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  1. Much more convincing that the P3D version... Bush flying over small norwegian airports/fields is my favorite sport. Anyway, must have ! and i like the words "on short finals" Dom Mason euh Oh Oh! And the introducing shot is about the DA62 ! Perfect !
  2. PBR process on jetways (shot #8) is excellent. Good shots Iain Dom
  3. Too many shots Filou Let us explore some parts of the airport on our own Dom
  4. But from my knowledge, the issue beeing checked by Asobo and developers concerns (so far) third part sceneries like Trondheim and Alesund. but maybe you are right, after all, the issue concerns photogrametry tiles? Dom
  5. WoW Inside modeling in MSFS ! My flightplan LOWI - LOWG is ready ! My Cessna Citation in the hangar. Question : Could this be another Gaya production ? ( I am impressed by their international influence Dom Mason
  6. Dammit you're good. These pictures ! Most of them are catching an incredible sense of reality. Okay, MSFS has something to do with that for shure, but there is a damm good photographer behind these. Congrats Dom
  7. An Islandair B757 ? Where does it come from ? MSFS AI Trafic ?? Dom
  8. Because Bryce Canion would also be perfect for B737 landing/takeoff training Check the runway length Dom
  9. Oh my god Perfect for VFR flights But i still need a very good airlliner from any skilled developper, not the defaut ones that are awful. As usual, great shots. Dom
  10. Yes ! Yes ! Yes ! Fantastic ! Incredible place to fly to KTEX, KSEZ etc... Thank you Ken Dom
  11. We should be able to set that in a configuration button. But i did not notice this button anymore in Orbx's MSFS sceneries. Could this be a limitation of this plateform ? Dom
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