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  1. Wow so crisp! Thanks for sharing Iain!
  2. Nice shots! Thanks for sharing. Dan
  3. Thanks for sharing! I'll share that with my daughters. Mine was back in 2003 in my beloved DA-20 A1 Katana. Amazing feeling and as I recall surprising how different the plane behaved without that instructor beside me. Sure miss those days. Great memories! Dan
  4. Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing them. Dan
  5. Love those mountains eh great shot!
  6. Nice shots... the new livery looks sharp on the A321.
  7. Wow that looks incredible! Keep up the fantastic work. Dan
  8. wow great shots... looks stunning! Dan
  9. Hi all, I’m late to the party on this one! I just found this post today and I wanted to share a story. I got hooked to these videos after a cancer diagnosis and some urgent surgery last year ... August 2017. After 6 weeks of recovery I was up dusting off the computer and old yoke and pedals, purchased P3D and made a large Orbx scenery order. My wife only put up a bit of a fight. I even included my daughters in some scisimmer video watching in the hopes to get them hooked. They are 7 and 9 so humoured me for a bit. I’m not giving up though. I was a private pilot many years ago. Ironically I was getting checked out again before my health issues. These aviation videos were just what I needed to help pass the time during recovery. Thank you to scisimmer for all of your hard work involved in making these amazing videos. Thanks also to the orbx team. I love your products and look forward to more releases down the road. By the the way scisimmer is up to leg 42 now definitely worth checking out his videos. I’m still hooked and look forward to his weekly uploads. Dan
  10. wow stunning shots!! Looking forward to trying these airports out soon. Thanks for sharing.
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