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  1. Streamed live while exploring the West Country. Flying out of the flying school at Bristol International Airport using the amazing Orbx True Earth GBS scenery. The aircraft is the Piper Sport by Alabeo.
  2. X-Plane 11 with some World Traffic 3 night time action at Heathrow Airport EGLL. Scenery is Orbx TrueEarth GBS. Hope you enjoy the original background music that I composed also!
  3. Thanks for taking a look everyone, this scenery blows me away!.....Rodger, the Pipersport (sportcruiser) certainly has great all round visibility. Apparently it gets very warm in the real plane though when the sun is out. I believe many fit an after market aircon just to make it more comfortable!
  4. FLYING OVER BRIGHTON, NEWHAVEN AND SEAFORD (X-PLANE 11) - The Orbx TrueEarth Scenery working really well on a short flight along the South coast earlier!
  5. Thanks Nick....All is perfect now. Didn't realise that the libraries existed!....Like Matthijs was expecting this to show in FTX Central. Many thanks for your help... KEVIN
  6. Hi....have just purchased the new Southampton Airport Scenery and I get the message that it has not loaded correctly. I can see static aircraft are missing (the figures are stood by them but the aircraft are not there). I have this scenery for FSX as well and I know what the scene should look like. I do see other static aircraft from various airlines. I did update my X-Plane freeware scenery libraries lately and am wondering if there is a conflict. The scenery has installed at the top of my scenery packs config list as normal, although I did have to juggle my true earth GB south scenery lines about as they did not install in the right order. All is correct with that now I believe and it works well. Am pulling my hair out with this one. The scenery that has loaded looks fantastic though! Have attached the startup log file. Many thanks for any help in advance.....KEVIN Log.txt
  7. I had the same problem when my new orbx entries did not install correctly in scenery_packs.ini, but it was soon fixed! It's really stunning to fly over Southern England now! Thanks orbx for giving us the best eye candy yet for X-plane 11....
  8. Hi, am loving this scenery and the night lighting is amazing. I have an issue with it turning on though. I set off in the evening for a south coast flight and the night lights triggered as the sun hit the horizon. The next flight with the same scenario loaded provided no night lights in the towns even after the sun had set so I landed in a very gloomy world, it just doesn't seem reliable. Any ideas? Thanks in advance, KEVIN
  9. I removed the 000_EGHA_FTX_Exclude_ALT.BGL as stated from the world scenery folder now all is well....many thanks again, KEVIN
  10. Hi, I have the global scenery and I downloaded EU England, Southampton and Compton Abbas today. Am loving the scenery but I have a hole at Compton Abbas by the main building. Any ideas? Many thanks in advance, KEVIN
  11. Hi Nick, Thanks for the reply, yes I tried that last night and the problem is solved....so is that an FSX issue only? Have never had the problem before with the rest of my Orbx detailed scenery. Anyway am loving this scenery and will have to live without the ground scenery shadows I guess. Many thanks for your very prompt reply. best wishes, KEVIN
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