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  1. carlosqr

    Some from downunder

    Smashing set So beautiful environment and colors
  2. carlosqr

    TEGB South P3DV4.4 just a few.

    Great shots Iain #5 my fav I haven't been able to enjoy my copy as I am short of memory, but I hope to make it tomorrow
  3. carlosqr

    Cute little 737-600

    Stunning shots Jack!! I had not seen this post I'm so happy I bought the scenery yesterday, the terrain is fantastic and you showed off all of it very well here. Look at #4 wow And that plane is great to fly too
  4. carlosqr

    Just one

    Thank you Magic1
  5. carlosqr

    My Valentine’s picked up

    Hello my friend, yes Bilbao impressed me ja ja yes a bit. I need to give my CC a breath but there were yet these great sceneries pending. Then I saw the sale it is something you must profit, a nice gift from Orbx How can you refuse it? I'm glad you liked the pics my friend Thank you John Thank you Iain Oops my bad Misha, sorry for the confusion, somehow I made Catalina and Santa Barbara related to you, sorry and thank you so much for rectifying Yes John I'm very pleased with this art Oh thank you very much Jean Marc I always gave priority to other scenaries so this time (remembering the white cliffs of Gerold) I decided to go for it and it really exceeded my expectations, so go for it, you'll enjoy it. The terrain there is really cool. Thank you lauriebe It's a freeware at Rikooooo, you can get it here: https://www.rikoooo.com/downloads/category/6 Thanks to all for your kind words Cheers
  6. carlosqr

    IFR along the Iron Ore Railway

    I missed this post!! Spectucular pics
  7. carlosqr

    Just one

    Thank you Martyn and Iain Glad you liked it
  8. carlosqr

    Just one

    Thank you mate, very much appreciated Thanks a lot Jack, I'm pleased you like it
  9. carlosqr

    My Valentine’s picked up

    Hello my friend, thank you! I'm glad you liked them. I'm very pleased with the sceneries, I told you my next shop will include Catalina & Santa Barbara due to your posts Bilbao exceeded my expectations, "es un escenario cojonudo tío!" I like the Pan Am livery for the A310 as well as the Thai one but the old one
  10. This is the second scenery I wonder why I have postponed to buy...first one was Valdez Very mountainous one (I think Chunk could like it) I think the terrain is spectacular and I like city and surroundings Another mountainous one, so incredibly challenging for landing. Very scenic, I tried and tried to land and didn't make it. Well done Misha. I wish you do Toncontin I'll keep on trying I promise Another nice one by Misha I had left this one from Alaska last because I felt it was kind simple and gave priority to all others, but the setting is really nice and as Caleb1 told me "you'll enjoy it" and yes I did, a lot The one I was missing from Turbulent Design The way the glass looks is amazing I like this terrain a lot too, the traditional Australian one I liked a lot the busy airport environment And the last one to complete my Norwegian collection Thanks for watching Cheers Carlos
  11. carlosqr

    Just one

    Every flight is unique, no matter how many times you fly in the same spot
  12. carlosqr

    we need SNOW!

    For anywhere where there is snow actually. It is fantastic! Bravo Marcus and thank you!
  13. carlosqr

    Northeast DC-9 Arrival At KACK

    Shalom Aharon Very nice pictures Love that little plane, wish I could have it in P3d nice shots
  14. carlosqr

    Some "RL" shots above Germany North

    Oh these are smashing!! Blue marble #1 has to stare at it for a while, so refreshing, what an angle you caught here!. I'm not into old planes but 2 and 3 are "perfection" what an impressive quality and realism. Sweet The ice cream clouds, man these are great shots! good job I appreciate you shared them
  15. carlosqr

    United 69 - Crossing the Pond

    Wow another fantastic flight Look at all that yellowish light in Arlanda I just F%$#" love it!!! In love from 3 to 7 Gosh, splendit So gorgeous that fatso on #13 #3 qualifies for a promo pic of ESSA I like the ground service you've shown in several ones, I think I should go for it Thank you much for sharing this great pics of ESSA