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  1. Hi all Reinstalled this morning and all good now. Thanks Nick & Graham.
  2. Hi all Today I downloaded YBBN from OC v4.1.10 for P3Dv5 and inside configure I clicked AUS v2 installed. When I go to YBBN at gate 77 there is a building bleeding through (see photos). I have tried AUS v2 and YBBN disabled so am fairly sure its P3Dv5 as I have no addon scenery for Australia except Orbx YMML, YBRM, YBCG & CityScene Gold Coast. I also tried P3D Scenery/AUST disabled but still shows. I cannot find where the building is coming from. Even looked at GSX etc but no luck. Any help is appreciated, Allan Thomson.
  3. Hi all Been following developments with central and updated to 4.0.12 and am still testing. My question is about Global BaseLC. I've read so much in different topics I've confused/lost myself. Central adds OpenLC_Base/Europe/NAmerica to Scenery.cfg and also into a xml library. Is this correct? Do I need the scenery and xml entry because when I remove the xml library entry I have no access to FTX Global Lights Config. Sorry if the question is confusing because I am confused. Operating system: Win10 Simulator: P3D v4.5HF1 Screenshot: Issue: Global BaseLC AA, EU1, NA1 central.log
  4. I also receive two email receipts too. Has been for 3 or 4 weeks now.
  5. Hi all I have found my problem. Looking at other posts again I found your copy of the default scenery.cfg. I compared this to my copy of the original and was same but the scenery.cfg in programdata was missing the scenery\world entry and therefore not seeing new elevation details. I let P3D rebuild my scenery.cfg twice and twice it did not add the world entry but did on the third try, I then started FTX Central, it added its stuff and I checked the world entry was there, which it was, started P3D at NZQN and everything OK. I do not know why the world entry was missing and not added when rebuilt. But anyway all good now. Thanks for all your help
  6. Hi NZFlyer Yes, I do run AEC tool after each scenery change. Still got same problem. Im sure its something really silly Ive missed/done. Off work on Tuesday, give it another go then. Cheers
  7. Not sure if this helps... With no NZSI or NZQN installed it looks like this After NZSI installed The post at the top shows NZSI and NZQN installed. Really got me stumped.
  8. Hi Never had any 3rd party addons/mesh etc for NZ before except for AFCADS from ProjectAI days but I removed all NZ bgls before installing NZNI, NZSI and NZQN. Just uninstalled, reinstalled and loaded up NZQN in a stock plane but still the same, sorry. I have also tried flying in from another airport but same.
  9. Hi Nick Will try again. Is there any files placed anywhere that wouldn't be obvious to me. Maybe I am missing one? I use FTX Central to uninstall, restart pc and install again, yes? Thanks for your help
  10. Hi all In P3D v4.2 using FTX Central v3.2.5.5 All FTX Global and Lights Orbx Libraries Orbx Europe and some airports Orbx NA and Yosemite Orbx Oceania and some airports including NZQN i7 6770 @ 4.5, P3D on m2, GTX1080, DDR4 @ 2133 I have an elevation problem at NZQN. There is a default airport there which looks ok but when I install NZSI the elevation is wrong at NZQN even before I install Orbx NZQN. The other airports are fine. I had a similar problem at EGJJ but UK2000 had a fix etc. I spent all day yesterday looking at other posts and tried their suggestions but still same problem. I even uninstalled fsaerodata and tried NZQN before NZSI. The airport elevation file is there dated 2013 but also tried the file NZSI installs dated 2012. Tried removing NZQZ bgl too, etc. Any suggestions not in previous posts...
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