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  1. Excellent! At 10 meters the harbour looks great! Question: Should I be running ALL my Orbx products at 10 meter mesh resolution (FSX-SE) or just Friday Harbour? I am just concerned that this may detract from the quality of the scenery (I confess I do not fully grasp how the resolution of the mesh works - I would have thought smaller number, better quality?).
  2. Yes W33 (sorry I have dyscalcula) 10 meters! I will give it a go. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the reply but I do have the mesh set to 5 meters as it says in the manual. Anything else I can try? Thanks
  4. Hi, my order number is 5e84d41c81c6b As I landed in WSS I saw this (see attached image). Is there a solution to this? I have not noticed any other anomolies in this scenery but I have had OOMs on a few occasions on approach to Friday Harbour - the only place I get them. Products running at the time of the screen shot are PNW, Squamish, Friday Harbor, AI Shipping and BC Float Bases. I did try turning other things off except PNW and Friday Harbour and Verifying files for both as well. No joy. Thanks in advance.
  5. It was my UTX Europe files for the Channel Island airports found in the Scenery/World/Scenery folder. I removed them to a temp file and re-installed EU England and then the new Alderney Scenery. I also checked in the EU England Configuration program to ensure that all the islands were turned on except the Alderney files from EU England. I am not sure why this happened as it is the first itme I have come across a cross scenery problem like this. I know UTX and ORBX do not work well at the same time but they have never caused a problem when I only have one active.
  6. OK I have found the offending files, re-installed Alderney and it is all working now. Thanks
  7. I found three files referencing EGJA in Scenery/World/Scenery: ADE_FTX_ENG_EGJA_elevation_adjustment.BGL EGJA_ADEX_GRJ_ALT.bgl UTX_EGJA_EUR.bgl I tried to remove one at a time and checked the EU England Alderney Airport - then two at a time and then all three (with a computer reset) but the EU England scenery is still at the wrong elevation. Am I on the right track or just wasting time? I have not yet tried re-installing the Alderney Scenery....
  8. I will look for any elevation adjustment (at least I will try). I am using FSX-SE.
  9. So I uninstalled Alderney pending a response/solution. I turned on EU England (after verifying the files using ORBX Central) and I discover the same elevation issue at Alderney. I tried Global Vector and the elevation is correct there. Any ideas?
  10. Order number 5e020ab8d7b92 I have purchased and downloaded the Alderney Airport Scenery but it does not display properly. The terrain has pits and cliffs in it and the main runway has different levels. Please see images. Is there a fix for this? Regards
  11. Yes, I updated FTX Central then verified and re-installed NRM. Hold it! ORBX Libraries active in the scenery library? Does FTX Central not turn it on when we install a region? Nope it is still off! Tried it with it on and the buildings all magically appear! Thanks Nick PS: Perhaps a note in the manual next to the recommended settings encouraging users to check the ORBX Libraries are turned on. I have been using ORBX products all this time with them off - now I wonder what else I have been missing! I will have to fly all o
  12. I have all the sliders maxed out and I have not noticed any other airports in the region devoid of buildings.
  13. I am not certain this is an ORBX issue but I have noticed there are no buildings except the tower at my Springbank Airport in Alberta, Canada This was pointed out to me by someone who saw this video I made: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUjDlUvYHEA&t=346s You will see the airport in the last 5 minutes or so of the video and there are no hangers. As I am not familiar with Springbank in the real world I did not notice the issue until someone sent me screenshots of their install which shows the buildings. I would not know if there were buildings missing f
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