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  1. Hi Ridvan This was posted bu JV in the official announcement: "As such, expect to see CityScape Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Hobart to be released separately in the future." Cheers Carlos
  2. Spectacular ones Iain But first one is outstanding! The waiting is turning unbearable
  3. Hello Marty!!! I'm very pleased to have you back! Welcome back my friend
  4. I can't believe my eyes!!!! Lazarus is that you? resurrected ? Hi Marty!!!! So nice to see you back!!
  5. Nice fly, feel like doing it myself in those day when you ask yourself where do I go...?
  6. Cool indeed Jose Cheers
  7. Same here, it has been my largest purchase ever and I've enjoyed a lot all I've got, don't regret a dime but I also thank for it is over!
  8. Great shots Chunk Angle in #3 is amazing
  9. clean cut So bright and alive
  10. wow, I though one was X plane and the other P3D
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