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  1. Thanks guys! I'm glad you all enjoy the shots. I have a lot of screenshots of this beauty but, I had to resist uploading a lot of them so, I will continue to post more to this topic. If anyone would like to post their shots of the 747 here please do!
  2. With airlines slowly retiring their 747's out of service. I've decided to dust the ole gal off and take her out for a ride. Though I can fly her on a sim forever. Her days are numbered in this world. Here's to the Boeing 747 aka the QOTS
  3. True definition of a greaser. So greasy the wheels have made contact with the ground but, looks to be floating
  4. That did it Nick! Thank you for your help it is much appreciated. Same goes for Jeff!
  5. Thanks Nick! I will try that .bgl file you've attached this afternoon.
  6. I just got a reply from Lockheed and it seems that there is a problem with the APX26210.bgl and they're working on it.
  7. Yes I'm sorry I will post shortly! I have one but apparently uploaded the same image. I know there was one file in vectors entry. I also took nicks advice and tried little navmap and it found an error in the 0302 scenery folder I will post that as well.
  8. I'm interested as well! I'm completely stumped about this lol. I always assumed that the base for the scenery in p3d were the same or very similar to that in FSX. Fsx seems to install no extra runways there. I installed them on seperate hard drives. P3d has its own hard drive it's installed on. Nothing else is installed on that drive.
  9. It's very odd that this is happening only with p3d. As mentioned above I installed a copy of FSX steam and I didn't encounter this issue. Runways designated were the correct designation 07/25 13/31. So, my only conclusion I can come up with is p3d itself is the issue. I would know if I tried to add an airport in the same place but, that's simply not the case. Thanks for all your help Nick I will get back to you on my progress when I return home this afternoon.
  10. Ok I will give little navmap a go when I return home from work. I agree with it's not possible for my version of p3d to be different but, something is going on with the installation of the scenery for this particular airport. I even did a fresh install of my OS and installed p3d before I installed anything else and this issue remained.
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