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  1. Same here. I don't like to fly with the points of interested enabled. I don't like anything on screen but the scenery and plane So it is tough to find them but I like that
  2. I removed all the UK airports and the issue is there yet But I was this close to have all my stuff back installed with no issues with the exception of around 4 countries in Asia that I yet need to test. It was extremely boring and time consuming for going again through all the process just for a texture. I'll leave it that way, that testing is insane, I don't know how many times I have taken everything out and placed back individually or in groups. The most ironic part is that all is back and working and before got CTD, I was not even able to start a fly in specific airports and there they are, back in place pff . I hope they solve the way this happens. Thanks! Carlos
  3. Thank you Ed I'll remove the add-ons in UK and will test Thanks Carlos
  4. Hi Nigel I think I saw your post in MS Forum A few hours ago that happened to me, reached the 100% but the sim never started. I removed what I just installed and it worked. If you have proceeded as per Nick's instructions and don't have anything in your community folder I think you only got left to try the repair option and see if that works You might like to try that while someone with more knowledge may assist you Cheers, Carlos
  5. Thank you Richard, I'm pleased you like them, it's been a pleasure Cheers Carlos
  6. Hi Is the EU region package only landmarks or does it also include ground textures? Could the product conflict with terrain textures? I just saw this out of Liverpool Here in the map is the exact location I reported this to MSFS as initially was not able to access the forum Cheers Carlos
  7. I'm very pleased you like them John, thanks
  8. Thank you so much Iain Sure it is Wain This is my prize for the last screenshot contest Thanks a lot John. Cheers Carlos
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