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  1. Hello, it is near EDMQ Donauwoerth Germany. All villages look like this. What can i do to remove them?
  2. Hallo, Ich habe komische Ortschaften in Deutschland. Sieht einfach Sch.. aus. was kann das sein?
  3. I checked without Orbx Europe, but still the same Problem. must be anything with P3D. anyway thank you. hope i will find a solution Guenter
  4. Yes i did delete the shaders and scenery index, but still there i will for test remove ftx Europe and try then is the scenery order ok? i will report result later
  5. Hello, I have now tried everything, i start choose my Plane and Airport P3D starts to load and finishing with a black screen espacialy in Europe. no clue what happens. I had never a problem with all of my Sceneries and There is nothing added so far. Installed Graphicdriver new, deleted Prepar3d.cfg and so on no Way to run. before The new Orbx Central everything was ok. Anybody should help me .. Guenter add-ons.cfg DLL.XML exe.xml scenery.cfg
  6. Hi, yes EDMG would be fine, my Homefield And some other gv
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