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  1. #7 reminds me of the "frozen water ticked" in vector I don't know if there is an equivalent for XP
  2. Muito bonito. São Paulo é gigantesca. Eu amo essas nuvens! Obrigado
  3. Hi Pete What an interesting story I didn't know this Poor guys these political prisoners They always suffer the worst Thank you very much for your kind comment Regards Carlos
  4. Hi same hairdo yeah It's great to know your willing to do more East European airports, they'll be a blast if released I do believe this level of quality in a product is time demanding and we deeply thank you both for the initiative for doing this airport in this side of the world. We'll wait and hope to see more in the future. There is an airport I particularly think might not be too time consuming (might be mistaken) In Greece, Santorini. Oh I'd love to see Orbx magic here as current version is not for P3D and there is no trace for it to be updraded If Orbx could consider doing it. it would be awesome Thank you again for the airport and for your comment. Cheers Carlos
  5. Outstanding shots my friend Really nice one You've been enjoying I can tell
  6. Well let me tell you that some of these are spectacular ones I particularly love the sunset one 4 and 13, 14 & 15 But all are great
  7. Nice to "meet" you Rasha It is always good to see the face behind the amazing products. I noticed we share the same hair stylist Thank you so much for creating this off the beaten track airport. Feel very free to think about, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Romania, Ukraine Cheers Carlos
  8. Wow!! What a stunning picture Makes me feel there when staring Cool
  9. Thank you Adam Sure it is, being such a remote place is has a little something... a feeling
  10. Thank you Ben I would prefer to download it in FTXC3 I'll move again back to OC when I no longer see a post about an issue. That would be a good signal that all is indeed working perfectly as I liked the application Cheers
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