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  1. Thank you my friend, it was fun indeed You should try it, off the beaten track
  2. Hello Tyler You might like to read this article https://medium.com/@parallel42/about-chaseplane-community-67f1f4a8d7af Cheers Carlos
  3. Wow impressive shots! look at all those trees in #4!
  4. Ok noted that Not sure how the scenery configurator works along with Orbx Central but I would do as explained above and will test you have all correctly displayed Cheers Carlos
  5. Hi @Captain Lars I found the flight I wanted to recommend you Three important elements here 01.- Time was around 5:30 pm 02.- Orbx weather 4 03.- Mountainous terrain 1 & 2 added mystic to the environment and adrenaline as the terrain is very mountainous I departed Kunming at 05:30 ( l like sunsets a lot) towards Panzhihua with not a single idea of how the airport looked like or where it was it exactly, or if I even could land my 777. I simply like to fly vfr towards the airport and discover all, so the flight was always uncertain, I mean I was checking constantly the map how close I was and trying to spot the airport through those clouds. Very exciting! Destination unknown. The views on the way changed in color depending from the angle taken Pictures can not express the sensation/feeling while flying in the area so I recommend that you have this pleasure and amaze yourself with the views, Despite we only have Global Base, trees, building and vector here, plus Orbx weather too, I felt very pleased with the look and experience I like how the clouds cover the terrain and the villages showed through it and of course I was hoping weather was kind with me on arrival So i realized I had to turn right here towards the bridge and phew! a clearer weather I said But guess. The airport was on the right in that bank of clouds! Do you see the red light on top of the mountain on your right. Bingo! I said, I must land it. So flew around to have an idea of how daring I was being I chose this pictures as it shows the least of the airport (as it is prohibited) but you can see below the belly how high the airport was! It was amazing to do this just by vfr and I landed, reached the end of the runway I though I would fall off the cliff but felt very satisfied with it all Hope you can do it yourself as the sensation a picture causes can't be compared to flying it. Another awesome flight is VQPR - ZULS - ZUNZ Cheers Carlos
  6. Yeap This is a fantastic game and Orbx does very well Time literally flies when you are flying I can't get enough hours a day Cheers Carlos
  7. Yes you have a mess and a lot of unchecked scenery Any reason for that? Were you testing something? You have a nice scenery there MRLB V2 Whenever you have third party add-ons these must always go above Orbx products to avoid conflicts Cheers Carlos
  8. I'm searching for the pictures I found it very delightful
  9. Hello In Central you need to put your third party add-ons on the first tab of the insertion points ( preferable the very first add-ons you added) In the second tab you put airports and regions In my case my first 3rd pty add-ons was Antartica Regards Carlos
  10. Funny I experienced this sensation after having flown in Oregon for a while When flew any other area I felt like, hey wait a minute, am I flying default? Horrible sensation
  11. There is a flight I'd like to recommend I'll see if later I post some pictures ( I did it some time ago when had the "yellow" fever ) The scenery looks awesome. It seems you have not done it I'll highlight it to you Cheers Carlos
  12. Cool shots Lars Kumming is an awesome scenery one of my Chinese favs Interesting flight Cheers
  13. I had missed this one Nice long trip and shots Lars Cheers
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