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  1. Thanks for that John, that clears up things for me now. I take it you mean select a date in September when doing this?
  2. This is RAF Leeming in July, exactly what I expect for Summer time. If I select a date in Autumn or Fall I get the same results as my first post pics. Have verified all EU UK scenery (England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland) files, Scenery Library showing no errors and everything is up to date within Orbx Central so this is definitely an error within Orbx basic libraries. Need some help please!
  3. No problem wain71, help yourself.......So can you tell how to get the colour texture correct again Nick, as I've checked the Scenery Library with Scenery Config Editor and have no errors. Everything is in the right scenery order but this problem occurred when the sim went from Summer to Autumn/Fall. See pic below late Summer shot. I've just updated England and Scotland using Orbx Central and it loaded the updated files back into the P3D directory on C: drive instead of K; drive where I have my Libraries installed, ignoring the Orbx Central routing. I've copied the UK files bac
  4. Here we are at 1650' near RAF Leeming EGXE and I've increased the Saturation to 1.00 from 0.92. Bloom= 0.20 and Brightness= 1.10 are unaltered. Its an improvement that I can live with but in reality the grass colouring only really alters when winter cold is on us to what is displayed at the moment.
  5. No, I have considered doing that but did'nt want to ruin the sky, sea and plane colours. The spring and summer shades were spot on in my view but will give it a try anyway.
  6. Have been enjoying Orbx England scenery but am a bit disappointed with how the grass colour has faded to a washed-out shade with Autumn now with us! I can assure you the colour of the country side in Shropshire UK at the moment is nothing as drab as the present Orbx Autumn scenery, its still a lush green. Anyone else has noticed this with the UK scenery? Nigel
  7. Tried that Nick and the sea went green, Grass default green with fields!! I think I will have to stick with EnvTex shade of sea colour for European waters until Orbx does an update to get the colour correct for the North Sea and Atlantic waters. Thanks for your help anyway.
  8. Can you expand a little on that Nick, how do I prevent the overwriting of textures?
  9. Right, this is using Rex 4 Texture Direct Soft Clouds, still too blue and tropical looking and no difference that I can see from the previous pic. Will look into Rex Essential Plus but in the meantime will go back to using the EnvDir package.
  10. Thats better, Nick, with a good wave formation as well. The best I can do is with Water Saturation maxed out in EnvShade as per the following pics. Can you have REX 4 Texture Direct with Soft Clouds and PTA running along with EnvDir or is it one or the other. My thinking is that they all alter the textures within P3D so its logical only one can be used. So how did you get the water a green colour? Regards Nigel
  11. Thanks for the replies Gents, I'm using P3Dv3.4 with EnvTex, EnvShade and EnvSound. I also use FSrealWX as a weather engine and Plan-G for navigating. I used to use PTA and REX4 when I had VFR Photographic scenery installed but stopped using them when I converted to Orbx ENG/WLS/SCO I read somewhere that PTA was not compatible with Orbx. I usually fly just in the UK in the A2A Spitfire having created a lot of RAF airfields to relive my career in the RAF from mid-1960's to end of the 80's. Have adjusted the Water Sat in EnvShade both ways but cannot see a lot of difference
  12. I have Orbx England, Wales and Scotland installed and am using ENVDIR to try to get a more realistic sea colouring for the UK but always end up with the sea looking too dark blue instead of the grey/green colour which the majority of the seasons show around the UK. Has anyone got any info where I can download or change the texture files to get a more realistic UK sea colour? We don't usually get blue seas here except for the odd summer days! My old FS2009 with photoscenery had the UK sea colouring oft to a T! REgards Nigel
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