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  1. Greetings, I hope everyone is having a pleasant weekend. I know it is impractical to continuously update airports to match the real world; even if that is the goal of many of your customers. With respect to static airliners at your airports may I please suggest that airliners and GA airplanes always be a separate config option? That way when things change (Dick Cheney hasn't flown a C-32 into KJAC for over a decade, Frontier hasn't used Republic E170s for many years, Allegiant retired the MD-80s, etc). I like having some random biz jets and props on my GA ramps and don't care if they are somewhat generic but when airlines stop serving an airport or using a particular aircraft type it is somewhat jarring to still see them in the simulator. I don't expect the developer to stay abreast of these changes or update the airport in perpetuity but in many cases the only way to deactivate the statics is to delete them all. Please add multiple configuration options like KPSP instead of a single one like KBZM. Just a friendly suggestion! Great products overall.
  2. I'm happy to beta test. I just reinstalled 4.5 HF1 so I have a clean installation.
  3. Thanks for the welcome Roger! That is what I would like to see. I want it to look as nice when I fly from Denver to Eagle as it does when I fly from Seattle to Bozeman. One big region or two small ones would fill in almost the entire Rocky Mountain chain. Thanks for that Michael! It's always nice to have info straight from the source.
  4. Are we ready to reveal the next North American region? As far as I can tell the 2017 roadmap is complete except for a few remaining v4 conversions. Thank you very much for some great products and all of your hard work upgrading everything to P3D v4. I am much more likely to continue purchasing products when I know the developer isn't going to abandon them a year later. You guys are awesome!
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