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  1. Dear Nick, I'am sorry, the issue still exits.
  2. Hello Nick, I have delete the Orbx folder as described. But the issue is still there. central_Frank_Ruetter_02.log
  3. Hi, I've bought LDSP. Serveral times I tried to download the product the Connection interruted. My Internet connection is ok. central_Frank_Ruetter.log
  4. Hi Nick, my issue with missing Buildings is solved. I‘am using the Tool Addon Organizer P3D by Lorby. I‘ve checked the Scenery.cfg for duplicates. As a result over 40 duplicates was found. After Click on corection the issue was solved. Thanks for your support!
  5. Dear Nick, the issue with OpenLC Europe is solved. The last hint brought the success. Thank you very much for your patients. Only remains the missing buildings at EDDW.
  6. Ok I have try that. But I get an Error I can't build a Library in P3d-Folder
  7. Dear Nick, it's frustrating. I followed your hints three times to eleminate possible faults. But the Issue still remain. I am on the verge to make a new installation of P3D.
  8. Hi Nick, a question for understanding. I have the following Libraries: In every Library exist a folder p3dv5. Complies this with the rules?
  9. Hi Nick, the size is 31 kb. The last access was 26.10.2020. That is funny. It's impossible I never use this file in this time period,
  10. Hi Nick, before i follow up on your hint I have searched for the specific file on my pc. Here the results: Is this ok?
  11. Hi Nick, Orbx Libs are verified and active. I have still the same Issue. In addition comes again the missing Building at EDDW (picture 2021-04-22 (1)).
  12. I have Open LC Europe installed. Last Weekend the scenery looks like the picture shows. I had the issue befor and it was solved. For this issue I tried all the given Hints. But ist doesn't work now. Last try was to deinstall openLC Europe, copy the orriginal terrain.cfg into the given folder and reinstall all the P3D-Scenery. After start P3D I took the Screenshot. What should I do now?
  13. Hi Nick I've solved the Problem. First I attempted by exclusion as you decribed. But I had not so much patience. The last Choice was to delete all Prepar3d generated Files. Now it works. At least I have reinstalled the Third-party Addons. Thanks for your help
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