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  1. Thanks Brendan. I have set that BGL to OFF and it is OK Now. We can mark this one resolved.
  2. I seem to have a problem with Helipads in Melbourne City. A number of them appear to be free floating in the air. Screenshots below:
  3. Count me as one more Yank looking forward to Australia V2.
  4. I look forward to seeing what Orbx can accomplish with photo scenery in the Netherlands. I really like and value the seasonal transitions. One season photo does not appeal to me and I would probably hold off until I see a full five season photo scenery and how it compares to landclass based scenery. Count me as a wait and see. I am also a bit concerned about storage requirements if photo regions are the future direction for Orbx regions. Thanks for soliciting our opinions and concerns.
  5. No Bert, you are not alone. There seems to be ground texture issues in the forested areas in central Idaho. I have encountered them flying down Big Creek and Salmon river drainages where the forest cover is significant. The textures seem to morph and resolve sometimes as you get closer, but sometimes not. The blue patches almost look like water textures splotches. Screenshots below:
  6. Just finished updating my v4 Client too and all went well. One thing though, it is not P3D v4.1, Lockheed are calling it V4.0 Hotfix 1. Not a full version step. http://www.prepar3d.com/latest-news/
  7. Ahhh Ha! Mystery Solved. Thanks for clearing that up. I had your PNW ferry system in my FSX installation but did not remember to get it installed in P3D. I will do so forth with. AND Thank you for your generous gifts to our community. Installed and All is Correct I think we can mark this one as resolved.
  8. During a multiplayer flight yesterday in FTX PNW scenery Our route took us past Powell River (CYPW) Of the six participating pilots, three could see and described the Powell River Paper Mill's remarkable detail and three of us could see nothing that resembled their description. A discussion ensued as to whether the Paper Mill scenery was a third party add-on and not part of PNW but we are pretty sure it was only FTX PNW active in the area. I thought that perhaps I might have an incomplete installation of PNW so I un-installed the FTX PNW in FTX Central and then re-installed. No change. I also did a full re-download of FTX PNW and re-installed and still no change. Here is a screen shot Mike took of the Powell River Paper Mill during our session. And here is a screen shot of the same area in my FTX PNW. In researching this problem I found this post which has screen shot showing the Paper Mill and in the discussion that followed it was stated that the Paper Mill is part of FTX PNW. Is the Powell River Paper Mill as depicted in Mike's screen shot part of FTX PNW? If the answer is Yes, what do I need to do to get it properly installed in my FTX PNW. I have Orbx PNW installed in P3Dv3.4 and P3DV4 each on it's own SSD.
  9. Folks, I think I can mark this one as resolved. I re-installed all of the available P3Dv4 Orbx products using Central and the "re-install from backup" option and it seems to have worked correctly. Still working my way through the region packs but everyone so far has been fine. Thanks.
  10. The landclass is different, Mt Shasta is photoreal in v3.4, Interstate 5 is depicted differently. I have uninstalled all Orbx from my P3Dv4 and am in the process of re-installing using the re-install from backup option. That seems to have fixed Northern California
  11. The scenery area is Orbx Northern California. Approx coordinates: N 41 4.5', W 122 14', looking north. Thanks.
  12. I have currently have installed P3Dv3.4 and P3Dv4 each on it's own SSD. My 3.4 installation seems just fine with all products working correctly. I followed the directions using Central 3.2 to migrate Global, Trees, Regional Landclass, and then region packs for each region. The installations seem to run fine and at the end of each migration the product shows as installed in P3Dv4 in Central. I've also confirmed that the appropriate scenery entries show up when I view the scenery library in P3Dv4. The Orbx scenery does not seem to be displaying properly in P3Dv4. In fact it looks like it may be showing default scenery. Below are two screen shots of Mt Shatsta. The first is from my P3Dv3.4 and the second from P3DV4. Any Ideas of what went wrong and what I need to do to correct the problem?
  13. Oh No, Say it ain't so. Chelmsford famous chimney is gone.
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