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  1. Hi, I don't think this is a support request as such, so I hope it's ok to ask . . . . I have Orbx Australia V2.0 installed. Previously with Aus v1 and the initial FlyTampa Sydney YSSY which I purchased from FlyTampa directly, I had issues with large black or strange darkened textures appearing in the FlyTampa YSSY airport area. I was told by FT that this was a possible conflict with Aus. V1 and suggested I disable the Sydney_LC folder. I continued to have issues and so have not used the scenery for a while. I have P3Dv4.5 HF3. I now see that FT have u
  2. Doug, Thanks for coming in on this. So I have to reinstall all the Orbx products again via Orbx Central? Pity. I was hoping to avoid that. But thanks for making things clear. I have orded a new 1TB Samsung 970 Evo SSD which will be home to the new install. Cheers, Lee
  3. Hi, Thinking about moving up to P3Dv5.1 from 4.5 and was wondering about what I need to do. I'm told the P3Dv5.1 is a new purchase/fresh install, but I have a number of Orbx products installed into P3Dv4.5 already (and one or two in MSFS2020), so do I need to uninstall all the products via Orbx Central? Or can I install P3Dv5.1 as a fresh install and does Central detect things? I have a pile of scenery as well as Orbx and I was thinking about updating each as I needed them. I also have the usual PMDG, FSLabs and QW aircraft. While the FSLabs 320 is up to date, not
  4. Hello Nick, No, I guess 44MB is not really a problem. But it would have been nice to have had the option where to install, as Orbx does with it's scenery products. Thank you for your kind response sir, Regards, Lee
  5. Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit Home Simulator: P3Dv4.5 HF3 Screenshot: Issue: Install location Hi, This morning I purchased ChasePlane from Orbx and then tried to install it onto my computer. Unfortunately the install, using Orbx Central, defaults to C:\Program Files\ ... and I have no way of installing it where I would prefer it to be installed (I do not want to fill up my C: drive!). Is there a way to get Orbx Central to install it where I want it? I do not get the install executable, so I cannot re-install it myself to a ne
  6. Hello John, Well, that's weird! But ok, I have learned something! Again, thank you for your kind comments, regards, Lee
  7. Nice work! Can I ask what you used to record the flight? I presume you used some software to record the flight so you could play it back and then switch views inside the passenger window and elsewhere - without having to try to fly and capture footage at the same time. And a hello to you - from another FlyUK Pilot! (UKV1222) cheers, Lee
  8. Hello John, A friend of mine has ChasePlane and he suggests that I invest in it to improve my camera views. I probably could not use TrackIR - its not something I could see myself getting on with to be honest. However, this may change. Years ago, when I was visiting Las Vegas on vacation with the family, we went to North Las Vegas Airport where they had an open day. On the ramp was a Hughes 500 helicopter operated by the Las Vegas Police Department (similar to the MD 530F). I chatted to the pilot for a while and he confirmed that pretty much every command pilot si
  9. Hello John and Laurie, Thank you for taking the time to watch the video - and your kind comments. Yes, I agree about keeping the video short so as not to let attentions wander or viewers getting board! I edit right on the time line and yes, much of the footage was shelved and cut to make the video not too long. As I improve my skills, I will cut the scenes down and just try to get the best footage for the final cut. Yes, I am mindful of video length. As for the VC view, I thought long about this. The virtual pilot in the Milviz Bell 407 (and the MilViz
  10. Hi Laurie, Thank you for your kind comment! Cheers, Lee
  11. Hi, Hope this is ok. I am now retired thanks to COVID and I began a new project where I hope to improve my new found video skills, to review Flight Simulation products and showcase some of my flying adventures. Today, I review Malmo Airport in Sweden by Marcus Nyburg. I think it is a wonderful piece of work and I showcase my little video here:- https://youtu.be/Ab3MzeBIReg I really hope you enjoy it and I am slowly improving my video capture and editing skills, as well as learning to fly the helicopter which I have found to be ideal for slow f
  12. Hello Finn, Ok, looks like I have a task on my hands .... I'll see what I can do. Regards, Lee
  13. Finn, It's a truly STUNNING piece of work! Huge congratulations! Now if you or some of your genius colleagues could do an Orbx version of Roveniemi (EFRO), that would be amazing and I'd buy it on day one !!! Considering that every Winter, we have the VATSIM Finland Santa Claus flights where hundreds of us fly up above the Arctic Circle, this would be a big seller in my humble opinion! But thank you for ENAL - truly wonderful work! Regards, Lee
  14. Forgot to add .... place the newly created FSX.EXE file INSIDE the new FSX folder Lee
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