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  1. Thanks Nick, I noticed it there in the addons, thank you very much
  2. Hi all, I purchased Global TerraFlora and when installing, Orbx central advised that it cannot be installed directly into the sim only into the main library but that it would be automatically linked to the simulator, I don't see it in the scenery library as an entry, do I need to link the simulator to the path of the library where the files are installed? Thanks in advance Kindest Regards Mick Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue: Orbx.docx
  3. Thanks Doug, that's worked perfect. As always, thank you for your help Kind Regards Michael
  4. Hi, Whilst installing Orbx libraries, I got an error message advising 6 files failed to extract, and to verify files to allow central fix the issue but I'm still getting the error. I'd be extremely grateful for any assistance! Kindest Regards Michael Orbx Libraries.docx
  5. Thanks Doug, That seems to have sorted that Kindest Regards Mick
  6. Hi Just wondering if somebody might be able to help me make sense of this error and how I can fix? Kindest Regards Mick orbx.docx
  7. Hi all After installing FTX global, vector, EU, & Ireland this is the order into which it loaded into my fsx. Should I leave it the way FTX installed it or do I need to change the priority of any of these items. I have no other scenery addons/airports, just default fsx scenery files and the above ftx products Thanks as always Mick ftx.docx
  8. Hey Nick, Many thanks for the quick reply! That's great thank you, I just wasn't 100% on how it worked and wanted to make sure I was getting the most out of everything. I appreciate your help, have a great day!
  9. Hi all I hope I can get some advice here. I currently have the Global base, Vector and Open Europe installed and I am looking to add EU Ireland as thats where I'm from. As Ireland is in the EU, if I install EU Ireland, will that take precedent over the irish scenery loaded into Open Europe or do i just give EU Ireland a higher priority in the scenery database? I hope somebody understands and can give me some advice! Thanks in advance! Mick
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