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  1. Good news Misha. KSBA is a marvelous airport. I just regret that i can't use GSX 2 passengers on airport jetways. Maybe i missed something ? Dom Mason
  2. The "other one" was top notch actually, so i assume that Gaya Sim have serious technical background Dom Mason PS : Any inside modeling ? That would seriously improve this airport
  3. Thank you Iain, nice shots Curious scenery but the inside modeling and snow effect are superb. Card's ready
  4. Ok Nick I understand what happened Problem solved so far. These sceneries are in grey but i can install them actually. I did not get how it worked Thanks Dom
  5. Thank you Nick They are shown as "not bought" in grey color in my Orbx central Dom Just one simulator
  6. Ok copy the tip about disabling the cars park. Dom
  7. Same stutters here. Not only at the airport but also 10-20 kilometers around. I deactivated Active Sky to check if it could be that but it didn't change anything. I understand there is also a lot of autogen around the airport. Dom Mason Windows 10 64 bits, P3DV4.5, Active Sky
  8. Thank you Nick. I did not know that was under review. once again i will appear as a trouble maker but it was not my attention As long as Microsoft has not release MFMS2020, i will stick to P3DV4 and wait for new sceneries. Dom Mason
  9. Hello Orbx team, John, I understand that the anticipated MFMS 2020 is complicating things. But will we have soon an Orbx Roadmap ? at least for the 1st half year ? Thanks Dom Mason
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