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  1. Thats an impressive set of features John. But what about the ZL19 for London?
  2. Im a X-Plane user and have bought all of the TrueEarth GB releases. The last release of the north package i must say its absolute stunning to fly in this scenery. Im a huge fan of flying amongst high mountains and lakes. I really cant wait to explore TrueEarth Norway. Thank you so much for bringing this high quality scenery!
  3. You have more moving objects in p3d, water,clouds,different animations.
  4. That is one of the reasons Aerofly have so good performance, no moving objects in the world exept you
  5. Orbx was talking about porting all airports to xplane. When can we expect to see the Norwegian one in Xp11?
  6. I just hope a TE Norway region one day will see the light of day
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