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  1. haha slim to none! At least the list is slowly getting smaller. Dan
  2. Wow, incredible photos! Thanks for sharing. Dan
  3. Wow, stunning shots! Thank you for sharing them. Dan
  4. Wow Iain, those are gorgeous. I must admit that your previews have really encouraged me to purchase many of the Orbx scenery addons I have picked up. Thank you for all of your screenshots! Dan
  5. Very nice! Thanks for sharing these! Dan
  6. Wow stunning shots! Thanks for sharing them. Dan
  7. I understand completely. I have made a large investment in addons for P3D after upgrading from FS9 back in 2017. MSFS certainly has some nice graphics but leaves me disappointed with the default airports and some what functional default aircraft. I miss the PMDG, Majestic Q400, FSLabs and GTN750 quality addons too much and I was happy to put MSFS aside for now. To be honest I bought it as a somewhat impulse buy for two reasons... one version has the DV20 which 95% of my real world flight time is in and the promise of the upcoming PMDG NG3 addon which I have a discount for when it eventually a
  8. Hi Ken, I will be sticking with v4.5 a while yet. Still plenty of life left in the “old” sim and its rock solid for stability. Not to mention it supports all of these Orbx masterpieces. I have a GTX1080 and I’m nervous about the vram challenges that people report. Saving up for a RTX3080 next year. Take care, Dan
  9. Great shots Scott! Thanks for sharing them. Dan
  10. Hi all I really enjoy flying in and out of KSTS and KRDD with the Dash 8-400. Thank you @Misha Cajic and @Jarrad Marshallfor such excellent products! Will they be ported over to P3D v5? I hope they will be all ported over but these 2 are of particular interest. Thanks, Dan
  11. Hi Rick, have you tried this with other v4 sceneries? Just asking Dan
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