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  1. Yeah, this was a complete surprise, but it looks amazing. If they find a way to hook up my HOTAS and rudder pedals to XBox, I may become a user, as there is no way my PC could run with that kind of fidelity. It also has to allow open source content, or I won't be interested.
  2. https://indiafoxtecho.blogspot.com/ I have no problem flying Dino's T-45 in P3Dv4, but he is working on an update for it with PBR.
  3. I've always greatly enjoyed Ausv1, but with this release, I can see I'll be heading back sooner than anticipated. Great work, I'm certainly ready to explore what appears to be an outstanding upgrade.
  4. Now to figure out where photographers hang out around the Mach Loop to set up some camera/tower views. These TE GB south preview images in all of the threads look great. Now to figure out how to make this run smoothly on my system without losing too much detail and it will be perfect.
  5. Even though I built a new PC just over a year ago, it has trouble running the TE Netherlands. Also, I like having all four seasons, because I enjoying flying historical flights. Having said that, will the LOD14 run more smoothly than LOD15? I would probably buy the all seasons version simply for that reason alone. BTW, I'm operating P3Dv4.4, for ref. Or would it simply be more of a settings issue, in terms of how smooth it is? Thanks, Ken
  6. Hi guys, iBlue Yonder is releasing KPDX that was developed with a competitor. I assume given development time that this product won't be available through FTX/Orbx Central, as it's development was started before Bill was back in the Orbx fold, correct? I'm just looking for clarification, because I really like Orbx Central and will wait if it is going to be available here. Thank you, Ken
  7. That looks great Misha. I'm definitely looking forward to flying my Fokker F50 into and out of that airport. Thanks for the great preview pics!
  8. I'm definitely looking forward to this addition, as I'm currently flying around the Orbx New Zealand scenery now. Although, I flew around the north island and am now at the south island, I'll fly north again as soon as this is released. Thanks for the previews, love the train.
  9. I get a warning that that is a dangerous file and can't be downloaded. Oh, well.
  10. Thanks for the previews Bill, it looks great! I've missed this airport, as I used to fly into it a lot in FS9. With all of the other Orbx airports in the PNW, I now have many destination to visit from here.
  11. Thank you for sharing the preview pics. They look amazing! Wow, Dala (Just looked it up on Google maps) is close to where my best friend lives. He and his wife just moved to Uppsala. I guess I'll be flying over them more often than I had previously thought.
  12. I think it looks great. However, I think for Orbx to really welcome Bill back, they need to model all of Nantucket Island, not just the airport. :::slinks out of site:::
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