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  1. Hello Nick, Thank you. I will give this a go. Kind regards, Lee
  2. Hi, Any comments? I would appreciate any helpful thoughts. Thank you, Regards, Lee
  3. Hi, My new Chillblast i9-9900k, 32GB, GeForce RTX 2080Ti 11GB system is coming shortly and I was wondering if there are any shortcuts to installing my Orbx Global, Vector, Regions and airports back into a new P3Dv4.5 fresh install. I have my current scenery library all set up on an additional internal 2TB 7200rpm Seagate drive (D:). Essentially, I plan to have exactly the same setup on the new PC where P3Dv4.5 and my addons including Orbx, will also be setup on a 2TB internal drive (also set as D:). I may copy the scenery install over to the new D: drive after I have placed a fresh P3D install on it - then using an enclosure to copy the data onto the new drive - or I may just switch out the old D: drive (my daughter is getting my existing PC as a birthday gift - she is chomping at the bit!) and insert it into the new Rig. But I was wondering how Orbx Central will handle this when I next log in? I would love to be able to avoid the hours of reinstalling each Orbx product - but if I must, then I will. Just asking how you would do it and if there are any shortcuts ..... Thanks for any help or kind suggestions, Regards, Lee
  4. I for one, would love to see a P3D version of Wycombe Air Park that blends with FTX Global, Vector and EU England. Cheers, Lee
  5. Guys, Jarad, thanks for clearing it up - I thought you were the developer on this one...... Ken, what can I say? Well done sir! yes, its awesome! And I have just flown the JetStar JQ81 Airbus A320 flight out of Adelaide and on to Darwin, enjoying the interior of Australia v2. Great work on this ... Now - how about doing Roveniemi (EFRO)? You guys seem to have an interest in places north of the Arctic Circle and there are lots of flights heading here in the December Santa Claus event! :-) Take care, Regards, Lee
  6. Jarrad, Ok, today I bought it! What a fantastic product!! Amazing!! Well done sir! Bloody 'ell its a good job we have developers like you around !! :-) I'm currently taking time out from my airline flights and learning to fly helicopters, now that I have a Logitech Pro Joystick and pedals. I opted for the Milviz MD 530F Helicopter and I can now fairly confidently fly her. Even my "spot" landings are getting better! And what better way to explore this amazing scenery area! My ex-wife works for the Airlines and when we were together, we vacationed in Las Vegas almost every year for some 15 years - even took the kids when they were young. We used to rent houses, always with a swimming pool (you need one as temperatures in the Summer always hit the high 100's!!) and, having flown into Los Angeles from London the day before and having spent the night in a hotel close to LAX, we would leave Los Angeles in the early morning and head east on InterState 10, then north of InterState 15 in the rental car and through the desert and into the sunrise. Often we would stop off at Denny's restaurant in either Barstow or Baker (the latter boasts the tallest Thermometer in the world!) for breakfast (their American Slam was my favourite with orange juice and black coffee!) before continuing north towards the State Line. I always wondered what Calico's Ghost Town as like to visit! Then there was that crazy road sign we would pass as we drove through the desert - ZZYZX ROAD ...... We would get into 'Vegas around mid morning and into our rented house. On the agenda for our visit? Mount Charleston, often some 25 degrees cooler up there in the Summer time and just a 30 minute drive northwest out of the city on highway 95. We take a picnic lunch and enjoy the pine forests; Then out to Boulder City where my wife wanted to see the Indian jewellery and then out to the Hoover Dam, where we would cross to the Arizona side and stop for a soda at the top parking lot; Then down to Lake Mead for a swim and later to feed popcorn to the Carp at Lake Las Vegas Marina!! And my son likes McDonalds so on the way back we stop in Boulder for a burger lunch. Sometimes I got to go to Carl's Junior (love their Terkyaki burger!!) I always find myself wanting to visit all the airports in the area, so I would go up to North Las Vegas Air Terminal (KVGT) and have coffee on the roof terrace, watching the Scenic Airlines planes heading off to the Grand Canyon; Then of course Boulder Muni; and at dusk, we would take the car and park on Paradise Road, just south of Runway 26L at McCareen International to watch the proceedings. I apologise for rambling on, but hope someone else out there shares the same memories ........ very happy memories for me!! Thank you for bringing these memories back to me again - and for this stunning scenery! It is worth twice the money! Kind regards, Lee West Sussex UK
  7. Very cool video! Maybe a silly question but is this Orbx Boulder City scenery package compatible with FlyTampa Las Vegas? I ask because it would be great to take a flight out of North Las Vegas Airport (KVLT) down to Boulder, something I did many years ago in the real world. And I remember that you say this package includes some of the Las Vegas area. Do the two work together? Thank you, Regards, Lee.
  8. Thanks for that! Great video! I'm recently into P3Dv4 after many years of FS9 and FSX-SE. And one ting I did do, was buy the Milviz MD 530F helicopter for P3D too! I'm learning to fly her and I can fly her pretty well - but the ability to go into a landing such as you did on that dock, so far has eluded me ! Can you offer any advice for a new helicopter pilot on how to achieve such a nice "spot" landing? Thanks again, Regards, Lee
  9. Hello Ed, Ok, I understand that. I guess you have your reasons as a Company. But what WOULD you accept in order to see if Open LC Asia could be started - or resurrected as a viable project? It potentially costs you nothing to respond to this idea. Stay safe, Regards, Lee
  10. Andres, The Microsoft advice is this ..... Scenery should be layered thus:- Top layer (1) - Airports; All your individual add-on airports (not those listed in the default section lower down) and any attendant LandClass (LC) areas. Note that the LC areas should always be BELOW the airport layer, e.g., FlyTampa Dubai_OMDB FlyTampa Dubai_LC If you have Terrain layers specific to a scenery, then add that entry too, e.g., Menorca Balearic Islands - LEMH Menorca Balearic Islands - Terrain Place any EXCLUDE areas directly beneath the airport it relates to. Microsoft also advise that, if you can and have the time, place your airports layered East to West in descending order with, for example, Fiji, Pacific in the East at the upper most layer and Hawaii in the West at the lowermost layer - with airports stretching east to west descending by LONGITUDE. For example, my easternmost airport is Queenstown New Zealand NZQN at the Number 1 layer and then Seattle Washington USA which is currently my westernmost airport, layered currently at the No. 192 position. Next comes REGIONS, again, as far as possible, layered east (higher) to west (lower). For example, I have FTX Austrlia V2 as my first uppermost layer; Then comes FTX EU Norway, followed by Orbx OPEN LC Africa. The its FTX EU Scotland, followed by FTX EU England. Next below all this I have FTX Open LC Europe. Then it's FTX NA Northern California, followed by FTX NA Southern California. Finally, below this I have FTX North America Regions 1 and then 2. At the very bottom of all this, I have FTX NA !OLC Lights, then FTXZZ Fixed OLC APT and finally Orbx !OPENLC_zBASE. If you open Google Maps and look, you will see that generally all this top to bottom follows its global location, east to west. Now come the LIBRARIES entries. For me, I have FlyTampa Libraries, SimWings Libaries, FTX ORBXLIBs and UK2000 Common Libraries and any other add-on libraries you might use also go here. Now, lastly at the very lower end of the scenery library, holding the Default listing. Some of this listing includes other library entries that you should NOT move and also Orbx VECTOR entries which again you should NOT move. At the very bottom come the BASE entries, followed by the DEFAULT SCENERY and DEFAULT TERRAIN entries. If you use FreeMeshX then you might be asked to insert those entries between the Default TERRAIN and Default SCENERY layers. For example I have:- Note that this is the way MS recommends. But basically, Airports and attendant additional layers at the top; Then REGIONS, Then LIBRARIES, then finally the DEFAULT layers. I hope this helps, Regards, Lee
  11. This is amazing! I know this place well. Used to go and visit all the time when our family was vacationing in 'Vegas. Now that I have the helicopter and P3Dv4 is running well, I'm very much up for this! Thank you Lee
  12. Thanks Nick, I tend to agree! Really appreciate all your kind assistance. Lee
  13. Hello Nick, Thank you. Took me a while to find the LIBRARIES page but I found it - and saw the FSX DATA folder path, which I deleted. So I put the new Orbx P3D v4 Scenery Library Folder inside the E Drive root folder because Orbx gave me the RED warning and would not allow the folder to be placed inside the P3Dv4 Root folder (E:\Prepar3D v4\) - even though all the products that I successfully installed before this happened, ARE currently installed into - e:\Prepar3D v4\Orbx\ .... Should I leave well alone? Or move these sceneries and maybe edit the pathways? I really want to understand how this works and just make it easier for myself - and Orbx Central. Thanks for your kind assistance, Regards, Lee
  14. Hi, I have just moved up from FSX-SE to P3Dv4. Previously, my FSX-SE Simulation was installed on drive D: After installing P3Dv4 onto drive E: (path = E:\Prepar3D v4\) I began installing my already purchased Orbx base products into P3Dv4, thanks to Nick answering my question about how to do it. I then began installing some of the sceneries. No problems so far. Orbx Central is running version 4.1.1 For the last few days, I have been enjoying P3Dv4 and a wonderful new found Simulation - and Orbx products as they should be! As I now have P3Dv4 up and running correctly with my main add-ons in use, I removed FSX-SE completely from drive D: Today, I opened Orbx Central to continue to install some more Orbx sceneries that I have already purchased. Upon opening the programme, it showed an update for Australia v2 - which I successfully installed into P3Dv4. I then attempted to install KOS - and the install failed with a red box - "error - path does not exist" When I hold the mouse over the blue "INSTALL" box, Central tells me that I must install outside the main P3Dv4 folder - and then tries to install here:- D:\FSX-DATA\FSX SCENERY\Orbx SCENERIES AND BASE FILES\LIBRARY Of course this folder does not exist - and there is no option to alter the path to either the P3Dv4 library - or to a folder I create for the scenery! Next, I rebooted the computer (works for a lot of things!) and tried again - same result! Next, I tried to install a different scenery than KOS to see if the problem occurs again. This time, I had the option of installing into the main P3Dv4 folder - or another folder outside. As befor,e I attempted the P3Dv4 install, as recommended by the Orbx Central programme. While hovering the mouse over the INSTALL bar, this time it correctly shows E:\Prepar3D v4\ as the correct scenery folder path that does exist. But again, I got the same error - ERROR - PATH DOES NOT EXIST! I attach my Central.log file as requested, along with hopefully 3 JPGs Operating system: Windows 10 64-bit Home Simulator: P3Dv4 (Professional Licence) Screenshot: Orbx-1jpg; Orbx-2.jpg; Orbx-3.jpg Issue: Unable to install two of the already purchased scenery products. Lee James West Sussex UK central.log
  15. Smudger, Thanks for the kind reply. So I already have Orbx Central and products for FSX-SE installed and showing. How do I go about downloading and installing the P3Dv4 versions with the FSX versions still in place? Lee
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