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  1. It's really good! And I will be reviewing it in a video next week! Lee
  2. Viacheslav,, Thank you for supporting my efforts. Glad you liked the video. The product really is excellent. Here's hoping you'll do Kharkiv !! Have a great Easter! Lee
  3. Thanks Nick, I was just excited thats all! It is an awesome piece of work. Full Video Review to be released on my YouTube channel on Saturday 3rd April at 11:00GMT. Happy Easter! regards, Lee
  4. No it's not! It's just my own public reaction to a product, available from an Orbx partner developer, that I just bought! I just think it's great! I have their other products, available here through Orbx. And it's just my honest opinion. It was only released today. Have a great day! Regards, Lee
  5. Hi, Sorry for the excited title but it's true - this is an amazing product! LVIV INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT - LVIV, UKRAINE (UKLL) Having flown into Lviv many times is the past (I have friends in Ukraine), I can attest to the fact that this scenery is both realistic and accurate. I have both Kiev Boryspil and Osessa from this Developer and this scenery product is just as good if not better! The quality is up there with the likes of Orbx and FlyTampa (sorry!) and the price is a steal for what you get! If this is how they will price their products,
  6. Hello, According to an article in the Russian Aviation Insider dated 19th April 2019, the new Terminal was inuagurated on April 15th that year. Initially intended for Domestic flights into Boryspil and Zhuliany, the airport intended to transfer charter and international flights to the new Terminal over time. It is envisaged that the old terminal would be mothballed. Work to build the new Terminal started in 2012, but the completion date slipped many times. In December 19th 2016, the airport welcomed it's 1 millionth passenger. This of course before Cov
  7. Thank you Viacheslav, Very kind of you to watch my videos and I thank you for your kind support of my efforts. Waiting for Lviv! Lee
  8. Hello Viacheslav, My question elsewhere was how to participate in the Event because the scenery for UKLL is not yet available - but now I realise that the scenery will be released on Friday at 12:00GMT. With the Event beginning at 17:00GMT. Not sure if I will be able to take part given the short time frame, but I will try. But I also want to review the UKLL scenery in a video on my site. I really hope that you are considering other parts of Ukraine. There are sizeable airports with daily flights from Kyiv to Kherson, Dnipro, Ivano-Frankivsk, Cherkasy a
  9. Ok, So I think you have answered a question I posted elsewhere! :-) I will be buying this - and reviewing it and hopefully joining the event too! Regards, Lee
  10. I understand. Like I said - I'm not judging here, nor casting any aspersions. I am extremely grateful for what you have done so far. Kyiv and Odessa are exemplary scenery products! Excellent! I will be buying Lviv on release. And if you choose to do Kharkiv, I'll be buying that too - and encouraging it in my videos. It is very easy to make the case for Kharkiv as I have already done. But in the end, it is entirely up to you. But my thanks go to you for whatever you do - the work is exceptional! Thanks for listening. Regard
  11. Really? Kharkiv is Ukraine's second largest city with a population of over 1.5 million people! The airport is such a major location that Ukraine International flies there from Kyiv twice daily - and three times in the Summer months (before Covid). Then there are services to Sharm-El-Sheikh and Marsa Alam in Egypt, as well as other places. It is a very important airport in Ukraine, just as Lviv is. Sorry, I do not wish to argue with you at all. If you are unable to do this, I understand - but please make no mistake, this airport has a lot of history behi
  12. Fantastic! Flown into Lviv airport many times - and I also experienced an aborted takeoff there !! This will be a first day purchase for me - and I will review it in a video on my YouTube channel (VirtualAirlinePilot). And as I have said elsewhere - complete the Ukraine airport set by doing Kharkiv too please! Another major International airport in eastern Ukraine with flights to Egypt and elsewhere..... Looking forward to this. Thank you, regards, Lee
  13. Hi, I have pilot friends in UIA and others who live in Kharkov who might be able to help with photos. And Of course I have the airfield layout and IAP. Let me know if I can do anything to help. Regards, Lee
  14. Viacheslav, Thank you for posting this message. I look forward to it as I have flown to Lviv many times (used to have friends there but they have now moved to Kharkiv). So, I am really hoping you will do Kharkiv airport too! It is very unique with it's very beautiful and stately building next to the Terminal. I often wonder when I fly there, just why they do not allow the UIA 737 to dock on one of the two jetway gates! We almost always park on the open stand. Maybe it's because it is easier for the pilot to just start engines and taxi away when they turn around
  15. Hello Nick, Not sure I understand. I have purchased all my products through Orbx and they exist in the library when I load Orbx Central. I'm trying to understand if I should use Orbx Central to uninstall these products first - then after reinstalling MSFS to the new drive, when I then use Orbx Central to reinstall them, will Orbx Central "see" the new location? Or will it try to install back in the now, non-existent C: drive location? Cheers, Lee
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