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  1. The shots are great, some buildings architecture are great, but after thinking about it, what is the interest, the pleasure for the pilot once he has landed ? Standard jetways, no inside modeling ? Dom Mason
  2. It's released and it says 21 €. Only 21 € ?? It should be sold at least 28 or 30 € Dom
  3. Oh yees. "My Final Shots". I like this sweet song announcing the imminent release. Malmoe is a very good surprise at a moment when everybody is focused on MSFS 2020. I stick to my P3D so far. And as an old fan of flight simulation, let me remind you that Malmoe airport has never - never - been developed on any flight simulator This IS a first. And the old fans know what i am talking about, aren't they ? Dom
  4. Hmm is n't a sode jetways configuration issue on shots #24 , #25, #26 and #28 ? Dom
  5. Images tout simplement remarquables. Very nice choices of angles. And thanks to P3DV5 new weather engine.... Dom Mason
  6. Incredible pictures ! This is going to be my scandinavian base Dom
  7. Incredible shots, very inventives ! Thanks Dom
  8. Fantastic news. I love this airport ! My only regret so far, concerns the jetways that definitely look like the defaut ones. But i undestand that these look exactly like the real ones. Dom
  9. Actually there are 15 nm between KBUR and KLAX and... 25 nm from EKCH to Malmoe. It's quite far enough to avoid fps drops or freezes. Don't you think ? Dom
  10. Oooh incredible. I am just flying from ESKS to ESSD right now and was wondering about futur airport to rally ENAL. So great. Orb,x you are wild ! Says i was worry about P3D projects... And it"s for P3DV4.4 too Dom
  11. Thank you Iain. 3rd and 4th shots give a very good idea of the airport. Great work as usual Dom
  12. Impressive. PeopleFlow are great and i hope Orbx will continue to develop this technology. Dom
  13. Okay, yep.. he was an actor. But considering the name which is probably veeeery common in United States, i had a doubt. But you presumed correct Nick Dom
  14. And who the **** is Bob Hope ? Slides 3, 4 and 10. Dom Mason
  15. Oh my.. Rijeka, Fresno, Burbank and now Alesund ? Orbx has ignited the boosters ! And it's also P3DV4.5 ? I am in. Dom Mason
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