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  1. Just this afternoon a flight from Madrid could not land and returns to Madrid https://twitter.com/controladores/status/1146860898067320837?s=20 I’m very happy that a company of Orbx's level has developed Asturias airport in such detail. Asturias looks very nice
  2. This is quite common at Asturias airport. Many times the fog prevents you from seeing the threshold of the runway until you are on top of it. A few years ago the ILS system was transmitting erroneous values to the airplanes because it is over the valley, which caused many Go arounds Asturias currently has an anti-fog system that has solved these problems.
  3. Departing from Bozeman (KBZN) to Minneapolis (KMSP) KBZNKMSP04 by Carlos Osorio Solares, en Flickr Carlos Osorio
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