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  1. Oh these are very nice This part of the USA PNW (and the area of Vancouver in Canada) are indeed charming and California
  2. The best of flying at night is actually the cities Nice shots
  3. Thanks a lot Gerold I think Matteo really worked to satisfy all clients that made suggestions. It is a nice scenery
  4. Hi In theory it is due for this year as per the 2019 road map It will become a top seller at the moment it is out, every body awaits it. Cheers
  5. Look at those clouds! So fresh
  6. Thank you Scott Yes a very well done update from Matteo This Janet PMDG 737-600 is so comfortable, fits great for testing, I kind of like its size Cheers Thank you my friend. Yes go ahead as soon as you are able and give it a try, I had just time to do a take off (look all around) and land as it was late but I'll take time later to enjoy it most. Have a great day. Carlos
  7. Thank you Iain I missed one,the port, just updated ja Now to bed, gonna work like a zombie later
  8. I had to do it, I needed to give it a check before bed (too late already 2:00 am) but worth it I am very pleased with this product. Looking good all over and my elevation issue is gone. The terrain is a lot better Grazie Matteo and Orbx Cheers Carlos
  9. Thank you Mikee, it is indeed amazing Orbx rocks
  10. Hi thanks I should check that plane Thank you. Adam glad you like them Most people show very sunny pics but I was wondering how the area looks with weather 4. I think it gives certain magic to the place when it gets cloudy and then the sun shows and all those colors.. so nice Thank you Down under is a great place for flying
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