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  1. Thank you, Nick! You were exactly right. Somehow that path became corrupted I fixed it. I'm going to reboot before I test it out but I'm certain that's the crux of this odd issue. I believe we can call this solved unless you hear back from me. Thanks again.
  2. Hi Nick... Thanks very much for your suggestion. I downloaded the first script, ran it and then got the latest FTX Central and installed it. It installed from scratch BUT It STILL says XP11 across the top. Oddly I've only purchased Orbx products for P3D and never for XP11. The only thing I know to do now is to uninstall XP11, get FTX Central working again in P3D and then install XP11 and see how it goes. Wow, what an odd problem. It may be worth having the program ask for the path to the simulator it is working with in the future. Perhaps then if this happened it could be ea
  3. Hi Doug... I just did that but it still says XP11 on the header. Worse yet when I try to update the library it says I don't have a license! Should I completely uninstall FTC Central? Is there a hidden way inside the program to switch it back to P3Dv4? Maybe edit a config file or xml? Thanks.
  4. I sure do need some help. I've been using FTC Central and lots of Orbx Scenery in P3Dv4 since the beginning. I also purchased XPlane 11 and enjoy the 2 simulators. Suddenly today, after updating XPlane my FTX Central no only shows XPlane and not P3D! No matter what I do I can't get myFTX Central to go back to P3Dv4. I installed the latest FTX Central with the same result. Can anyone give an old pilot some advice? Thank you, RCF (OldBob)
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