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  1. ok thank you. This was a hard one to search for I couldn't really think of what terms to use - so sorry if duplicated!
  2. So I am thinking of buying an Orbx airport, but even though the new Microsoft Flight Simulator is many months (maybe year+?) away from release, does Orbx have any idea if we will have upgraded/converted versions of all Orbx airports available to purchase and install into the new Flight Simulator? I know that the new FS has some really nice looking larger/well known STOCK airports so far, but I still don't think we're going to have the kind of quality seen in Orbx airports (at least not for a majority of the smaller airports found here). Example, KSBA, LEAS, KEGE, YHBA.. So it would
  3. Same here, much better performance but what is in those files? Obviously something rather large...
  4. This would be awesome! Related and close by: I also thought I read that TE Florida was planned?
  5. Sorry about that, but I read-and re-read through the features on the product page and found no mention whatsoever of airports.
  6. arghh, I'm sorry that I'm just not totally understanding this all - but please consider it this way.. let's take EU England out of the equation all together; If I go to any airport within TE GB South for P3d, what airports will show up to fly into or out of? Default P3d airports? Or are there airports provided in TE South? Surely some kind of airports are showing up?
  7. I see that TE does not have any airports as part of the package, which is fine but if we have EU England installed will those airports still be available? Sorry if there is an obvious answer, but I just don't quite understand how layering works etc.
  8. I tried to search the Prepar3D directory for any file with "KSFO" in it, here's what it found.
  9. Thanks for trying that - but it's still them same.
  10. Hello Doug, Tried that, unfortunately it didn't work. What I find odd is how the terminal roads go "under" the airport tarmac (see top down screenshot in original post), as if it is a layering issue. The road traffic is going over the tarmac where the road should be. I assume the terminal buildings are somewhere down there with the terminal road.
  11. I have Global Base, LC, Vector and Northern California installed. When going to KSFO, I see most things as they should except there are no airport terminal buildings. I do see the jetways though..
  12. I spotted a train in one of those shots - are there moving trains in the p3d version?
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