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  1. Hi Berny It is said that you don't lose your settings, all remains Ain't it wonderful? I don't have it yet but I've really attracted to it I'm sure I'll end buying it Cheers Carlos
  2. Diversity and reinvention is always a good marketing strategy, it helps you to survive, just see Madonna. Decades on air. If you remain steady you'll be gone with wind Besides this is a huge community and Orbx is a a great platform to distribute through, it is used worldwide, it is now the heart of the sim, so everything that gets in will have more chances to be sold. Also being in Orbx site/central gives the customer a sense of quality, confidence and a sort of comfort too as you know all is integrated, don't you think? I feel so Is a great opportunity for many developers to promote their products faster in a major range, and collaboration is always good too. We're all in the same ship. I'm glad with this I wonder if we'll have the 737 from Milviz.. Cheers. Carlos
  3. Thank you so much craigeaglefire for the information and kind words I'll give it a try then Cheers
  4. ooops I'm sorry I'm so exited that my emotion got me ended in point 4 Thank you for your speedy reply Cheers Carlos
  5. Hello I have already transferred my license to Orbx and now it reads I have to download the product through Central Does this mean I have to uninstall the product first and the VFX Central? then install though Orbx? Thank you in advance Regards Carlos
  6. Hi Well, personally I rather have it all through Orbx, centralized, is easier I think, besides I love to read "you own this product" Don't like blanks Cheers
  7. Hi Luke This is fantastic to know!! Thank you so very much, I'll read the instructions and will proceed Regards, Carlos
  8. Yeap, I want that one too, but I don't have joystick just keyboard and mouse so not sure if it works for me
  9. Lovely! It's a shame I bought the 747 immsersion two days ago, I would have preferred to have it through Orbx. But thank you for making life easier Cheers Carlos
  10. Agreed I'm surprised and fascinated by the interest users show in this dry area of the world. It is indeed historical, geographical and political interesting. Very diverse in landscapes, mysterious, off the beaten track countries to explore, rare and vast I think OLC Africa and Asia will be a success after all and despite the announcement of FS2020. I think this is cool and should take advantage. Cheers Carlos
  11. Well I wasn't expecting anything else than Africa so having the Arabic peninsula is a plus that make me happy, I just hope the sand colors match the 3rd pty products. Maybe when Asia is launched these Mediterranean countries could be added. Or maybe they'll do just the middle east for those..who knows but in time they will be considered Meanwhile some of these have amazing photo sceneries (free) in case you'd like to upgrade the area while Orbx does theirs. If you want the link send me a PM Cheers Carlos
  12. Hi Gerold Agreed the existing ones are too poor quality I would also love HECA from Orbx too
  13. Oh boy! What a fat lady! First time I see it
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