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  1. I love it The sensation.... Cheers Carlos
  2. I checked every UK weather from SoFly Gosh they're all terrible! How can you manage it up there with that weather? Thank you so much for making this It would be awesome to do the Pacific Northwest and the Australia ones... those Orbx made for P3D Cheers Carlos
  3. I just checked my LOWI and the papi are yet white but I have not tried the install and reinstall as stated by wrgly2805
  4. Hi Andy I had to disable the default as both appear, thing that didn't happen before... I still need to check if my papi lights work as they remained white all the time Cheers Carlos
  5. Hello @Raz Goeta Hope you are doing fine As per this text LGKO: 1. Massive FPS and performance improvment. We removed the animated birds and made further optimization- fixed. 4. Star on the simulator map- Added. I understand now why I don't see the birds. I see no display of the star in my sim map actually I have to zoom in a lot to see the location of the airport What should I do to have the star displayed, please? I like that Cheers Carlos
  6. Hi @Bart176 I'm glad you made it I would like to know how to spot the wildlife as I have not seen them My folders are there but I have not seen the flamingos and I have the latest version... I'm going to launch it again and see I this time. Cheers Carlos
  7. Hello Bart Have you tried the install and reinstall of the product? I know the marketplace takes very long to update products I wanted to see the Flamingos but I have not been lucky to spot them. Do they appear at a certain month of the year or an specific time/hour? I've never seen them Cheers Carlos
  8. Hi I have removed Orbx landmarks because at this stage they are not compatible as per their recent post, that is why you might be seeing a mix of default and Orbx items Remove it and let's wait for Orbx to update the the landmarks Cheers Carlos
  9. Pity, you cannot fly through the London Bridge now It knocked me down and throw me back
  10. Wow que cumplido, muchas gracias, ojalá algun día lo puedas celebrar acá
  11. Thank you so much for the detailed explanation, for the kindness of the free update and above all for the speedy feedback and immediate "hands to work" from Orbx Very much appreciated it. Cheers Carlos
  12. @Captain Lars is going to be very pleased Nice work Thanks Ed for the feedback as for the amount of work Orbx is putting in it for P3D users Cheers Carlos
  13. Bunch of Aquarius love it Happy belated birthday my friend I hope you had a great time Cheers Carlos
  14. Hi Holger Happy birthday! Enjoy it; blessings Carlos
  15. Thank you so much I totally agree with you, let's hope they continue making more and more Thank you very much, I am very pleased you liked them Thank you Glenn It amazing flying around and change the weather for different looks Thank you so much Roger Cheers Carlos
  16. Thank you Adam Just realized one got filtered Thank you so much Iain Cheers
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