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  1. Down load Freeware Norway. Downloaded from where? Norway is Payware as far as I know
  2. Okay Allan, I thought that may be the case. Shepparton has a similar issue with most of the Goulburn River missing. I think it goes back to the fact that this was, from memory, the first FTX area that orbx did (AU blue). They have moved from strength to strength since then. Maybe one day a rejig my occur. Peter
  3. No guarantees but this may help. http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/files/file/679-ants-aussie-airports-complete/
  4. I still have a HP 35 but I need to replace the batteries to fire it up.
  5. You could look here http://www.644squadron.org/ My later father in law was a navigator in Halfax's with 644. The also did a lot of SOE missions Peter
  6. Hi Tim Having read the info in the link and without pushing anyone's buttons is it fair to say that Alice Springs will be a long way down the "port to P3D" list? regards Peter
  7. I can only agree. Downloaded, installed and lost the next three hours. Great work, again, orbx team.
  8. And the balance of the shoots, still learning!!!!
  9. Thought a flight from Alice to Ayers was the order for New Year's Day. Having flown the area I can guarantee the sky is that blue and the earth is that red!!
  10. Thanks guys, best news i've had all year :) Happy new year!!!!
  11. Hi Developers based on Geoff's comments earlier re Brisbane and Melbourne, Is it possible to "suggest" what other Australian orbx FSX/P3D Airports are not likely to be ported to P3DV2 at all or in the near future. I am sure there are many others, like myself, who would be inclined to install FSX Steam or reinstall P3DV1 as a option of enjoying those orphaned airports. cheers Peter p.s. I am aware that Melb is already P3DV2 ready and I enjoy using it
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