says api.dll is at fault.
  9. Tried to post this morning before the forum went AWOL. Thanks for the explanation, and good luck with it! And Jay..you Aussies are alright!
  10. I wanted to leave but couldnt.. I'm still not sure it has been answered fully though. I wonder what those 'couple of products' are and if and when this will spread to other products. Does the statement 'All other prodcuts will be released as normal' mean that the 90 day thing never applies? My guess is that the one or two products (airports) that have been advertised already will be released as normal. All other products will follow the 90 day rule. I would love to get further clarification on whether that is true. Thanks.
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