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  1. Hi Welcome to the forum Can you upload a picture to see your definition of flicker? It could be an effect of the AA or shadows, I would like to see a picture showing the effect. I think the moderators will appreciate that too Dynamic trees off? Cheers Carlos
  2. I wasn't sure whether the emphasis should be on the first or second 'A'. That is correct Mike Cheers
  3. Well, listening doesn't sound as difficult as reading! Can't follow the texture while reading Difficult language
  4. Hello Bernard In order to make AS Kilimanjaro to fit with Orbx Africa LC you need to put some bgls off to keep Orbx Kilimanjaro mountain, otherwise when flying close to it textures will change and will look awful The three bgls to put off in AS scenery folder are these: Cheers Carlos
  5. Also, for the free Gaya version users. Gaya has already said they are working for a solution so it will be a matter of time If you don't want to complicate things just disable the scenery temporarily and wait for the update so you have all your Orbx world in shape Cheers Carlos
  6. Hi Lars Yes, your autogen looks the same as mine: Though this scenery lacks a bit of detail. For example there two clearly identify areas where there are lots of trees and there is none, just the ground photo scenery... that area should be populated with trees. Have a great weekend my friend Cheers Carlos
  7. jaja well A V I A C O Try this put the word in the translator and select Spanish then click on the audio icon https://translate.google.co.cr/?hl=es-419&tab=wT1#view=home&op=translate&sl=es&tl=en&text=Aviaco Cheers Carlos
  8. I really like the off the beaten track stuff Cheers Carlos
  9. Tremendous flight Jean Marc Charmat, mystique I like to think of the Atlantis when at Richat Structure Great work
  10. It is indeed Aviaco and you pronounce it exactly as written
  11. The realism look is outstanding! Obrigado
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