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  1. True that, Atmospherics does affect it but I still see this mountain being blue and now a bit purple, doing a direct flight from11s to 2w3 with atmospheric setting on medium, I'm in love with this mountain range, been flying over it 5x now but the purpleness still exsists ): just stunning, I'd show more good pics if I didn't have an 8mb limit the rest off the hills seam to have fixed themselves!
  2. Sadly I like to avoid enhanced atmospheric since it's broken and ugly at the moment, on my end anyway, like if clouds are behind something it phases through the hilltop blurring it and making look ugly and fuzzy. When it becomes fixed v5 will become an amazing simulator. I will try it with enchaned atmospherics on and let you know if it's fixed with/without envtex I'm using a fresh re-installed hotfix 1 btw
  3. I keep getting these random blue sheets off ice which kills the immersion flying through these epic mountains, other then that I am extrmeley pleased after doing a direct flight from Seiku to Swanson but I wonder if anyone else is having this issue, I do use ENVTEX and will test the same flight with it off after I am but its 1am so I will be back on later the next day. The hills are stunning except for the sad blue ice sheets and I'd love to get too the bottom off this, I tried turning off cloud shadows but that only made the blue ice sheets a tiny bit lighter in colour and still looked pretty
  4. Prepar3d 4.5 has fixed the slow loading speeds, no longer stuck at 6% for 10min...
  5. All I did was change the library path from H:\Orbx Library to F:\Orbx Library and and now it has deactivated true earth washington for xplane11... since I had to swap it to my F drive since it had more room for my Oregon installation... at the time I wasn't aware that you could create as many empty new libraries you wanted... but how do you activate the scenery if it's already installed? If we can't can do it now can we have a troubleshooter for re-activating already installed sceneries in extneral hard-drive's in the next patch? If there's a way around this right now I'd be glad t
  6. Thanks, also where do you normally place the library insertion point? Any could tips because I think that could be messing with it a bit
  7. More the problem is, I'm loading at less then a mb per second... it's like disk movement has frozen! Any idea's what could be contributing to it?
  8. Giving up and gone to xplane11, gonna wait til 4.5... rebuilding cfg files aint good enough to solve it, to be fair I have hundreds off add-ons but man still a pain though...
  9. Roger, thought so, just wanted to be sure before missing with stuff^.^ also would it possibly solve a weird elevation problem? Even if you havnt installed vector...
  10. I guess its too make sure you have every file there on your sim as it should be? Not sure sure so if I could have a proper answer from the dev's and a more detailed one then that I'd love to know more about it... and to top it off why would you NEED to verify files?
  11. yeh, sometimes I delete it and prob for me but it just comes back after a while... i want to be able to avoid doing that 24/7 as i have a heap off sceneries that Id have to re-add to the sceneric library, can take up to an hr, not fun!
  12. Normally I wouldn't worry about an add-on giving awesome seasons for Xplane11 but does it cause problems for True-Earth England, since England only has 1 season that it was made with... has anyone found out if there's any conflicts between the two? If not I'd give this add-on a whirl in the near future!
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