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  1. Just checked the site and I think the bundle discount is expired Cheers Carlos
  2. Well, in my currency equals 14 thousand. With 4 thousand more I can pay my electricity bill Though the quality is outstanding and I love them I would say this compensates somehow the other 5 jewels they produced for free, amazing job! Currently I have others in sight that I can buy with the cost of one of these but that I'll get them in time that is fact. It is great how the offer in Orbx has grow. Cheers Carlos
  3. Awesome shots my friend Happy weekend Mikee
  4. After an update some third party products get affected This happened with London and Paris too If what you want is to profit the sale go ahead and buy the landmarks but don't install them until the revised version (the update) comes out. Having already bought the product you'll have a free update when it comes out Usually the products bought in the market place last longer to update. I would say that if it is in Central is the best place to buy it Cheers Carlos
  5. I have the impression the show as installed only what is theirs and separated all third party stuff as non installed despite it is insatlled I petrified at first but having tested that all is installed I just thought it might be for their use... Cheers Carlos
  6. Hi there Hope you are doing fine Shall we expect some landmarks for the Netherlands?... You did a nice job in True Earth NED... I wonder if you are interested in developing something for MSFS? Is there going to be an update/ improvement of Paris landmarks for Paris World update IV? I'm waiting for London update too Cheers Carlos
  7. Well I got this in my system And I'm not fan of that thing, thought their scenery is really good. Cheers Carlos
  8. Oh what a shame! I feel like I wasted my money on the FSDT version a few days ago, pity I hate their coalt stuff and I will be more that pleased to remove it off my computer completely thought their scenery looks fine, at least If the launch is discounted I think I'll do the exchange as I prefer Orbx above any other one but if not I would also give priority to other scenery I still don't have Thank you for creating this, it would have been awesome to have known in advance so I would have not bought the other one. Are you about to launch or working on any other produc
  9. Thank you so much Ed for your prompt reply Regards Carlos
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