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  1. Ok, 2nd option worked fine, now the Transparent Road setting is retained. Thank you.
  2. The status in the control panel for TEGB South is not retained after saving it, hence no clue which is the current setting, either default or transparent roads textures. Expected folders are there (roads_x and roads_t along with the actual roads) Verify Files does not help and fix the problem.
  3. Is it expected that ObjectFlow in the add-ons configuration file is not active by default? Shouldn't it be ACTIVE=true? [Package.22] PATH=D:\ORBXLIB\p3dv5\Orbx ObjectFlow ACTIVE=false REQUIRED=false BTW, I am rather sure I've never touched it, I guess Central created the entry that way. add-ons.cfg
  4. The latest SODE update is 1.7.0, not 1.6.8 and as many others I updated it manually along with the payware VDGS add-on (used by other developers). No intention to remove the 1.7.0 release to install something older. Very annoyingly at each startup Orbx Central goes on warning the user that SODE needs to be updated, probably trying to unsuccessfully downgrade the 1.7.0 release to the previous 1.6.8 (as a matter of fact even if the user updates SODE from Central the 1.7.0 version is not overwritten). Please fix Orbx Central to comply with the latest SODE version and allow the user
  5. Ok, then I manually set that component Layer to 203 to reasonably match the layer sequence found in that xml file. Now it is ok and I hope Orbx central will not relocate it in next sessions.
  6. This is a fresh P3Dv5 installation with only the Orbx stuff and some other 3rd party sceneries, only what already stated as officially compatible with P3Dv5 so far. No manual action was carried out, at least intentionally. As already stated above all Orbx stuff is correcty placed below the insertion point, only ths entry fails to stay below in a proper priority order. This EU Wales entry is the last one package (as this is the last thing I installed) in the add--ons.cfg file. [Package.40] PATH=D:\ORBXLIB\p3dv5\EU Wales ACTIVE=true REQUIRED=false Eve
  7. Issue observed only with EU Wales so far in my brand new P3Dv5 installation. Insertion point for Orbs stuff set to Flytampa Copenaghen as visible in 1st screenshot. After EU Wales installation found out it is placed at the top of the scenery library. Hence manually synchronized the simulator, but as visible in my last screenshot the EU Wales is still there and not placed as expected somewhere below the insertion point. I am able to manually set a layer for it but don't know what is the correct expeced location within the Orbx stuff to avoid conflicts.
  8. Not in this case even wyrh a fill reinstall from scratch. As pointed out above in my screenshots I guess this is caused by the concurrent Orbx KSAN that intentionally renamed that single bgl file to disable it and avoid conflicts with its own objects. However only a small and rather irrelevant inconsistency, the other 2 bgl files are there and active, I'd never disable that option and hence even if not clearly enabled in the control panel it is actually ok and working (I guess, didn't find any strange or duplicated object at KSAN locations) as expected.
  9. Even if run multiple times "Verify files" the SOCAL configuration tool does not allow me to enable all the harbor objects (entry that should be enabled by default). Given that KSAN is installed as well is this the expected behavior? I investigated on my own and found out that KSAN installation probably will lock and disable this option as one of the involved bgl file is actually renamed by KSAN itself to disable it (while leaving the other 2 bgl files active). However I can't remember this small inconsistency in P3DV4.5.
  10. Are we allowed to use the ligts configurator within the FTX Globale Base Pack to set-up lights even if the dialog mentions Prepar3D V4.x only? Will it work safely in P3D V5?
  11. Yes , with one annoying exception as static cameras from installed airports data still can't be generated.
  12. Yep, in my case now I cannot even load XP at Orbx EGLC with GB_South_TrueEarth, the application crashes 0:03:07.981 E/SCN: Custom Scenery/Orbx_OrbxlibsXP/veglib/orbx_Aspen_9.obj:51: 0:03:07.981 E/SCN: VT count is out of range - the OBJ file is bad. 0:03:07.981 E/SYS: +------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0:03:07.981 E/SYS: | There was a problem loading the scenery package: 0:03:07.981 E/SYS: | Custom Scenery/Orbx_OrbxlibsXP/ 0:03:07.981 E/SYS: | The scenery may not look correct. 0:03:07.981 E/SYS: | Please see the Log.txt file
  13. Yes, aircraft tyres slightly (up to the rim) sink into the pavement. I run it with EU England Region + TEGBS. Not a severe problem at all but I agree it would be nice to fix it in an upcoming update. Luciano
  14. As far as I know it is the expected behaviour, it will always download several files even in case what currently installed is ok, but not for openLC eu as it should not download again the entire package. In my case verify files for openLC eu (had some problem in the past with its control panel, mentioned below) used to download in some cases 60 mb or so, other times 200-300 mb, for sure it does not require the entire package. In any case you don't need to continuously check every package through if everything else is ok. From time to time I've had to use it for problems with mis
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