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  1. Roger, thought so, just wanted to be sure before missing with stuff^.^ also would it possibly solve a weird elevation problem? Even if you havnt installed vector...
  2. I guess its too make sure you have every file there on your sim as it should be? Not sure sure so if I could have a proper answer from the dev's and a more detailed one then that I'd love to know more about it... and to top it off why would you NEED to verify files?
  3. Normally I wouldn't worry about an add-on giving awesome seasons for Xplane11 but does it cause problems for True-Earth England, since England only has 1 season that it was made with... has anyone found out if there's any conflicts between the two? If not I'd give this add-on a whirl in the near future!
  4. Over KBLU, I enjoyed this flight and wanted to share it, I forgot to descent though as I was talking with my friend and my autpilot starting hanging around on top off KBLU and found an amazing shot!!!
  5. This my either be a silly idea, or a really good idea but I'm not a developer so I'm not too sure it will be, but as a customer I can say this is something I would like to have, so tell me what you think off this idea. I would like to recommend a do's and dont's list on installing True-Earths product page or next to the install button on FTX Central, just somewhere obvious... I wast wanting a do's and dont section, I mean it doesn't have to be large, just a couple sentences saying what could go wrong with the installation... like "make sure you have enough space on your hard-drive (because some people only use a 500gb and have 100gb remaining and even 100gb aint enough for Trueearth England, I'm not sure exactly how big off a hard-drive you need for the installation but on the product page it says you need 42gb and then the installation after it is like, 157gb or something, I'm not sure, but a note next to the install button would be awesome too have, and it doesnt have to be for every single product, heck even Germany South and North doesn't need it, just the big bastards such as Netherlands Trueearth and England... I'm ranting a bit there but another one to add would be to expect that this will take a while, like 3-6hrs depending on internet and computer speed... they're the main big 2 things I think you should point out clearly to people... 1. Do's... The certain amount (157gb right?) off left over space you should NEED on your hard drive 2. Do's... Also that it may take a while especially if you also have to download it with a slow internet speed... 3. Dont's... if the download bar stays stuck for a couple minuets don't terminate it and start over again as you'd naturally think its a broken installer, check task manager to see if there's disk movement activity in the app before doing anything else... e.g.! I just think this could help alot off people feel more relaxed knowing that it's going to be huge and lengthy and since they know there could be extreme waiting times compared to your usual products, they can understand without making a huge fuss about it even if it does take all day. This photoreal scenery is awesome and I love it soo much, but the installation can be quiet the stick in the mud if I do say so myself... I mean, you guys should probably re-word it to be more professional because my grammar is shocking, but I just want to give an idea off what we need for these marvellous true-earth products...!
  6. Ahh, thats what I was wondering, I have no abnormalities, I'm just wondering off what the effects off choosing the different types off regions or seasons bring...
  7. This is about the options we have in the Central App... When we have an option for Ftx global, over e.g. California or North America, which one would be best to choose, would it be bad if we chose global over the country And for seasons in Germany it says More realistic Seasonal allignments... is there any major difference in having it on or off...? Also the last one, what happens if we tick ga static aircraft/airliners on or off, do we get more parking bays in the airport location list or do they stay the same as they were ticked off...???
  8. Any less expensive aircraft under $100, silly me, I should've been even more specific, I'm look for commercial jets like the 737's, 787s, a320s, a330s, and some good old GA aircraft... I'd try and start collecting put over $100 seams abit redicuolous... why does aviation have to be so expensive... just added onairplaneshop actually looks good now I've had a closer look... thanks
  9. Anyone got any good reliable online shops that you can buy detailed pyshical models of jets... I prefer not to have the build your own model versions to be more specific... wasn't sure where to post this so do what you want with it forum managers...
  10. Just manually download it as a rar file and then install it manually, installing take alot longer...
  11. All nice and all but any chance you could try move this to a different post? Kinda feels like we're sidetracking from the original point...
  12. So back to my original point, do we need normal england installed or is it better by itself??? I'm quiet confused about this...
  13. Understandably GPU's freeze when they go over their limit, and I have a 6gb 1060 card and I can easily go past 100% on my gpu while playing Prepar3d, and a fewl other games in 4k (and I'm not even using PMDG), so is having an extreme amount off vram benefical for me as a 4k gamer? I don't give a damn about ray-tracing or shadowplay so what would I really lose from not choosing the 2080? I also run multiple programs at once, I always like having google chrome in the background, such as watching cat videos or whatever suits my fancy in the background off a long flight so would all this vram help it perform better? Please anyone who has bought it for day one somehow, please tell me how it goes in Prepar3d at 4k or general 2k if possible! Thanks for taking your time to read this... I'm not so much worried about power or noise since I've got good headsets and a very large power supply through out the house so we can exclude those hiccups that I've been hearing about in the reviews...
  14. I'm looking at that 16gb off vram Radeon VII that's coming out... Nearly tripple the vram off my current graphic cards and it performs just as good as the 1080ti... I don't give a damn about nvidia's special lighting effects, I care about not overloading my graphics card... my CPU is doing just fine, it's the GPU that is not
  15. God damn... I want your system man... Gonna get that new Radeon VII since my 1060 is 3years old... and 1month... Did you have to worry about upgrading yeh motherboard from an I7 when upgrading to the i9?
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