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  1. Spectacular shots my friend John Amazing quality
  2. Hi there I learnt a new English word today , blatant.. Well, they had said several times that they are working on the updates, anyway, these will not be announced. They just appear as products to download in Central. so you have to be checking your products in Central I found some the other day (when the look of the site was changed) around 4 or so I guess and downloaded them. So you need to be checking Central. The updates take time, they have said, we just need to be patient. As of today, they have not said they will no update any, which is good
  3. Hi Nick Thank you very much for you reply and further details, I really appreciate it I find the provided info enough for me to check it against any new possible add-on for the area So thank you both for the time and concern for my request Happy weekend Cheers Carlos
  4. These are promo shots indeed Awesome job Dario
  5. Hello Bobbie First of all thank you very much for your concern I do appreciate it as this is something Orbx should have replied as responsible for the product. We should not even need to request it, it has to be detailed somewhere in the publicity of the product or as pdf information within the installation. Second, your instructions are highly appreciated as this is very useful to know not only for Orbx but for any other product which requires a cheeking, specially being a new platform with which I am not too familiar yet. I will proceed accordingly, thank
  6. Hi They are discounted if you owe them in P3D (and you have to be logged in ) but as Landon said new releases are not included in sales unless they would like to make us happy with a launch discount Cheers Carlos
  7. Hi Can I be provided with a coverage map or a list of the landmarks included in this product? I searched in the site but there are no details or manual, same inside the installed folder I asked because I found some buildings and stuff for several countries including some for London city I don't want to duplicate them of cause incompatibilities I would like to discard by the name, I mean if I see "x" building is included in this package then I won't install another created by others. As per Google images and one picture I saw in the product I would say the Buc
  8. That is an awesome memory Thank you Badl4ndz
  9. Hi Jon I cannot install that weather in my game When this game installed it only installed two folders Community and official That's all I have I have chosen to be installed i H drive not C I put it community but didn't work In C users, appdata bla bla I have no existing folder for MSFS. I actually find the installation a nightmare Can you advise on this please? Thanks Carlos
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