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  1. Nick, In upgrading to P3D4.5 should I consider upgrading my display from 1920x1080p to something better or is that adequate for optimal imagery at present and in the foreseeable future for True Earth England South? Thanks, flash2
  2. Thanks Nick, Just purchased, I recently saw something in Orbx Central that I suspect indicates I might need Open LC Europe for optimal P3D performance for True Earth South England but am not sure. All my other programs show up here and if I click on them they all say installed and up to date except for this one. I do own this for FSX and it does not show an update to P3D as the others and shows a price. I do not intend to fly anywhere in Europe except England and previously purchased Open L C Europe thinking I needed it for England. Do I need this for optimal performance in True Earth South England? Thanks, flash2
  3. Nick , I will be upgrading to P3D4.5 in early 2020 and was wondering if I can take advantage of your current 50% sale on True Earth South for P3d4 by purchasing it now and not downloading until I have my new hardware setup up and operational. One of your previous answers indicated that this is possible but I just wanted to make sure that I understood correctly. Thanks, flash2
  4. Sorry, Prepar3D terms and conditions! Thank You John
  5. Nick, I am reasonably convinced I will be going to P3D4.5 early next year and note that your True Earth GB South for P3D is on sale at 50% which ends in 2019. I also note in your terms and conditions that the software must be downloaded within 14 days after purchase. Since my system is presently not capable of handling the P3D requirements and I need to upgrade (purchase a new computer) is there a way to purchase GB South before year end and download it but not install until I have a new system for P3D? This would meet your 14 Day download requirement in the terms and conditions? Hope I am not getting too nitty here to save a few $ . John
  6. Thanks Nick! That was perfect! John
  7. Nick, I guess I can see by searching on the world maps. Questions re True Earth GB South - Assuming it covers the full south including Portsmouth Naval Base , island of Wright Southampton airport, and Goodwood, Yes - How far to the north does it cover? about Anglesey to the Wash - Does it cover Shoreham, Popham, and Compton Abbas? yes - Do I still need to incorporate (download all my previous programs like (5) Globals, and (2) regions and (10) Airports and (6) Other programs or is True Earth South a stand alone program. No you do not and yes it is. For P3D4.5 - full / recommended hardware requirements - Assuming these requirements are met -does True Earth require computer specifications beyond these for full performance without degradation? No, it will perform as well as the existing simulator but look much better. - if it is desirable to have more capability could you please specify? - Since I am upgrading my computer, video cart etc (New Computer) -additional capability is easier and cheaper to incorporate upon initial purchase. Without knowing what you have now, a useful comment would be difficult to make. Display I am planning a new display also going from 26" to 32" - Is there any special or desirable requirement I should be looking for other than 1080 P for Imagery suitable for True Earth etc. - Could you recommend a suitable display? I am not really qualified to comment on hardware matters, it is best to do your own research and reach your own decision. There is a plethora of information on just about everything. FSX/ P3D 4 - I have MSFX-Steam - Is that the same as FSX essentially. yes. - If I purchased TRUE EARTH GB South FSX - would that work to your satisfaction on my present system. True Earth products are not available for FSX, it cannot cope with the complexity Thank you in advance for your patience, understanding and answers John
  8. Thank you. Is there a listing somewhere of all True Earth Orbx products for P3D4 present and planned? John
  9. Nick, Thanks for the response to my questions. Please bear with me on the following which I am sure will show my ignorance on a couple of more things. 1) Is there scenery equivalent to True Earth for X Plane either existing or planned by Orbx for P3D 4 ? i.e. True Earth for Washington - Seattle area shows things where they actually are and I can almost pick out my Daughters home by Lake Washington. I presently don't have that kind of Imagery of the area although I do have your Vashon Island Airport which is neat! 2)Does Orbx True Earth for Great Britain South for P3D look like Google Earth where I can see actual realistic details of Chichester ? I have your Goodwood airport which is realistic but the neighboring towns are not realistic on my present imagery in MSFX Steam. Can I expect this to automatically upgrade when I get P3D at their recommended full hardware requirements? 3)You did mention in you prior response that I did not have to repurchase my existing Orbx programs if going to 3PD and that my scenery will look like it does now in P3D but I would like it to look like True Earth and Google Earth. Does that mean that I would have to purchase Orbx True Earth programs? I don't see the benefit of upgrading to 3PD if the scenery will not be better other than possibly better support than MSX. 4) Will Orbx programs work with the New Planned MS2020 presently in the development phase? 5) Are True Earth programs planned for MS 2020? 6) Have you seen Hardware requirements for MS 2020? Thanks again, John
  10. Nick,My operating system is MSFX Steam and I am thinking about upgrading to 3PD4 for enhanced imagery and better support that MS. I have 21 programs with Orbx and fly VFR only in Southern England and North America> (USA)I am not a computer aficionado but have installed Ant's Tiger Moth Pro, A2A Spitfires, and T-6 and the numerous Orbx programs both paid and freeware. I have to admit that although I am anxious to upgrade to 3PD4, I a somewhat apprehensive to begin the undertaking as I have spend more time installing and debugging in the past than flying. I have a number of questions: 1) Where do I purchase 3PD and get the best support ? I am thinking of the student or $50 version 2 )Do I have to uninstall MSFX Steam to download and install 3PD, or can I keep both? 3) Do I have to reinstall my planes? ( Just Ant's and A2A presently) 4) Will the Orbx programs I own automatically show better imagery like True earth in 3PD?( it is the True Earth representation that is important since I fly VFR only) 5) If not, Is there any way to upgrade the Orbx programs I own or do I have to uninstall and purchase new ones for 3PD? 6) Is there any way that you can see the 21 Orbx programs I own from my registration, or purchase, or account information, or do I have to submit the list? 7) How many of these programs or which will show better imagery in P3D than what I have now? ( I'm under the impression that not all are True Earth equivalent at present) Is there any way to get a discount on the numerous programs I have to upgrade to 3PD as a past user? 9) What are the minimum hardware requirements to obtain good results in performance and Imagery? ( I am flying single engine prop planes only with Max speed to 400MPH) ( I can submit my present hardware specifications if that helps) 10) What are hardware requirements for best results for 3PD4? 11) Do if have to reinstall everything again if I upgrade in the future or is it best to do this right off. 12) Just focused on the 9 Saitek FIP's and radio panels that I have with gauges from 3 independent suppliers. Do I have to reinstall these. (all use Spad.neXt) 13) I also have two throttle quadrants, trim wheel, fighter stick and pedals. Do I have to reinstall these? Nick- lots of questions as I am in the learning phase but think I would like to upgrade soon and don't know where else to ask. Could you please take them one at a time if possible for my clarity of understanding and please include what I haven't asked but should have. Thank you John
  11. Does True Earth South England FSX/3PD work on a system operating on FSX/Steam and does it download using FTX I have many other south England programs etc but not true earth which I would like Thank you , John
  12. Doug, Thanks for you interest and support. Nick helped me resolve my airport scenery problem by deactivating Vector AEC and I have since reordered its priority and turned it back on and things look good. I am still having problems with ground traffic disappearing going over bridges. The ORBX bridges appear to be placed over the existing MSFX Steam bridges and the traffic looks like it may be going under them. Everything else is working fine and upon checking all my ORBX programs say that they are installed correctly. Any thoughts? John
  13. Bridges show up as brown or yellow roadways and traffic disappears at bridge entrances at all geographic locations. Also at Monterey Airport package in CA, the front end of a car is protruding through the left embankment taking off west on main runway.(not a big deal) Bigger deal - When taking off or landing at Waterbury /Oxford Airport in CT. The runway disappears and flat grass panels arise in front of plane. otherwise scenery looks great! What to do? John
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