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  1. Wow that what I call a trip!
  2. These are beautiful shots Great London N 6 is a contest one
  3. Amazing tour mate Some places I had not visited yet, so this is cool to see Thanks for sharing
  4. Thanks my friend for the initiative Let's hope we can see more new pictures of the advances. Cheers
  5. These are fantastic shots master Iain Specially 2 & 3, love the airport enviroment Great quality as always
  6. Hi Dave I understand now what you meant by relatively obscure, thank you I think Tim was able to reply fast because he is the developer of Invercargill which is just a single small airport. Nobody replied on Bodo though I believe the Open Land Class product involves a lot more people and they have said it is currently in process...so maybe this could be the reason What about if we write a post asking for more pictures of the advance of the LC products? I think that could have a more desired effect.. Because I assume that receiving a question like, what is the status? vs can we see more pictures? could be better received....I don't know, just guessing Any way thank you for your point of view and let's hope/see if they can update with some pictures of these two large products we are are anxiously looking forward to them Cheers Carlos
  7. Thank you Don Yes their colors are great. They caught me so easily as it was the first time ever I saw them in live Glad a memory came to your mind.. sounds like a fun one to me
  8. Thank you Don Very much appreciated
  9. Thanks a lot Adam Glad you liked them
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