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  1. Cheer Jack :0 One day, you may have it... it would be amazing to have the whole world in TE, impractical as that would be currently. In the mean time, and apart from PNW which is looking utterly stunning, I'd love to see some other European countries and Japan.
  2. Simply jaw dropping... congratulations John & the team for taking us to the next level
  3. Nice OND... I must check out Nessie. A nice fun touch by Orbx
  4. Thanks Mark... Get the Grob it a nice little plane and well modeled... available here. Thanks Scott... sorry for the lack of P3D shots. Thank you John Thanks Graeme... It's amazing how many people I meet that know the place and have family in the area. I've not been back for a very long time, but would like to re-visit old haunts again. Thank you very much John Cheer OND... Living in Berkshire, as we did then, going to stay with 'nana Lancing' as I called her, right by the sea was such a treat. It seemed a very long way, sat in the back of my dads old Ford Anglia, sliding around on shiny, sweaty, vinyl seats for two hours plus... me and my sister moaning most of the way Thank you Adam. Thank Iain. Cheers Stewart... It's a nice little place (I'm sure it still is) Happy times... Thank you very much Wain.
  5. Nice!... and that little freeware is very attractive, in a funny kind of way
  6. These are great Scott!... love the boiling cumulus
  7. Very nice!... lovely rich colours and nice to see TE on P3D.
  8. A little flight out from Orbx Shoreham (Brighton) airport, whizzing over Lancing, where my grandmother lived and we spent many a family holiday, and then turning towards Brighton and the South Downs. Amazing detail... you can read the text on the memorial plaque. This looks like a nice spot to watch the coming and going... My gran had a house almost at the end of the runway, before moving closer to the sea, which was also great for plane watching. Setting off in my freeware Grob (great name ) ..... Some lovely detail on display at this airport. Lancing... The flats below the right wheel is where she moved too... it was great, with a hop just over the road to the beach, and a huge pleasure park (Brooklands) just down the road. The old docks at Shoreham and the exit of the River Adur. Brighton with its sole remaining pier, with the west pier (which was already abandoned and in decay) burning down in in 2003... You can see the remains accurately modeled in True Earth, just above right/center... You can also see the British Airways i360, which is a 162-metre observation tower a little further right, on the beach. Heading out over the Downs, now a National Park A27 from Brighton to Lewes. For these last two shots I turned on XEnviro, for some real time weather... nice, if blustery conditions; and the clouds look very nice. This is v1.07 with HD replacement textures. Thanks for looking.
  9. Thank you Ian. Thanks FILOU... glad you like them.
  10. I've made an amendment to the 'shadows' .lua file... if you downloaded it, please dl the new version below. You'll get horrible edge flickers on the cloud shadows with the old file, in which I managed to remove a critical line shadows.lua
  11. Looks like great fun OND... But, doing it for real must have been quite something
  12. These are great Jack!... lots of outstanding detail and lovely fresh spring colours.
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